Chauvinism - what is it?

Chauvinism - what is it?
Chauvinism - what is it?

In recent years, we have come across this term more and more often. He appears with surprising consistency in the topics of politicians' speeches, in discussions about the problems of the people and the country, in public discussions. We often associate chauvinism with an aggressive form of nationalism. However, chauvinism is a somewhat different phenomenon.

chauvinism is

Interestingly, this concept comes from the name of one of the veterans of the Bonaparte army, Nicolas Chauvin. Napoleon saw the glory of the French state as powerful, primarily militarily. In the name of this, he sacrificed a whole generation of Europeans, and first of all the French themselves. However, even after the defeats of his commander-in-chief, despite such large-scale victims of his fanaticism, soldiers loyal to him still remained in the country. One of them was Nicolas Chauvin. He stubbornly and blindly defended the former emperor to such an extent that his name soon became a household name. Since then, chauvinism has been ultra-nationalist views, in which the idea of ​​the superiority of one nation over the others becomes absolute. Today, this concept is very often used together with clarifyingdefinitions - Russian, German, French. In this sense, chauvinism is indeed the most radical and aggressive direction of nationalism. However, if we consider the term in more depth, we will find out that today it has spread to other spheres of life. In modern times, chauvinism is not only something related to interethnic relations.

manifestations of chauvinism

Public concept

For example, we all faced, one way or another, with the concept of male chauvinism. It turns out that it can have different forms and be directed towards just other social categories. For example, manifestations of chauvinism of men towards women, adults towards children, young towards the old, rich towards the poor, he althy towards the disabled, and so on. All these forms are accompanied by deliberate discrimination.

chauvinism meaning

Chauvinism - Meaning in Biology

It is interesting that there is a place to be and the so-called species discrimination. This is how the infringement of any interests of another kind is determined. A striking example of this form can be the relationship of man to animals. There is also such a thing as carbon chauvinism. And it has nothing to do with discrimination. The concept is used in the context of the search for extraterrestrial life and in cosmozoology in general. The fact is that absolutely all known forms of life on our planet have carbon as their fundamental basis. Moreover, we ourselves consist of those substances that are most common throughout the universe (carbon, hydrogen, and so on).This factor determines the popularity of the opinion of modern scientists that life forms, if they exist outside the Earth, are also built from these compounds. Assumptions about any other forms, for example, based on silicon, are discarded. Actually, it was the latter fact that led to the emergence of such a thing as carbon chauvinism.

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