"Yoldyzlyk" ("Constellation of Talents") - the brightest festival in Tatarstan

"Yoldyzlyk" ("Constellation of Talents") - the brightest festival in Tatarstan
"Yoldyzlyk" ("Constellation of Talents") - the brightest festival in Tatarstan

"Yoldyzlyk" ("Constellation") is one of the brightest annual events among the talented youth of the Republic of Tatarstan. For seventeen years now, this festival has been helping artists of the republic to get acquainted not only with the recognized talents of cities, but also to see diamonds that have not yet been cut.


How did the festival start?

"Constellation-Yoldyzlyk" has long been an integral part of the life of Tatarstan. The festival originates back in 1992, then it was called "Young Star". Over the next eight years, he gained great popularity among talented young people. During this time, the organizers carried out large-scale analytical activities, eventually determining the main directions for working with gifted children.

In 2000, the modern name "Yoldyzlyk" appears. The "Constellation of Talents" begins its solemn procession across the republic under the patronage of Mintimer Sharipovich Shaimiev, whoat that time (until 2010) he was the President of Tatarstan.

The festival, the main purpose of which was to prevent a large-scale outflow of talented youth to the capital of Russia, over the next few years received the status of a republican and was highly appreciated not only within the Republic of Tatarstan, but throughout the country. For example, in 2006 the festival "Yoldyzlyk" ("Constellation") became one of the forty best projects in Russia, and in 2010 - the winner of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of culture and education.

constellation Yoldyzlyk Kazan

What does the festival mean for the Republic of Tatarstan?

For Tatarstan, this is a way not only to retain talented youth and stimulate their development, but also to increase the prestige of the teaching profession. The winners of the festival are worthy successors of the heritage of the republic. Certificates of honor and valuable prizes are awarded not only to talented children, but also to teachers, whose contribution to the development of today's children is often underestimated.

Every year more than 50 thousand talented children aged 5 to 21 from all over the country take part in the qualifying round of the festival. It is noteworthy that children not only from large cities, but also from remote settlements take part in the Yoldyzlyk (Constellation of Talents) festival. And more recently, talents from other regions of Russia, including the capital of our country, Moscow, have also performed.

Today, the festival is held in seven categories: from vocal and choreography to entertainer and poetry in various agesgroups. The most talented contestants not only receive prizes, they are invited to perform in the large-scale concert program "Constellation-Yoldyzlyk". Kazan, as the main city of the republic, kindly provides its best concert halls for this event. For talented guys, getting to the final is already happiness, and becoming a laureate is a real ticket to life.

festival constellation yoldyzlyk

Future of the festival

"Yoldyzlyk" is a constellation of talents that shines brighter and brighter every year. In the first year of the festival, the number of applications barely exceeded 3 thousand, and this year this figure has increased to seventy thousand. By the way, the number of participants over the past year has grown by as much as 20%.

The festival began as a regional event, but turned into an event of an all-Russian scale, because it has been held for several years with the support of UNESCO for a reason.

In the entire Republic of Tatarstan there is not a single person, especially among those who are somehow connected with vocals, choreography and even poetry, who has not heard about this annual event unique for Tatarstan. And the dream of every aspiring singer, dancer, leader between the ages of 5 and 20 is to be among the stars of this incredible constellation of talents.

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