Oscar de la Renta brand and his best design work

Oscar de la Renta brand and his best design work
Oscar de la Renta brand and his best design work

Wedding and evening dresses, casual wear and accessories, Oscar de la Renta jewelery has long been synonymous with impeccable style and refined taste. The designer is the embodiment of the unattainable American dream. A boy from the Dominican Republic, having gone from European fashion houses to the catwalks of New York, gained fame and immortalized his name in the pages of history.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Biography Facts

The famous fashion designer was brought up in a large family and was the oldest. He was born in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) on July 22, 1932. His father was an insurance company owner and Puerto Rican by birth, and his mother came from a Spanish family that had once moved from the Canary Islands. Oscar de la Renta's family was very noble: for many years his paternal grandfather was a mayor, and on his mother's side he was a writer and diplomat. When Oscar turned 19years, he went to Spain to study at the Madrid Academy of Arts. During his student years, he earned money by drawing sketches of dresses and other women's clothing for local ateliers and newspapers. However, the first popularity and, one might say, the start of his career was brought by a meeting with the wife of the American ambassador. Seeing his sketches, she ordered a dress for her daughter for her graduation ball from the young designer. A photo of the ambassador's daughter in a gorgeous dress appeared on the cover of Life magazine.

oscar de la renta earrings

Further on, Oscar's passion for fashion design only intensified, and he began to draw for the leading Spanish fashion houses. In 1961 he moved to Paris, and 2 years later - to New York, where at various times he worked with E. Arden, D. Derby. After the death of the latter, control over the fashion house completely passed into his possession, which henceforth began to work under the name of Oscar de la Renta.

Private life

Couturier was twice married to successful and beautiful women. The first wife was a well-known fashion critic, and the second was a philanthropist. Their aristocratic background helped Oscar integrate into secular society, where his talent was recognized. He was actively involved in charity work, in 1982, with his filing, a school and a children's center were built in the Dominican Republic. The talented and eminent fashion designer, who dressed all the first ladies of the United States, starting with Jacqueline Kennedy, and perhaps half of the Hollywood divas, died in 2014, at the age of 82, after a long battle with the disease.

Music of the style of the great couturier

Clothes, and especially dresses from Oscar de laRent has always been popular. He never chased outrageous and avant-garde, radical ideas. His collections are for people with a refined, aristocratic taste. He is best known for his special occasion evening gowns, stunning and unique, worthy of princesses and queens. This is a real calling card of the great master.

For almost half a century of career, de la Renta has gained the status of "court" fashion designer in the White House. At various times, J. Kennedy, N. Reagan, H. Clinton, L. Bush and M. Obama were admirers of his talent.

oscar de la renta beaded earrings

It was he who returned the ambiguous combination of red and green to the fashion podium, saying that these two colors are in harmony, which was created by nature itself. He preferred to sew his famous collections from light and weightless fabrics - silk, chiffon, satin. A characteristic couple is also layering, creating the effect of a lush cloud, crinolines and draperies. But when creating a coat, Oscar de la Renta prefers bold dyed fur, textured suede and aristocratic tweed.

In addition, working with individuals and bright personalities, he always paid close attention to the cut of the dress, so that in the end it would best emphasize the dignity of the figure and allow you to hide flaws.

Everything he undertook, he always succeeded, whether it was stunning red carpet outfits, accessories, casual wear or children's collection.

Perfume "Oscar de la Renta"

My first fragrance -Oscar - couturier released to the masses in 1977. This is a time when androgynous trends dominate fashion, and he went the opposite way. Incredibly feminine floral bouquet became a real hit and only confirmed the vision of the couturier world. He himself once said that if his perfume is made from rose and ylang-ylang, why not keep the dresses in the same theme and feelings. The fragrance, which has won fame and recognition as the best in decades, belongs to the oriental floral group. Top notes are orange, peach, bergamot, carnation, gardenia, coriander, basil, while base notes are sandalwood, patchouli, amber, lavender, coconut, myrrh, musk, vetiver, opponocax.

perfume Oscar de la Renta

The second cult perfume Oscar de la Renta (author's photo above) created in the era of the 90s (1992). Feminine and subtle, Volupté with tuberose and freesia challenged the grunge movement. As part of his advertising campaign, de la Renta personally visited department stores and boutiques, interacting with sellers and buyers. He once said that a woman should not be identified with a fragrance and its brand. “Once she accepts him, he is no longer mine, but hers and becomes one with her.” And this is the genius of de la Renta: the creator, but not the owner. This position became the driving force for the creation of the last fragrance - Extraordinary, which was presented after the death of the couturier, in 2015. Intense notes of neroli, thoughtful rose and sharp amber resin are light and transparent, in contact with the skin, they begin to play and sparkle with new facets.

Weddingcouturier dresses

What Oscar de la Renta created (wedding dresses or regular) is always a work of art in the field of fashion. Outfits for the most important day in life are the apogee of femininity, romanticism and sophistication. They are luxurious and elegant, but at the same time they look modest and emphasize natural beauty.

oscar de la renta wedding dresses

His last work was a wedding dress for the bride of the most inveterate Hollywood bachelor D. Clooney - A. Alamuddin. It has a very classic silhouette, but thanks to several layers of tulle, rich French lace trim, and hand-embroidered diamonds and pearls, it takes on an ethereal look. It looks like it was made for one of the Disney princesses. A long train and a veil with oriental motifs emphasize the bright beauty of the bride herself. A real masterpiece, which impressed the whole world, was included in the latest collection of the master. She is shown in the photo.

Accessories from de la Renta

Outstanding and unsurpassed evening dresses and wedding dresses from eminent couturier require the appropriate addition in the form of accessories and jewelry. They complete any look and give it sophistication and individuality. Jewelry collections, including earrings, Oscar de la Renta makes with his own unique style. It offers options not only for carpets and weddings, but also for everyday looks with the same jeans and simple tees. His fashion is accessible and understandable, but at the same time elegant and sophisticated. Iconic and most oftena replicated piece of jewelry created by Oscar de la Renta is beaded earrings. This is an example of how an inexpensive material turns into a design work, which is very often copied by needlewomen. The original product costs about $300.

oscar de la renta beaded earrings

Best work

All dresses of the brand deserve attention, it is difficult to single out anything more or less magnificent. However, we chose those that remained in the memory for a long time. They all shone in the literal and figurative sense of the word at the Oscars golden statuette ceremony, and it was not for nothing that many stars laughed it off when they said that they would dress in outfits from his real namesake.

  1. Cameron Diaz in gold. Brilliant and blonde with a charming and famous smile in 2010 conquered everyone. The dress, embroidered with sequins in a classic cut, is in perfect harmony with the red carpet and gold figurine.
  2. Oscar de la Renta jewelry
  3. Emma Stone and Emmy Adams are like beautiful swans in sky-colored outfits. Fragile figures are pulled into a corset, and a fluffy skirt with ruffles falls to the feet. And although the models are different, they still have certain common features.
  4. Sarah Jessica Parker in black and white. The classic color scheme and complex geometric cut favorably emphasize the character of the owner of the dress and her figure.
  5. oscar de la renta photo
  6. Natasha Poly in black. The Russian model is a devoted fan of the brand, in 2014 at the Cannes Film Festival sheblew everyone away with a gorgeous dress that accentuated her slim waist and slender figure.
  7. oscar de la renta coat
  8. Eva Longoria in red. This is perhaps one of the most favorite styles of the designer. A chiseled figure in a tight floor-length dress with a train of various lengths and shapes.

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