Elizabetta Canalis: biography, personal life, filmography

Elizabetta Canalis: biography, personal life, filmography
Elizabetta Canalis: biography, personal life, filmography

Elizabetta Canalis is a famous Italian model, TV presenter and actress. She turns 40 this year. Her professional career in the world of show business began in 1999, after the release of the TV project Striscia la notizia. The show was well received by the audience and was a great success. After participating in it, Elisabetta Canalis began to receive invitations to shoot various television series and talk shows. She has also repeatedly become the face of numerous advertising projects.

Elisabetta Canalis


Elizabetta Canalis was born in the Italian town of Sassari (Sardinia) on 09/12/1978. Her father, Cesare, worked as a radiologist at the city's university clinic, and her mother, Bruna, was a teacher of literature. In addition to Elisabetta, the family had another child - a boy named Luigi. Parents provided their children with a happy childhood. Elisabetta withbrother studied in prestigious educational institutions, had a lot of expensive toys. At home, they were brought up by governesses and nannies, who were specially invited from England. This contributed to the fact that the children mastered the English language well, and good manners were also instilled in them.

After graduating from Azuni High School in her hometown, the girl moved to Milan, where she continued to study foreign languages ​​at Università Statale.

work in show business

Since 1999, Elisabetta Canalis began to conquer the world of show business, and succeeded perfectly. Today she is one of the most popular Italian models and TV presenters. She repeatedly starred in various TV series and films.

Films of Elisabetta Canalis

TV series in which the actress starred:

  • Carabinieri (2002–2010);
  • "Rob the loot" (2008-2012);
  • Big Anatomy (2008) and others.

Canalis also has full-length films on her account:

  • "Call Man 2" (2005);
  • New York Vacation (2006);
  • "Virgin Territory" (2007);
  • "The Second Time You'll Never Forget" (2008);
  • Christmas Wedding Planner (2010).
Elisabetta Canalis actress

Personal relationships

Elizabetta Canalis is a very bright personality, so it is not surprising that fans are interested in her personal life. Various Italian publications often wrote about her novels. It was rumored that she met with Didier Drogba, a famous football player, andalso with José Mourinho, coach of the Portuguese football team.

Elisabetta Canalis George Clooney

For two years, the girl had a stormy romance with American movie star George Clooney. This relationship was born in 2009, but two years later, the couple broke up. Three years later, a tragedy struck in Elisabetta's personal life - she lost her unborn child. In mid-September 2014, the girl got married. Her chosen one was orthopedic surgeon Brian Perry. A year later (September 29), the couple had a daughter, who was named Skyler Eve Perry.

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