Red California worms are indispensable helpers in agriculture

Red California worms are indispensable helpers in agriculture
Red California worms are indispensable helpers in agriculture

Earthworms are one of the most useful creatures on Earth. In 1959, in the USA, in the state of California, breeders managed to develop a new species. This is how Californian worms appeared. Thanks to the new features of this type of worms, it has become easier to breed and improve depleted soils.

california worms

So what are the distinctive features of Californian earthworms?

First of all, the new species is long-lived. These protozoan invertebrates live on average up to 15 years. And this is 4 times more than ordinary rain "savages".

Secondly, during the season they multiply rapidly in their natural environment, laying up to 20 cocoons. In greenhouse conditions, reproduction occurs at an even faster rate.

But the main advantage is the ability to breed them even in ordinary apartments, since California worms are quite calm and do not crawl out of their breeding boxes.

red california worm

Value for nature and agriculture

It is difficult to find the same right andan indispensable helper in agriculture and farming, like a red Californian worm. Many animals, birds and fish feed on it. For the first time they began to be massively bred in America. Thanks to this, it became possible to switch to natural, safer ways to improve the soil. However, in the process of artificial cultivation, some difficulties associated with the diet of worms appeared.

As it turned out, this species can only eat the food it was originally used to. That is why it is recommended to take cocoons for breeding. Only such an approach will eliminate the risk of losing an entire population of adults. This is due, first of all, to the fact that California worms are unable to assimilate new food; from birth, they are “programmed” for a certain diet.

What do California worms eat?

Like any other subspecies, the Californian feeds on plant debris. For mass breeding, worm houses are built, where a nutrient substrate is placed. The main food is humus or manure. Fresh manure needs to be fermented, that is, it must be overcooked. In addition, you need to ensure that the substrate is always moist, for this it is covered with polyethylene. California worms completely process organic waste in manure in a short time, leaving behind the so-called "heaps". In fact, this is coprolite - a valuable fertilizer that contains a lot of nutrients and easily digestible substances. The humus in which the worms live is odorless, so home breeding is also possible.

California rainworms

In conditions of breeding in an apartment, it is necessary to take into account the temperature regime. The warmer, the more actively the process of reproduction will go. As food, crushed potato peelings, fruit leftovers, banana peels, spent coffee and tea can be added to the main substrate. In this case, one must not forget about moistening the substrate. In the end, you can get valuable fertilizer, and multiply the number of worms in your area several times. Due to their physiological characteristics, these invertebrates secrete a substance that neutralizes unpleasant odors, which means that breeding at home is quite acceptable.

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