The most beautiful lakes in Russia: top 5

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The most beautiful lakes in Russia: top 5
The most beautiful lakes in Russia: top 5

Russia is a huge country famous for its natural we alth. Here you can find absolutely everything, so it is not necessary to go and look for beautiful places in another country. There are especially many reservoirs in the country, many tourists are interested in what is the most beautiful lake in Russia? It is difficult to say for sure, because there are a lot of them, each of which is famous for its uniqueness and unusualness.

Russia's great natural we alth

Russia can rightfully be called a country of amazing beauty, because it has places that amaze everyone who has visited them with their uniqueness. There really is something to see here. What are the most beautiful rivers and lakes of Russia, which are known beyond its borders.

The lakes of our country are a real natural we alth for which it is famous. Each of them has its own unique beauty and amazing characteristics. There are reservoirs in the country that many have not even heard of, but this does not make thembecome less beautiful.

The amazing nature of the country

Russian lakes: top 5

In this article we will list the most beautiful lakes in Russia with photos so that you can see them with your own eyes, and also be able to learn a lot of interesting things about them.

Majestic Baikal

Everyone has heard about Baikal without exception, which is not surprising, because this is the most beautiful lake in Russia. It is located in the southeast of our country. It is famous not only in our area, but all over the world. The reservoir has an honorary title - the deepest lake in the world. In addition, Baikal is another of the largest lakes.

Famous for its clear and crystal clear water, which contains a minimum amount of s alts. The area near the lake is decorated with hills and beautiful mountains. In addition, there are such representatives of flora and fauna that are not found in other places. Now you know the name of the most beautiful lake in Russia.

Majestic Baikal

Famous Baskunchak

A unique reservoir that can be found in the Astrakhan region. He received the second place in the ranking due to his useful properties. The waters of the lake contain a large amount of mineral s alts. Also, natural clay and sulfidnoil mud have healing properties, the effectiveness and usefulness of which can be compared with treatment at the Dead Sea. This area has very clean air, which contains phytoncides and bromine, which also have a beneficial effect on human he alth.

You can find the first mention of the lake in"The Book of the Great Drawing", which falls on 1627. It is mentioned as a place where you can mine the same pure s alt as ice. Nowadays Baskunchak s alt is one of the best in the world. It takes up four-fifths of the total s alt produced in the country.

Baskunchak has a very hard surface on which a person can walk, but it is not like that everywhere. It is definitely impossible to drown in this lake, since there is a lot of s alt in the water, the percentage of which is 90%, so the body will be pushed out. Thanks to such amazing and useful properties, as well as beauty, it can be called one of the most beautiful lakes in Russia.

The famous Baskunchak

Amazing Seidozero

One more lake, about which it is impossible not to tell, is Seydozero. It is located on the Kola Peninsula, which is located in the Murmansk region. The lake is surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains. If the word “seid” is translated from the Sami, then it will turn out “sacred”. This is one of the most beautiful lakes in Russia, the photo of which is given below.

Amazing Seydozero

It is clear that this reservoir is considered sacred for the Saami, but one interesting discovery is also associated with it, which occurred at the end of the last century. Near it were found the remains of a very ancient highly developed civilization. According to ancient writings, it was called Hyperborean. Disappeared due to a global cataclysm. Also in this area were found traces of ancient buildings, including:

  1. Fortificationbuildings.
  2. Ancient observatory.
  3. The remains of the largest runic inscriptions that are on the coastal rocks.

Due to the study of traces of some structures, we can conclude that these are pyramids destroyed in the past.

In addition, on the territory of the lake there are sacred stones called seids. There is another place where they can be found - this is Karelia. They are associated with the cult of the dead, which was adopted by the Sami beliefs. There is also a 70-meter petroglyph, which is located on one of the rocks. He depicts a giant, who in the past was nicknamed Kuyv.

Raspberry Lake

If we are already talking about the most beautiful lakes in Russia (you can find photos and names in the article), then we cannot fail to mention another wonderful body of water that the Altai Territory is famous for. They called it Raspberry Lake. The reservoir contains a lot of s alt, and it is also referred to as Borovoye Lakes.

Water and mud in a pond are very beneficial for the human body. In addition, thanks to such a high concentration of s alt, it is very easy to swim in it. However, you should be aware that because of the s alt, a hard crust forms on the bottom of the lake, which can be easily cut.

Raspberry Lake was known during the reign of Catherine II. Few people know, but it was the s alt from this reservoir that was served to the table of the great empress, which greatly surprised her overseas guests.

What is so unusual about this lake? Its purple color. This is exactly what it turns out due to the fact that planktonic crustaceans that produce pink piment live in the reservoir,so the result is a lake of this crimson color.

The color of the water may change throughout the year. With the advent of spring, the color becomes brighter and more saturated. Turns brown in autumn.

Raspberry lake

Lotus Lake

If you don't know what is the most beautiful lake in Russia, then we will tell you about another unique reservoir. It is called Lotus Lake. You can find a reservoir in the Volga-Akhtuba Bay, namely near the city of Volgograd.

It is extraordinarily beautiful, so a large number of tourists visit the lake to admire the lotus blossom and soak up the romantic mood.

The body of water is not big, but thanks to the lotuses, its view is breathtaking. Flowers bloom from August to September, so if you want to see the lake in all its glory, then it's best to go here during this period.

Lotus lake

Group of karst lakes

Let's talk separately about another miracle of Russian nature - karst blue lakes, of which there are five. They are located in Kabardino-Balkaria in the Cherek region.

According to history, the famous French explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau dived into one of the lakes. However, he never managed to measure its depth. If we turn to the official version, it says that the distance from the surface to the bottom of the Lower Blue Lake itself is 386 meters. But it is unlikely that this figure can be called accurate, since the bottom has not been reached. This reservoir never freezes, since its temperature is 9degrees. Thanks to this property, the lake fell in love with divers. There is even a diving center on its shore, which is also open all year round.

There is an interesting legend about its origin. In the distant past, there was a duel between the hero Bataraz and the dragon, as a result of which the monster died. It fell, and because of this, a failure formed in the mountains. Over time, it filled with water. The dragon is still at the bottom of the pond and crying, so the lake has an unpleasant smell. Here is such a legend. As for the smell, it is really unpleasant, but because of hydrogen sulfide. For the same reason, no one lives in the lake except for the humarus crustacean.

Blue Lakes

But there is no such problem in the Western and Eastern Blue Lakes, because fish live in them. There is also the Secret Blue Lake, which is located in a karst crown surrounded by a beech forest. It is secret because if a person does not know about it, then he can easily not notice it, and this is a shame, because it is very beautiful.

And the last Dry Blue Lake, which is also located in a karst failure. It has sheer walls that reach a height of 180 meters.

You were given the most beautiful lakes in Russia with a photo, name and description. Now you know what beautiful places there are in our country. Be sure to visit them, because they have something to surprise you with.

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