The beauty of the Spree river in Germany

The beauty of the Spree river in Germany
The beauty of the Spree river in Germany

Spree is a river originating from three springs in the Ustets region of the Czech Republic in the mountains. The stream flows from south to north through the federal states of Germany: Saxony and Brandenburg - and flows into the Havel (tributary of the Elbe) in the western part of Berlin, which makes it possible to connect water flows leading to the North Sea for navigation.

Tourists can admire the beauty of the Spree in the capital Berlin. On the river, the movement of pleasure boats with open decks is organized. During the trip, you can not only take a break from sightseeing on foot. The river flows through the historic city center with beautiful museums, majestic cathedrals, picturesque parks, and therefore there will also be an opportunity to see many old arched bridges and buildings of modern Berlin.

In the article, we will introduce readers to the description of the Spree River in Germany with tributaries and a number of locks. It will be interesting for travelers to find out what sights they can see from pleasure boats in the capital, from which stop is the most convenient to start the route.

Basic information

The River Spree starts from three found in the Lusatian Mountainssources. Gaining strength, the water stream becomes a full-flowing navigable river, which is an important artery of Germany. It connects the Elbe, Havel and Oder. The length of the Spree is approximately 400 km.

walk along the Spree

At the confluence of two rivers - the Havel and its tributary Spree - the city of Berlin was founded, which later became the capital of Germany. In the literature, you can often find another name for the city - "Athens on the Spree." The river has an area of ​​more than 10,100 km2. To protect the city from constant floods, in 1965 the Spremberg dam was opened with the reservoir of the same name, located between the cities of Cottbus and Spremberg. It is the fourth largest dam in Germany and is 3.7 km long. It rises to a height of 20 meters, which prevented floods in many settlements.


Description of the beauty of the Spree River, let's start with its sources in the south-east of Germany. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of big Berlin, head to the Spreewald, which literally translates as "forest on the Spree". This is a natural reserve where the river is divided into hundreds of small branches.

Boat ride on the Spree

According to local legend, the devil used a plow pulled by huge oxen to break through the channel of the Spree. They were lazy and slow. Therefore, the devil got angry and promised to send them to his grandmother, who was famous for her tough temper. In a panic, the bulls fled in different directions, which is why the sleeves near the river turned out. In addition to more than 300 small channels, the villagers,living in the area, for ease of movement on boats connected them with canals.

For clarity, add a lot of trees hanging over the water on the banks, and you will understand how picturesque this corner of nature looks.

kayaking on the river

Every year, hundreds of tourists and locals come to the Spree River to relax and enjoy the beauty. Here you can ride a large boat with a guide or go kayaking and kayaking on your own.

On the shores there are small village houses, immersed in flowers. Each has its own pier and a well with fish caught. She is kept in a box, and if necessary, to cook dinner, they simply turn the handle of the well and take out a fresh fish. Along the way, tourists can visit many cafes and restaurants with local cuisine, go to a store or relax in a gazebo on the shore.

River in Berlin

The spree flows through the capital in loops until it joins the river Havel in the western part of the city. Convenient embankments are built along it, which is a favorite vacation spot for citizens and tourists.

German Venice

Opposite the central station in the town of Hauptbahnhof are the final stops for pleasure boats. You can buy tickets for various excursions along the river. The longest has a duration of several hours. In the course of such a trip, you will visit not only the river, but also several canals, as well as the Havel.

German Venice

Walking on a boat on the river Spree, lefttributary of the Havel, many experienced tourists notice the similarity of the place with Venice. Indeed, the historic center of the city literally goes under water with its foundations.

reddison blue hotel

Museums and cathedrals seem to be built right on the water.

If you travel around Germany, be sure to take a boat ride in the center of Berlin and visit the picturesque corner of the river in the Spreewald area. Get unforgettable impressions and beautiful photos to remember your trip.

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