An example of moral duty from literature and films: description, features and values

An example of moral duty from literature and films: description, features and values
An example of moral duty from literature and films: description, features and values

An example of moral duty in works of art is one of the most common themes in writing. As a rule, most works of the classics somehow raise questions of morality. Highly moral or, on the contrary, immoral behavior of characters is very often the driving force behind the plot, especially in Russian classical literature.

Masha Troekurova

An example of moral duty in Russian literature can best be seen in Pushkin's short stories and novels. Masha Troekurova, having become the wife of Prince Vyazemsky, refuses to run away with Dubrovsky, although she understands that she will spend her whole life with an unloved person. The firmness of the heroine, her inflexibility at a critical moment inspire the respect of the author and readers. Despite the dramatic ending of the novel, in general, the work leaves a bright feeling precisely thanks to the image of Masha Troekurova.

Tatiana Larina

Examples of moral duty from literature can be continued by considering another work of Pushkin - the novel in verse "Eugene Onegin". Its main character continues the line of Masha Troekurova.

It should be noted right away that this image is morecarefully written: the girl has a solid solid character that helps her overcome a difficult test.

example of moral duty

Having married Prince Gremin, Tatyana remains faithful to him: although she is not in love with her husband, she deeply respects and appreciates him, therefore she rejects Onegin's love confessions, despite the fact that she still feels ardent feelings for him feelings. From this point of view, Tatyana is much higher than the protagonist of the novel. By her act, she is an example of a moral duty, which gives the work a deep moral significance.

The moral feat of the heroes of "The Captain's Daughter"

The most expressive example of the moral duty of the characters in Pushkin's work can be seen in the example of the above story. Pyotr Grinev, following the behest of his father, protects his noble honor and even under the threat of execution refuses to recognize the impostor as a legitimate sovereign. He remains faithful to the oath and does not forget for a moment that he is a nobleman who swore allegiance to the empress.

examples of moral duty

This position is respected even by the robber Pugachev, who is struck by the firmness of this young man, his steadfastness and not only saves the hero's life, but also helps to get the captain's daughter out of trouble. Under arrest, Pyotr Grinev does not lose his dignity and faith in the truth, and hope does not deceive him: in the end, justice triumphs, and Catherine II signs a decree on release.

Masha Mironova also shows an example of moral duty, keepingloy alty to Peter Grinev and having achieved his acquittal. Her act is all the more significant because almost no one believed in his innocence: even his own father refused to believe this. That is why Pushkin made the girl the main character of his story, naming his work after her.

Dmitry Nekhlyudov and his relationship with Katya Maslova

Examples of the fulfillment of moral duty are shown in the works of Leo Tolstoy, who attached particular importance to the moral development of his characters. The most striking example is the novel "Sunday", the main character of which, feeling guilty in front of a girl whose life was broken because of him, tries to help her with all his might. The author describes his experiences in detail, especially focusing on the humanistic values ​​that the hero adheres to, despite his somewhat frivolous nature.

examples of moral duty from literature

The moral significance of the heroes of military literature

Examples of moral duty from life, films, literature are best seen in works dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, since their plots are based on real events, and the actions of the characters are conditioned by the values ​​that guided Soviet society at the time in question. A feature of the description of the moral deeds of people is the amazing truthfulness of the narration, since the authors, who themselves were participants in the war, wrote about these difficult trials.

example of moral duty

Best example in this caseis the work "Young Guard", since it tells about young men and girls who independently took up underground work. It was their conscious choice, because they understood their moral duty to the Motherland. Perhaps that is why Fadeev's novel is one of the most popular books about the war.

Jane Eyre

Examples of moral duty from life and literature can be continued with a review of the famous novel by S. Bronte, which is largely autobiographical. In it, the writer also described her difficult fate, which is probably why the work is very believable.

The main character in her difficult fate is guided solely by moral principles, which earns the respect of others, including Mr. Rochester, a we althy aristocrat who, for the sake of his feelings (even sincere ones), is ready to cross the moral barrier.

examples of mlral duty from life, literature

But the girl cherished the values ​​that she learned during the years of hard trials too much, and therefore, despite her deep and strong affection for her master, she leaves him when the terrible truth that he is already married is revealed. The firm and resolute character of the heroine is also respected by another main character of the novel - her cousin St. John. Being firm and resolute by nature, he is forced to reckon with Jane's values.

Works of cinema art about the responsibility and integrity of the characters

There are many examples of moral duty from films. This topic was especially brightits incarnation in the old cinema, when directors often raised questions about moral values, showed the complex psychological struggle of the characters, who, for example, had to make a difficult choice in a difficult life situation. It is noteworthy that this topic was presented to the viewer not only as a drama, but often as a melodrama or even a lyrical comedy.

Of the foreign films in this series, we should first of all note the picture "Roman Holiday". The main character of the film in a wonderful performance O. Hepburn sacrifices her personal happiness for the sake of fulfilling her duty to the country, realizing that the princess should be guided, first of all, by state, political, and not her own interests.

examples of moral duty from films

From domestic cinema, perhaps, one can name the comedy film "Big Break". The main character of the picture is a simple teacher Nestor Petrovich - guided solely by his moral and moral convictions that a teacher should take care of his wards, patiently and diligently helps students in a variety of life situations.

At first, his behavior makes others laugh, but later they are imbued with deep respect for his kindness and care. Of course, the troubles of a teacher about his already adult students is not a great feat, however, as one hero of another famous Soviet film said: “There is something heroic in this.”

As can be seen from the above, the theme of fulfilling a moral duty is one of the leading ones both indomestic and foreign art.

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