Space weather forecast: solar flare

Space weather forecast: solar flare
Space weather forecast: solar flare

One can talk endlessly about the Sun. No one will argue that it is the source and custodian of life on Earth. But what gives life can take it away. Is that possible. Is the Sun dangerous for us, does it threaten our security in the foreseeable future?

flare in the sun

The sun has a magnetic field. Its interaction with plasma substances causes excessive activity - winds, spots, solar flares, etc. Let's take a closer look at the last phenomenon.

A solar flare is an explosive process that releases billions of megatons of energy (kinetic, light, heat). A wave of electromagnetic radiation traveling at the speed of light reaches the Earth in a few minutes. But the luminary also throws out a large amount of hot gases, the so-called coronal ejections. It will take them four days to reach our planet. This is a colossal flow of protons, electrons, iron, oxygen, helium and some other heavier elements.

A solar flare is disturbing the Earth's magnetic field. These changes induce a powerful direct current that can cause significant damage.electrical networks. One damaged node entails a “fan-shaped” shutdown (“domino effect”). Such an emergency cascade was experienced by residents of some European countries in 2006.

sun flare

It is this stream of sunlight that causes the phenomenon we call the Northern Lights.

The theme of the end of the world is constantly being discussed in the press. One of the versions is based on a solar flare. According to some scientists, it will destroy all life on Earth. Even if the process turns out to be too fleeting, the ozone layer will still not withstand and collapse, which means the death of our civilization. Interestingly, radiation will destroy living organisms, but infections and viruses will not be affected.

Although many are skeptical about such talk, scientists prove anomalous activity on the Sun. Flashes cause magnetic storms on our planet, which affect human well-being.

Even if we do not die from radiation, a strong solar flare will damage the transformer systems. For modern humanity, this is a real disaster. The entire planet could be without electricity. Recovery will take a lot of money and time. A blackout on a planetary scale in a high-tech society does not seem like a bright prospect.

sun flare

As a result of such a solar "attack", earthlings will not die, but in the following months the number of victims will progress at an incredible rate. Stop gas, oil and water pipelines, as well as life support systems in hospitals. Factories wherewill have to manufacture new equipment, they will also not work. But in the dark, it will be convenient to observe the "salute" of electric discharges and the northern lights, which can be seen in all corners of the world (now this beauty is available only to residents of the polar regions).

The electromagnetic collapse will hit us suddenly and without warning, we will be unprepared for such a devastating disaster. An alarm will rush from the satellite to the space research center in Houston, but mankind will have only a few minutes to take defensive measures. Scientists believe that any efforts will be in vain.

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