Belarus: area, population, cities

Belarus: area, population, cities
Belarus: area, population, cities

The countries of the post-Soviet space, for the most part, are not small in size and in the number of permanent residents. Belarus was no exception in this matter, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich by no means can be considered insignificant. This article will discuss the main settlements of this country, its geographical features and population.

Position on the map

The Republic of Belarus is located on the European continent, in its eastern part. Its immediate neighbors are Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland. The total length of the state border of Belarus is about 2,969 kilometers. The coastline is completely absent, the largest river is the Dnieper, and the lake is the Naroch.

Climatic conditions

Belarus (its area is 207,600 sq. km) is located in the temperate continental climate zone, which, in turn, is characterized by relatively mild and fairly wet winters and warm, also humid summers. The average annual precipitation is about 600–700 mm.

belarus area

Hydrological features

What is the area of ​​Belarus, we found out. Now it is worth dwelling in more detail on rivers and lakes.countries. About 20,000 rivers stretch on the territory of the republic, 93% of which are considered small (the length of each of them does not exceed 10 kilometers) and 11,000 lakes. Belarusian rivers are filled with atmospheric precipitation. There are also a large number of reclamation canals. In addition, there are 1,500 small reservoirs and 150 large artificial reservoirs in the country. The swamps, in turn, are home to many animals and birds that are listed in the Red Book.

the area of ​​Belarus is

Administrative centers

Studying the cities of Belarus by area, we note that the capital of the state is Minsk, which, in turn, is the largest settlement (its size is 348.84 sq. km).

The second position is occupied by the hero city of Brest with an area of ​​just over 146 square meters. km.

The third position was staked out by the city named Grodno (142 sq. km.). Gomel, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Bobruisk follow.

At the same time, only the capital is a city in which the number of permanent residents exceeded one million people, while the next Gomel gave shelter to only half a million inhabitants.

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Features of customs control

Belarus, the area of ​​​​which is guarded very closely by the border service, is a fairly hospitable country for residents of the states of the former Soviet Union. These citizens do not need to apply for a visa. And it is quite enough to have a citizen's passport with youof their country. For those people who plan to enter the republic in their own car, a so-called Green Card is required.

As for the import of foreign currency, it can be imported into Belarus absolutely in any quantity, but the amount over 10,000 US dollars must be declared in order to avoid possible problems with the law. If your favorite animal is traveling with you, then by all means get written permission from the veterinarian and representatives of phytosanitary.


Today, almost 9.5 million people permanently live in Belarus. According to experts, the result of 2016 will not be very encouraging for the country, since it is expected that the natural population growth will be negative and will be within 23,367 people. But at the same time, more people are expected to enter the republic for permanent residence than those who emigrate abroad.

According to the statistics department of the United Nations, the area of ​​Belarus is 207,600 square meters. km, taking into account the number of people living in this territory, the population density is 45.8 people per square kilometer.

The indicator of the total demographic load in Belarus is 39.4%, which is a very low value, because it reflects the situation of a positive ratio of the number of able-bodied people to the number of disabled people. That is, the burden on society in the country is minimal.

like the area of ​​belarus

Communication in the Republic

Belarus(population, area were indicated above) has three main mobile operators, including MTS, Velcom and Life:). Buying a SIM card from any of these representatives of the mobile communications world will require a person to have a passport with them. It is worth noting the highest quality of communication, calls can be made almost everywhere (the only exception can be impenetrable forest areas). As for the mobile Internet, it operates on the basis of the LTE standard in large settlements, while 3G operates in small towns. Free Wi-Fi is a pleasure that is available for the most part in cafes and hotel complexes. In addition, in almost any post office or kiosk you can easily purchase a card that provides access to a Wi-Fi network called Beltelecom. With its help, you can connect to the free Internet almost everywhere.


The whole of Belarus, whose area cannot be called small, is a safe country. This is largely due to simply a colossal number of police, although some explain this fact by the national characteristics of Belarusians - good manners and calmness. But be that as it may, it is safe to say that you can safely walk around the cities of the republic until late at night, without worrying at all that someone will attack you in order to rob you.

Belarusian cities by area

Spa treatment

He alth establishments in Belarus are very popular places in the tourist environment. Of course, many of the workershe alth resorts are not cheap or modern, but they all effectively perform the functions assigned to them. Although in fairness it should be said that recently in the republic more and more he alth resorts are entering a new, higher level of service, which is quite consistent with the current European standard. Among the most developed resorts are the following: Lakeside, Lakeside, Ruzhansky, Alfa Radon.

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