Beautiful lions: description, photo

Beautiful lions: description, photo
Beautiful lions: description, photo

Nature endowed the lion with such a magnificent appearance that he simply could not help but become the main contender for the role of the king of beasts. I must say that his character is appropriate.

beautiful lions in the savannah

In their natural habitats, lions are at the very top of the food chain. The most dangerous enemy for them is man. True, hunting is currently strictly controlled in order to preserve the population.

Watching these animals is a pleasure. Many seek to admire the beautiful lions in their natural habitat, for which they go on special tours.

Royal appearance

The lion is one of the largest representatives of the cat family. An adult male can weigh up to 250 kg.

handsome lion

Sexual dimorphism in these animals is very well expressed: the female is easy to distinguish from the male. Lions are beautiful, their manes shimmering in the sun look simply luxurious. But lionesses, although they do not have such a royal "hairstyle", are not inferior to their counterparts in grace and stateliness.

beautiful lion with a mane

Beautiful mistake

O very beautiful lions with an unusual color. For this species, it is oftena genetic disorder like leucism. Please note: these animals are not albinos, in this case we are not talking about the complete absence of pigment. The eyes of such animals may have a golden or blue color, noses and paw pads, as a rule, are colored typically. The coat and mane of such lions can be light beige, milky and even almost white.

beautiful white lion

But the opposite situation, when the pigment is contained in excess, this causes controversy. Scientists cannot agree on the existence of black lions. From the point of view of science, this is possible, because the closest relatives of lions - jaguars and leopards - often have an almost black color. However, not a single reliable case has yet been recorded. Probably, the photos of black lions that are found on the Web today are the fruit of the efforts of designers.

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