Biography of Alena Krasnova - wife of Nikita Presnyakov

Biography of Alena Krasnova - wife of Nikita Presnyakov
Biography of Alena Krasnova - wife of Nikita Presnyakov

Many became interested in Alena Krasnova's personal data and biography when information appeared that the girl was the bride of Alla Borisovna's grandson, Presnyakov Jr. Alena, the daughter of we althy parents, belongs to the so-called golden youth. What is interesting about the biography of Alena Krasnova? How did she meet Nikita Presnyakov and how did their relationship develop? We will talk about this in our article.

Alena Krasnova before marriage

Key facts

The beginning of the biography of Alena Krasnova can be considered her birthday in March 1997. She is from Moscow. It is known that the parents of Alena Krasnova are quite we althy people. The girl's father is a large Russian businessman Boris Krasnov, her mother is engaged in housekeeping. Alena has a sister who is 4 years older than her. She got married about 2 years ago.

Alena studied at four schools in the capital, and was also fond of gymnastics and dancing at the school of Alla Dukhovaya. In addition, she has a musical education and is interested in hockey.

For higher education, her parents wanted to send her toEngland, where most of the children of the Russian elite study. However, the girl insisted on her own, she chose the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration to study.

The history of relations between Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova

Young people have lived in the neighborhood since they were born. The girl's family lives in a house located in the village of Malaye Berezhki, where Pugacheva also has a mansion. Despite this, it is known from the biography of Alena Krasnova that she began dating Nikita only in 2014. At that time she was 17 years old, and she was a schoolgirl. According to the girl, Nikita conquered her with his simplicity.

When Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova began an affair, the girl's parents reacted differently to this. Alena's mother was against the relationship, as she considered that Nikita was too old for her daughter. Boris Krasnov approved the girl's choice. Alena always liked the parents of Presnyakov Jr. She was immediately able to find a common language with Christina and Alla Borisovna.

Before the engagement, the young people were in a romantic relationship for three years. At the birthday party of the girl, Presnyakov Jr. made an offer to Alena, which he announced a little later on Instagram.

Nikita Presnyakov: personal life

Before marrying Krasnova, Nikita was in a relationship with the daughter of a Kazakh businessman, Aida Kalieva. Young people met for four years. The family and friends of the couple were sure that Nikita and Aida would soon become husband and wife. However, in 2014, Presnyakov Jr. announced that he had broken up with his girlfriend.

Nikita Presnyakov

When Nikita began an affair with Alena, his parents approved the choice of their son, citing the fact that she was from an intelligent and we althy family. Thus, Krasnova immediately “came to court.”

Celebration event

The young people submitted an application to one of the capital's registry offices. The celebration itself took place in a cottage village near Moscow with on-site registration in the fresh air.

The wedding of Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova was at the end of July last year. The celebration was attended by about 200 guests. Among them were celebrities. A. Pugacheva, F. Kirkorov, K. Orbakaite, V. Presnyakov, M. Galkin, A. Buinov, the Yudashkin family, D. Koldun and many others came to congratulate the young people.

The spouses came up with the script for the solemn event themselves. According to the guests, the wedding turned out to be divine. The young people tried very hard to make everything work out well. The girl was in a puffy lace dress with bare shoulders, and Nikita appeared before the guests in a classic tuxedo.

The most memorable moment, according to most of the guests, was the dance of the newlyweds - an acrobatic number in the air, which came as a surprise to everyone. Alena and Nikita flew up under the dome, circled and descended back.

wedding of Presnyakov and Krasnova

The wedding of Alena and Nikita was held in rock style. The newlyweds performed their first dance not to the march of Mendelssohn, as usual, but to heavy music.

When choosing wedding rings, the bride and groom preferred laconic jewelry,made of white gold. Alena's ring is decorated with a path of diamonds, while Presnyakov Jr. has a combination of matte and glossy metals.

Alla Borisovna and Nikita's parents presented the young people with an apartment in Lubyanka, which costs 60 million rubles, and a plot in Malaye Berezhki. Also Kristina Orbakaite and grandmother Presnyakov Jr. congratulated the newlyweds with a song.

Alena and Nikita today

After the wedding, Alena tries to cope with work and women's worries. The girl continues to participate in projects and is actively filmed for glossy publications. Many of her fans believe that married life is good for their favorite, as now she began to appear a lot of bright works that deserve attention.

Presnyakov and Krasnova

As for future plans for the future, the couple has repeatedly stated that they are thinking of moving to live permanently in America, where they are going to develop creatively and plan to increase their family.

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