Appropriations are financial resources for budget organizations

Appropriations are financial resources for budget organizations
Appropriations are financial resources for budget organizations

Appropriations are budgetary funds of the local, regional and federal levels allocated for economic development, strengthening of defense capability, implementation of public debt management measures, as well as the maintenance of state bodies and local self-government. We must not forget about the need to finance law enforcement and national security.

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Budget appropriations are the financial base of state activity, thanks to which the implementation of internal and external functions of the state is ensured. This form of financing is provided to organizations, enterprises, ministries and government bodies within the limits provided for in the estimates and financial plans. At the same time, the heads of the listed entities, who have the right to dispose of the allocated funds, are known as the managers of such financing and are divided into higher and lower.

Appropriations are government funding that is distributedquarterly in accordance with the accepted list, and also every quarter, these funds are transferred to the accounts of these managers. The regulation of the mechanism of such transfers is carried out by the relevant documents of regulatory significance, the author of which is the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

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In accordance with the Budget Code, the recipient of funds from the budget are some state bodies that have the right to fulfill obligations at the expense of this resource of the appropriate level, provided that otherwise is not regulated by the specified legislative document. One of the powers of such a recipient of appropriations is the right to spend budget funds within the approved limits.

Limits on the allocation of public funds

Appropriations are government funding, the accounting of which is based on primary documents that are approved by the relevant financial authority. This financing should be reflected in accordance with the Instructions for maintaining off-system accounting of these budget funds. Limits of budget appropriations are reflected in the form of correspondence in the context of budget expenditure accounts, provided for by the specified Instruction.

budget allocation limits

Formation of appropriation limits

The formation of expenditure schedules from the federal budget is carried out by the main manager of funds in the context of managers and recipients under his control. Depending on the approvedby the relevant financial authority, during the execution of the adopted budget, the recipient of these appropriations is brought limits and some amounts of payment of monetary obligations in the current financial period.

The Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation controls the codes for the classification of budget expenditures, which are indicated in the submitted expenditure schedules, for compliance with the coding of the budget classification, which is indicated in a specific list of expenditure items of the federal budget.

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