Series from director Tim Van Patten

Series from director Tim Van Patten
Series from director Tim Van Patten

Director Tim Van Patten has given the world more than twenty exciting series. The director has worked on many world-famous projects, and his name is also known to millions. A few of the series directed by Van Patten are listed below.

In his youth, Tim starred in many films and TV shows. The actor can be seen in about two dozen television projects. Among them are "Catacombs", "Grey Uniform", "Alien", "Scouts". Tim Van Patten made his directorial debut in 1992 with the comedy series Home Fires. Seven years later, the director began to collaborate with the HBO channel, thanks to which he gained worldwide fame.

Game of Thrones

One of the latest projects in the filmography of Tim Van Patten was the series "Game of Thrones". The director was involved in the creation of the first two episodes of the story and even claimed the Emmy Award for Outstanding Series Director.

Frame from the first episode of the series "Game of Thrones"

The tape tells about a medieval state called Westeros.This world is very different from ours. The seasons here last completely differently, summer and winter can last for years. In addition, there are the most incredible creatures in Westeros - dragons, giants and even White Walkers. The latter are considered the most dangerous monsters in the world. They look like people, only they themselves are more like skeletons made of ice, with huge blue eyes. They can resurrect the dead, making them a kind of army of the dead.

The living have always been very afraid of the Walkers, so they divided the territory with a huge Wall. It is guarded by the guards of the Night's Watch. No one has seen the Walkers for many centuries, and therefore everyone is sure that the terrible dead creatures are just inventions of their ancestors. In the world of people there is a serious confrontation for the throne. Thousands have already died in this battle. Meanwhile, the Walkers were gathering their strength for a new attack.

Boardwalk Empire

Among serial films like Van Patten - "Boardwalk Empire". The events of the picture are developing in the United States, when the “prohibition” had just entered into force. An Atlantic City mafia named Enoch Thompson, who is hiding behind a post in the government, is going to cash in on what is happening. He is already setting up a supply of liquor.

The series "Boardwalk Empire"

It turns out that the guy is not the only one. In New York, crime boss Arnold Rothstein is also going to secretly sell alcohol. No one is afraid of punishment for violating the "dry law". Despite this, there are honest people, law enforcement officers who are going tofight criminals.

The Sopranos

Tim Van Patten devoted eight years of his life to work on the TV series "The Sopranos". It was his first project under HBO.

Cast of The Sopranos

The tape tells about a mafia named Tony Soprano. It seems that he lives an exemplary life - he has a wife, children. In addition, he contains an old sick mother. However, in reality, he is a dangerous crime boss. Despite all his might, the guy is very difficult. As a result, he begins to have mental problems. Tony turns to a psychologist for help. Of course, he cannot tell the doctor about his "work", but he is happy to share his problems with the family. He keeps a visit to the doctor a big secret from both the mafia and his wife.

Pacific Ocean

Tim Van Patten made a significant contribution to the production of the series "The Pacific".

The series "Pacific Ocean"

The story takes place during World War II. In the center of the picture are ordinary soldiers of the US Marine Corps, who find it difficult to survive all the difficulties of the war. They are forced every day to fight for their lives, to bury old friends. The main characters of the tape are soldier Eugene Slage, Sergeant John Basilone, correspondent Robert Lecky. Will the heroes of the film survive all the difficulties and reach the victorious end?

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