What is a personal diary, why is it needed and how to keep it?

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What is a personal diary, why is it needed and how to keep it?
What is a personal diary, why is it needed and how to keep it?

Today we will talk about girlish secrets and figure out what a personal diary is, which is talked about so much. Let's find out what to do if there is no one to tell about your mental anguish, because all the girlfriends are busy discussing guys and Kim Kardashian's new outfit? Of course, refer to the diary! That's who is always ready to listen to you and serve as the very "vest" in which sometimes it is so necessary to cry.

What is a personal diary?

Let's get it right. A personal diary is your best friend at all times! He will never betray you or tell anyone your secrets, which is understandable.

In fact, this is a great psychological technique when a person has nowhere to put an overabundance of their emotions. He sits down at his favorite dressing table, picks up the most beautiful pen and pours his heart out to his paper friend.

Clean personal diary

How will we decorate?

Privatethe diary is a reflection of the soul of a person and his inner world, so it is recommended to decorate it, following your feelings and preferences. How to make a personal diary for girls? It can be a variety of sketches with a simple pencil, or it can be a lot of bright and shiny stickers! The main thing is not to be afraid to create and give free rein to your imagination.

If you like to draw, then use wax crayons, watercolor or gouache. What do you like more. But do not forget that all entries must be neat, it will not be very nice if the pages of your diary are smeared with dirty paint stains. It is recommended to highlight the most important and interesting thoughts with bright felt-tip pens or gel pens.

You can also purchase colorful stickers to write interesting quotes or a to-do list on them - this will help you organize your time and distribute it so that you have enough for both work and play.

Another cool idea is to create a secret pocket. To do this, you need to carefully fold one of the pages in the form of an envelope, glue it on three sides, and voila - your own secret pocket is ready. Now you can put interesting notes, valentines, commemorative tickets there. Design the diary in your own author's style, and when you're done, just enjoy the aesthetic beauty of your "creation".

Interesting drawings in a notebook

Creativity is contagious

By the way, continuing the theme of drawings. First, it's a great way to relieve stress. Yes, yes, ittrue. When you are nervous, you always don’t know what to do with your hands, and if there is a pen and a piece of paper nearby, then you will involuntarily take them and start drawing some abstract patterns, flowers, faces and geometric shapes. There is a very interesting opinion of psychologists on this topic, we recommend that you read it. In this way, you can find out what the drawings that you make somewhere in the margins of a notebook or in a notebook, for example, in a boring lesson, say about your character.

Secondly, with the help of small drawings you can diversify and embellish the space on simple white sheets of paper with text. The brighter and more colorful your drawing, the more beautiful the overall look of the spread.

And thirdly, if you accidentally stained the page with your favorite lipstick or the pen decided to leak at the most unnecessary moment, then make a small drawing on a clean piece of paper and stick it on this very place. So you can hide the stain, and even beautifully diversify the page.

Personal diary for a girl

What to write about?

Why keep a personal diary? Above, we have already said that this is a way to share your thoughts and "let off steam" to relieve emotional stress. Whether it is emotions of incredible joy or, conversely, sadness. What to write in a personal diary? Yes, whatever you want. You can write in the form of a dialogue with your diary or with yourself. And if you want, just write down the flow of thoughts and ideas that excite and interest you at the moment.

Many people describe in the diary their pastday / week / month, and also make some plans and set goals for the future. It helps a lot to organize your thoughts and build a clear plan of action to achieve a goal.

Also, for example, you can make your own ratings of watched films, giving them an assessment and describing your impression, or hit parades of songs. You can also make a list of your favorite culinary delights. In general, write on any topic, most importantly - from the heart. The most interesting thing is to re-read everything that you once wrote after a while. Give it a try, chances are you'll love it.

A man writes in a diary

Girl Secrets

According to statistics, girls are more likely to keep personal diaries. Very often on the Internet you can see different articles on the topic "Personal diary for girls." For boys, such advice is much less common, but it is likely that they are simply embarrassed to admit that they are leading them too. Oh, those guys!

For example, there are a large number of people who can't imagine their lives without him for a long time. Ask your friends if they keep such diaries? Most likely it will turn out that almost all the girls in your environment will answer “yes!”.

It happens that a person wants to share some thought, but for some reason he cannot tell his mother or girlfriend. This is where a diary comes in handy. You can tell him absolutely everything, without embarrassment and fear that you may not be understood.

Pen and notepad

The clothes meet

What is a personal diary, what and how to write in it, we figured it out. Now let's think about its appearance. How to decorate a personal diary outside? Consider two interesting options.

First - design the diary brightly and beautifully so that you can look at its cover and the mood has already risen. The stores now have a huge selection of a wide variety of covers for notebooks, notepads and books of various formats, for every taste and color, as they say. You will definitely find the right one. But if it seems to you that it is too simple, and you are a creative person, then we suggest that you develop a cool design yourself.

To do this, you can use colored paper to glue the cover. It can be not just ordinary, but for example, velvet or foil. Next, turn on the fantasy. Make cutouts from magazines or find beautiful and inspiring pictures on the Internet, print and paste them.

You can add stickers, now 3D volumetrics are popular, they look very unusual and interesting. Glue on a beautiful ribbon, ribbon or bright confetti, or maybe some sparkles (you can't have too many of them, right?!). As a result, you will get a cool bright cover! It remains to find a secret place and hide the diary well. You don't want someone to read your secrets, do you?

But there is a second option: you can disguise your diary as a regular notebook or notepad, putting it on the shelf with all your office. In this case, you don’t need to think about where to hide it, because no one will guess that among your ordinary notebooks there is a personal diary. Try it - it worksfail-safe.

Design example

How to find inspiration?

So, we have already discussed both the external and internal design of the diary, the content, figured out its purpose. But where do you find inspiration? So you bought a wonderful notebook, you just incredibly like it in terms of the combination of colors, shapes, and size. But wait, what to do next?..

And so you sit in front of blank white pages and puzzle your head with the question: "Where do I even begin?". Before you start actively designing spreads, you need to be inspired by something. It must be something you really love.

For example, listening to your favorite music, dancing, eating, animals, traveling, architecture, YouTube videos, Instagram profiles of bloggers - and so the list goes on for a very, very long time. Everyone chooses from it something of their own. Find inspiration that will help you inspire yourself to create something beautiful.

Regular notepad

And finally, I'll say…

Thus, we figured out what a personal diary is. This is the best friend and helper! We hope you have been inspired by our ideas of what to draw in a personal diary, as well as tips, and have already gone to the stationery store to buy everything you need to create your own diary. It may look like an ordinary notebook, but inside it will be your own world. We wish you creative success!

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