The Museum of the History of Tomsk keeps the memory of four centuries

The Museum of the History of Tomsk keeps the memory of four centuries
The Museum of the History of Tomsk keeps the memory of four centuries

The city of Tomsk, with its rich history and cultural identity, is located on the banks of the Tom River. It is rightfully a significant cultural center of Siberia. Here, in addition to scientific institutions that have been contributing to science not only in Russia but also in the world for more than 100 years, there are a large number of museums.

Museums of Tomsk and Tomsk region

There are more than a hundred large municipal and departmental museums in the city of Tomsk and its region:

  • Science (Planetarium, Mindset, Nefti, Zoological).
  • Artistic (Tomsk regional, wooden architecture, art gallery, "Peaceful Toy" in the village of Kislovka).
  • Architectural (Museum of political exile in Narymsk).
  • Historical (Museum of the History of Tomsk, "Investigation Prison of the NKVD", Regional Local Lore named after M.B. Shatilov, Ethnographic Center of the Russian Population of Siberia).
  • Literary (First Museum of Slavic Mythology).
  • Musical (T.P. Lebedeva Theater Museum).
  • Museums of Science and Technology (History of Communications, Tomsk Shipping Company).

And also Tomsk is famous for its small museums located in the rooms and auditoriums of universities and schools, colleges and technical schools.

museum of the history of tomsk

History of the Museum

The amazing city of Tomsk has a rich history. It was founded by the royal order of Boris Godunov in the heart of Siberia in 1604 and became an eyewitness to many extraordinary events. All the facts of the life and significant moments of the city over the past years are kept by the Museum of the History of Tomsk under the vigilant control of the marvelous beast Dinotherium (museum symbol and logo).

The museum is located on Voskresenskaya Hill. This is the central place of honor for the birth of the city. Museum expositions are located in a very conspicuous building designed by engineer V.K. Fadeev. In 1856, it belonged to the Voskresenskaya private police department, whose duties included the fire safety of the city. This is evidenced by the tower located on the roof, decorating the Museum of the History of Tomsk and distinguishing it from the modern architectural ensemble of the city.

Where does urban history live?

The opening of the museum took place at the first temporary exhibition "Portrait of Old Tomsk" in 2003. And a year after the formation of the collection, permanent exhibitions began to be created, the first of which was the "First Century of Tomsk", timed to coincide with the city's four hundredth anniversary.

museums of tomsk and tomsk region

Today's Museum of the History of Tomsk has acquired a rich collection of exhibits, which are located in five halls. Topics are interestingly revealed here:

  • Development of Siberia. Maps, a model of a ship, costumes of the discoverers of Siberia are presented.
  • Stories of medieval Tomsk with models of urbanfortresses of the seventeenth century and old books.
  • The way of life and occupation of the inhabitants of Tomsk in the 17th century. Archaeological finds discovered during excavations on Voskresenskaya Gora (pottery, bone arrows, metal products, "accessories" from the gate, buttons made of bone, glass beads, unique tiles, etc.) are proposed for consideration.

The museum constantly has several exhibitions:

  • "Russian hut" in the era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The traditional layout of the huts with items typical of the Russian dwelling of the specified period is presented.
  • "Plan-panorama of Tomsk in the first quarter of the 20th century", verified by the author, native Tomsk Yu.P. Nagornov, and reproduced with documentary accuracy from archival sources in the form of old Tomsk.
  • The "Merchant's Living Room" with a mirror in a carved frame, a mechanical piano, and a chiming clock invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of the life of the city merchants in pre-revolutionary times. There is also a real shop of a Tomsk merchant with antique exhibits.
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Museum halls often host temporary exhibitions related to the Siberian city (historical, artistic and ethnographic). Here you can take pictures in historical costumes worn by the inhabitants of Siberia in the 17th century, view the beauty of Tomsk from the fire tower, celebrate a children's birthday with an informative historical treasure hunt quest in museum halls.

Museum of the History of Tomsk: address,phone

You can see the museum exhibits, hear the amazing legend about Dinotherium from Tuesday to Sunday. Employees and employees of the museum are waiting for Tomsk residents and guests of the city from 10 am to 7 pm at the address: Bakunina street, house 3. To inquire about the work of the museum and the opening of temporary exhibitions, order an excursion or a holiday for children, please call: 65-72- 55 and 65-99-30, Tomsk code - 3822.

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