Varshavsky Vadim Evgenievich: biography, personal life, business and political activities

Varshavsky Vadim Evgenievich: biography, personal life, business and political activities
Varshavsky Vadim Evgenievich: biography, personal life, business and political activities

Varshavsky Vadim Evgenievich, whose fortune is estimated at a fairly substantial amount, is actively involved in political activities and is a member of the English Club.

From biography

The birthplace of the future major Russian entrepreneur is the village of Kedrovka (Kemerovo Region), where he was born on 04/30/1961

After graduating from the Moscow State Institute in 1983, Vadim Evgenievich Varshavsky worked at Yakutugol, first as the head of the mining section, and then as a mining foreman.

In 1988, he was appointed to the position of chief engineer at the Pavlovsky coal mine of the Primorskugol Production Association.

A year later, he left for the NPO "Polymerbyt" for the position of Deputy General Director.

Warsaw Vadim Evgenievich

In 1991, Varshavsky graduated from the Higher School at the State Academy of Management named after Ordzhonikidze. He received the speci alty of the organizer of the management of foreign economic processes.

In the same year, he took the post of General Director of CJSC "ARS-S1".

Since 1995, he moved to a similar position in the MirInvest investment company.In the nineties, the Kemerovo representative office of this company was headed by Mikhail Fedyaev.

Since 1997, Varshavsky Vadim Evgenievich headed the Evikhon oil company.

Since 1999, he moved to the Moscow Oil Company (MNK), where he first served as First Vice President and then became Managing Director.

In 2002-2003, he was director of the Russian Coal Holding Company and President of Krasnoyarsk Kraiugol.

In 2004-2005, he headed the board of directors of Estar.

Since 2005, he was elected to the State Duma of the IV convocation. He joined the Duma committee in charge of industry, construction and high technology.

He entered the State Duma of the 5th convocation on the federal list from United Russia, becoming a member of the Duma Committee on Industry.

In 2012, he took the post of CEO in the Management Company "Russian Agro-Industrial Trust", as well as the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors of "DonBioTech".

From personal life

From living together with his wife Elena Alekseevna, Varshavsky had two daughters. They graduated from MGIMO.

Russian coal

The husband of the eldest daughter, Evgenia, was the famous actor Konstantin Kryukov. In 2007, their daughter Julia was born, but the marriage lasted only two years.

The second daughter, Anna, also married and had a son, Leonard, in 2010.

On the entrepreneur's assets

According to media reports, Varshavsky owns significant assets in areas such as metallurgy(Estar), mining industry (Russian Coal), trade, food industry (Russian Wine Trust and Russian Pork companies).

Russian agro-industrial trust

The magazine "Finance" published in 2008 the world rating of billionaires, where Varshavsky was allocated the 115th line. His fortune at that time was estimated at 19.6 billion rubles.

Conflict: Rostov Electromechanical Plant (REMZ) - Mechel

In 2015, a conflict arose between Varshavsky Vadim Evgenyevich (REMZ) and Igor Vladimirovich Zyuzin (Mechel). In the summer of that year, the owner of the Rostov enterprise Varshavsky turned to the owner of Mechel, Zyuzin, demanding the return of eight hundred million US dollars, which were withdrawn from one Mechel enterprise.

Litigation over this has been going on for quite some time.

Searchs near Warsaw

In December last year, information appeared that Vadim Evgenievich Varshavsky was suspected of involvement in the theft of about 2.8 billion rubles from Petrocommerce Bank. This bank is part of the Otkritie financial corporation.

According to the investigation, this amount was received in 2012 as a loan for the Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant, which belonged to Varshavsky.

In the morning, at about 7 o'clock, investigators came simultaneously to search several Moscow addresses where real estate was located,owned by Warsaw. At the same time, searches were also carried out in Chelyabinsk, where facilities of the Mechel Group of Companies (owner Igor Zyuzin) are located around the region.

Varshavsky Vadim Evgenievich state

In the Rublyov country house of Warsaw, law enforcement agencies seized business documents, flash cards, computers, tablets, phones.

The search was also carried out in the apartment of the businessman's daughter.

The excavation procedure was also carried out in the Estar office located on Zachatievsky Lane.

According to reports, searches were carried out at seven addresses in the Chelyabinsk region.

The essence of the claims against the entrepreneur

According to Kommersant, Varshavsky Vadim Evgenyevich was taken from his Rublev house for interrogation to the building of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Employees of this particular division of the Moscow police at the end of May last year opened a case on the fact of fraud in the field of lending (part 4 of article 159.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Vadim Warsaw biography

The case file states that during 2012, unidentified persons in the management of Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant developed a plan to seize by fraud a certain amount of money from Petrocommerce Bank, which since 2015 has been structurally part of FC Otkritie.

The investigation believes that in order to obtain a loan to replenish working capital in the amount of about 2.8 billion rubles, the borrower wasprovided the bank with information that was knowingly false and unreliable. This was done under the personal guarantee of Varshavsky.

The financial statements sent to the bank did not reflect data that a loan agreement was previously concluded in the amount of 950 million US dollars with a company that is part of the Mechel Corporation, under the guarantee of the Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant.

The investigation has evidence that, having received money from the Petrocommerce bank, the Zlatoust plant did not return anything to the creditor.

Warsawski's opinion

Varshavsky, according to "Kommersant", confirms the facts of searches and interrogation of him as a witness. He does not consider justified the claims made by the investigating authorities, since, in his opinion, "no loan agreement was concluded." He does not understand what served as the basis for initiating this case.

Earlier issues

Vadim Varshavsky, whose biography was also previously spoiled by a financial scandal, is the owner of a large empire of metallurgical enterprises.

At the end of 2011, a loan was received from Transcreditbank for the Guryev Metallurgical Plant (GMZ). The guarantor was Varshavsky, who is the owner of this enterprise.

Warsaw Vadim Evgenievich Ramz

In 2014, Guryev Metallurgical Plant stopped servicing the loan. In the spring of the same year, Transcreditbank filed a lawsuit, according to which the debt for the Warsawpersonal guarantee agreement amounted to approximately two billion rubles.

According to the decision of the Basmanny District Court of Moscow, which satisfied this claim, at the beginning of 2015, an arrest was made on a building in the central part of the capital, owned by Varshavsky. The area of ​​the arrested building exceeded five hundred square meters.

In the middle of last year, based on the same court decision, the Angouleme (France) court temporarily seized the businessman's local assets. These assets include four French wine companies with an authorized capital of about 400 thousand euros, which Varshavsky owned together with his wife, as well as the Etoile 06 company (authorized capital - 1 thousand euros). This company has an apartment in Cannes, which is more than two hundred square meters, worth about two million euros.

The entrepreneur himself claims that all this property in France does not belong to him, but to his wife.

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