How did Irina Dubtsova lose weight? Features, diet and recommendations

How did Irina Dubtsova lose weight? Features, diet and recommendations
How did Irina Dubtsova lose weight? Features, diet and recommendations

In pursuit of the ideal of beauty, any average person chooses for himself the standard that he finds in the stars of show business. And it’s not so much the eternally slender celebrity that inspires you to get in shape, but the personal experience of losing weight of an idol. The winner of the "Star Factory-4" Irina Dubtsova made a splash with her transformation not among fans, but among the entire losing weight part of the Russian population. Her recipe for slimness is discussed in many media.

Parameters before and after

According to Irina, she was always plump, then she lost weight, then she gained weight. The results were relatively short-lived. Her last weight loss experiment brought her very tangible numbers on the scales.

thinner irina dubtsova parameters

The singer dropped 15 kg. The parameters of the thinner Irina Dubtsova are 74 kg of weight with a height of 172 cm.


Irina belongs to the type of so-calledendomorphs. The body of such a person is prone to fullness. Owners of this type of constitution can lose weight and lose weight, but this is not easy and with the slightest relaxation in nutrition or training, the weight returns again, often even with a “slide”. Of course, some of the blame for being overweight lies with bad habits, stress and lifestyle. And Irina is a public person who is constantly on the road, and stress, lack of sleep, and malnutrition make themselves felt.

Unexpected replenishment

Irina, like most women, was lucky enough to become a mother. But along with the long-awaited addition to the family came an unexpected addition to the waist and hips. The singer gained 20 kg.

How much weight did Irina Dubtsova lose

Besides, hormonal disruptions began, which clearly prevented Irina Dubtsova from losing weight.

Return point

Of course, the singer periodically lost weight while on diets, but everything returned to normal. Fans both modestly and frankly hinted to Irina that it was time to moderate her ardor in food and start getting in shape, because the photos that appeared on the network at that time with the 30-year-old singer did not at all correspond to her actual age.

how Irina Dubtsova lost weight diet

Finally outraged fans of tight dresses and skimpy outfits on a not quite perfect figure. As the thinner Irina Dubtsova admits, one day she decided to change herself once and for all for the sake of her son, her own he alth, career and personal life.

Media versions of the transformation

BIn 2014, photos of Dubtsova in a swimsuit appeared on the network. To say that the singer has lost weight is to say nothing. The media found out how much Irina Dubtsova lost weight. The singer dropped almost 20 kg. Such a significant transformation gave rise to a lot of versions and arguments of the media about the recipe for harmony. Irina Dubtsova lost weight, as the tabloids claimed, with the help of a diet, boxing, a certain nutrition system compiled by a nutritionist, with the help of drugs. It is hard to believe that the singer, who does not hide her gastronomic preferences, went on a diet. As well as the likelihood of "registration" in the gym for a lazy, according to her, girl, is perceived with skepticism.


One of the favorite versions is the s alt-free diet of Irina Dubtsova. The "star" allegedly lost weight with the help of her.

thinner irina dubtsova

As the experts explain, the complete rejection of s alt brings good results, for many it is really an effective way to dry the body. That's just such a diet is carried out no longer than a month and no more than once a year. It is quite aggressive due to the lack of essential minerals and s alts, and should be prescribed after a complete examination of the body. In addition, you need to support the body by frequent meals and the rejection of sweet, fried and fatty foods.


The singer's personal Instagram is full of photos of a girl crawling out of the gym and from the boxing ring, which can be an explanation of how Irina Dubtsova lost weight. However, according to fitness professionals, physical activity isonly 40% success. The rest - for a he althy diet and a full regime of work and rest.

Revelations of the singer

Not so long ago Irina Dubtsova celebrated her birthday. In the new look, the singer charmed all the guests, but most of all aroused interest, as the thinner Irina Dubtsova, without a twinge of conscience, treats herself to high-calorie dishes and cake along with the guests. After the video of this event, the singer nevertheless decided to frankly declare: she did liposuction.

Irina Dubtsova lost weight

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that removes subcutaneous fat from various problem areas of the body. The measure is extreme and may not always have good consequences, like any operation. In addition, those who think that liposuction once and for all solves the problem of excess weight are deeply mistaken.

After liposuction, it is simply necessary, regardless of the visual results, to eat according to a certain scheme and play sports. Moreover, you need to make it a way of life.

Main recommendations from Irina Dubtsova

In this whole story there is a place for a s alt-free diet, since the first point of proper nutrition for the singer is the almost complete rejection of s alt. S alt retains fluid in the body, which leads to swelling and excess weight.

  • Water. Irina tries to drink up to two liters of water a day in addition to coffee and tea. Water is involved in metabolic processes and enhances metabolism. And now, when there is no s alt on the menu, water will be able to purify and remove poisons and toxins from the body without lingering in the tissues
  • Multiple meals. SingerI made it a rule to eat about 5-6 times a day, that is, every 3 hours. The body does not experience hunger, and a regular intake of energy immediately gives a signal to spend calories.
  • Small portions. Frequent meals are compensated by small portions - about the size of a palm (200 grams). Thanks to this, there is no load on the pancreas and a feeling of heaviness after eating.
  • Rejection of simple carbohydrates. These include flour, pastries, sweets, soda, deep fat, sugar. Instead - dried fruits, fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy products, as well as lean poultry, beef and seafood.
  • Regular exercise. Irina has a busy work schedule, but she tries to go for a run in the morning or go to the gym. It is not chocolates and cookies that help her cope with stress, but boxing, which not only leads to muscle tone, but also contributes to emotional unloading.
  • Rejection of bad habits. Irina quit smoking and has not been drinking alcohol for a long time, since it is high in calories and negatively affects the female body.
  • how Irina Dubtsova lost weight
  • Accepting yourself and the situation. In matters of weight loss, Irina strongly advises to love yourself and your body. However, you need to understand that there are no quick results, for this it is desirable to study the patterns of work and behavior of the body during weight loss.
  • Be consistent. Irina believes that any desire will come true if you clearly formulate it in your head and figuratively "hang" it before your eyes. Hastily or unconsciously takenthe decision to lose weight in the vast majority of cases leads to breakdowns, returns to the previous way of life and doubts about the success of the case. And if you doubt a positive outcome, then it will never happen.

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