Multifunctional knife. Swiss folding knife: description

Multifunctional knife. Swiss folding knife: description
Multifunctional knife. Swiss folding knife: description

Switzerland is famous not only for cheese, chocolate and watches. Hunters, fishermen, travelers and military personnel use Swiss multifunctional knives. Famous brands take pride in the quality of the details of each model, as well as the continuous improvement of products.

Multifunction knife: features and benefits

Such products have another name - multitools. They are multi-purpose tools used in various fields. Such models are most often found in everyday household use. Travelers and motorists use these items almost all the time.

multifunctional folding knife

It can be said that a multifunctional knife is a universal tool in the household. Such products are represented by lightweight and durable models that combine ease of use and original design.


Each Swiss-made travel multifunctional knife is of high quality and has the following advantages:

  • design features that enhance the safety and functionality of each product;
  • use of high quality steel;
  • individual spring setting for each tool;
  • Continuous improvement of production technologies.

One of the main features of Swiss knives is the aggressive appearance and detailed detailing of each model.

Brand Description

The Victorinox company is the leader in the production of the famous Swiss knives. Until 2005, she competed with another popular manufacturer - Wenger. For more than 100 years, they have competed for the attention of buyers. Today, the famous Swiss knives are used not only by hunters and fishermen, but also by NASA astronauts. The list of functionality of many products includes about 30 appointments.

tourist multifunctional knife

The production of Victorinox knives began in 1884. Then the founder of the company, Karl Elsener, began to produce ordinary products. Since 1891, production has been aimed at meeting the needs of the Swiss army. Further, the company's products are constantly improved. Theodor Wagner founded the Wenger brand.

After the appearance of the combined company, their logos were preserved, which pleases collectors of Swiss knives. For the mass consumer, both folding products and with one blade are produced. The scope of Swiss knives is currently not limited to the needs of the army.

What the product looks like

Multifunction knife"Victorinox" is operated in a variety of situations. It is very popular with rescue workers in many countries. The first multifunctional knives were created for the needs of military personnel. They included a blade, a corkscrew, a can opener, and an awl. Modern products are distinguished by a large set of functionality.

A fine example of Swiss quality is the Victorinox Spartan knife. The model has a compact size, easy to use and produced in an excellent assembly. Knife specifications:

  • handle material - thermoplastic;
  • dimensions: L 91mm x W 26.5mm x H 15mm;
  • weight – 60 g;
  • large blade length 80mm.
  • bison knife

Knife opening mechanism withstands heavy loads. The ease of use of the product is also explained by the fact that it develops by pressing one button. The multifunctional folding knife "Victorinox Spartan" is distinguished by its high quality and versatility.

The production of such products in Switzerland is carried out by several companies. Victorinox is one of the most popular brands offering customers compact folding knives with multiple tools. Advanced models can perform 34 tasks. For example, the arsenal of such products includes repair tools: a screwdriver, wire cutters, pliers. Also in the design of the knife there are various devices for recreation: a can opener, a corkscrew, etc.

Forcomparison with a domestic manufacturer, it is worth paying attention to the well-known Russian brand - Zubr.

Product Features

Products of CJSC "Zubr" are not only knives, but also all kinds of tools for household work. The most famous folding knives for hiking are such models: "Sagittarius", "Warrior", "Pathfinder" and "Saboteur". The latter is the largest item:

  • length 260mm;
  • blade width - 27 mm;
  • thickness - 5.5 mm;
  • blade material - steel 95x18;
  • handle thickness - 19mm;
  • Latch type - lamellar;
  • knife weight - about 350 grams.
  • multifunctional knife

Judging by the reviews, the Zubr knife is of high build quality. The size of the product is suitable for people with large hands. In the field, it is convenient to hold even with gloves. Due to its impressive weight, the Zubr knife can be used not only for cutting, but also for chopping.

Tourist choice

Multifunctional knives are used not only during hiking, hunting and fishing trips. Often such products are used by lovers of active sports: climbers, skydivers. When choosing a knife, attention is paid to the quality of individual parts and assemblies.

If an ordinary knife (multifunctional, folding) is suitable for everyday work, then a high-quality product is required for a hiking trip. This is explainedthe fact that with its help you may have to perform a number of vital tasks.

Swiss multifunctional knives

When buying a tourist knife, attention is drawn to the following characteristics:

  • Size.
  • The shape of the blade (finca, spear-shaped, with a decrease or increase in the butt).
  • Handle - the comfort of using a knife depends on how comfortable it is to hold it.
  • Steel - distinguish between stainless and carbon steel. The first is fragile and difficult to sharpen. Carbon steel is easy to maintain and more rigid. Swiss multifunctional knives are made only from high quality French and German steel.

When choosing a practical product, it is worth considering the opinion of experienced tourists. Swiss quality knives meet the many requirements of sophisticated travellers.

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