Wife of Nikita Presnyakov Alena Krasnova: biography, photo and personal life

Wife of Nikita Presnyakov Alena Krasnova: biography, photo and personal life
Wife of Nikita Presnyakov Alena Krasnova: biography, photo and personal life

Alena Krasnova is a model, a star of the social network Instagram, the daughter of an accomplished Russian businessman Boris Krasnov. Last year, she became the wife of Nikita Presnyakov, the grandson of Alla Pugacheva. Their marriage took place on July 27, 2017.


Krasnova Alena Borisovna was born in Moscow on March 8, 1997 in the family of a businessman and a housewife. She has 2 sisters: one is 13 years younger than her, the other is 4 years older.

Alena studied at Moscow schools, including the first private lyceum "Ark-XXI". After leaving school, she entered the Russian Academy of National Economy and State Service, not daring to go to England to study, as her parents suggested.

In childhood and adolescence, the girl went in for music and gymnastics, was interested in hockey, took lessons from Alla Dukhova at the Todes school-studio.

Wife of Nikita Presnyakov

Private life

The first joint photos of Alena Krasnova with the son of Vladimir Presnyakov and Kristina Orbakaite Nikita appeared on the girl's Instagram in 2014. At that time, the young man was going through a breakup with AidaKalieva, with whom they were together for 4 years and even wanted to get married.

The acquaintance of Presnyakov Jr. and Alena Krasnova happened in early youth: their parents' dachas are in the neighborhood.

Starting a relationship in 2014 and dating for several months, the young people broke up. In an interview with reporters, Nikita admitted that the girl does not want to give him false hope, because she does not have feelings for him.

But after some time the young man attended Alena's graduation ball. She, in turn, attended events where Nikita Presnyakov or his parents took part.

A young man proposed to Alena Krasnova in 2017 on her birthday. At that time, the couple already lived together in the suburbs.

Spouses Presnyakovs


The marriage of Alena Krasnova and Nikita Presnyakov took place on July 27, 2017. A luxurious celebration took place in an elite residence near Moscow. The groom was in a classic tuxedo, and the bride chose a puffy white lace dress with bare shoulders.

The organization of the wedding was at the highest level: everything around was decorated with many fresh flowers, a special VIP menu was prepared for the guests, an exclusive wedding cake from the famous confectioner Renat Agzamov.

The scenario of the wedding was invented by the newlyweds on their own. For example, they performed a wedding dance in the air under a beautiful flower dome, which impressed the guests very much.

The dancers of the show-ballet "Todes" and the group "UmaTurman" performed at the celebration. Also music althe compositions were performed by the groom's grandmother and mother.

The wedding was attended by about two hundred guests. Among them were Alexander Buinov, Philip Kirkorov, the Yudashkin family, Dmitry Koldun and many other stars of domestic show business.

The wedding of Krasnova and Presnyakov

Today, the couple also run a common business - they have a fashion store. They started with online sales, but plan to do offline sales in the future. Alena advertises clothes from the new collection on her Instagram page.

Young people are confident in the success of their store. Most of the outfits in their collection are one-of-a-kind, but cost moderately.

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