Biography of Sergei Shoigu - the main rescuer of Russia

Biography of Sergei Shoigu - the main rescuer of Russia
Biography of Sergei Shoigu - the main rescuer of Russia

Sometimes nature plays cruel jokes with a person, the cost of which can be human lives. Typhoons, tornadoes, snowfalls, earthquakes, forest fires - all these natural disasters are catastrophes for living beings. In order to reduce the number of victims from these phenomena to a minimum, there is the Ministry of Emergency Situations, headed by Sergei Shoigu until recently. The biography of this imposing man is open and understandable: unlike the biography of many modern politicians, there are no white spots in it. This courageous man holds his post for the longest time. It does not concern any political squabbles and changes. The reason for this is the perfect fulfillment of the task assigned to him and his subordinates.

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Childhood and youth of the main rescuer of Russia

The biography of Sergei Shoigu originates on a May day on the 21st of 1955. It was on this day in the village of Chadan (located on the territory of the Tuva Autonomous Okrug) that a baby was born. His parents - Kuzhuget Sereevich and Alexandra Yakovlevna - named the boy Sergey. My father devoted his whole life to working inparties. Mother was an honored agricultural worker. The family also has a daughter, Larisa. Sergey's sister subsequently became a deputy of the State Duma of the 5th and 6th convocations, representing the United Russia party.

Career: the way from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow and back

After graduating from school, the young man entered the Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute, where until 1977 he mastered the profession of a builder. In the next 13 years, the biography of Sergei Shoigu was replenished with a wide variety of facts. In particular, this applies to his track record. He has come a long way from the master of the trust to the inspector of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Committee of the CPSU. Then he left for Moscow in order to gain deeper knowledge and skills about the common cause of the party. There, an extraordinary thinking, hardworking and active young man is noticed by I. Silaev, who at that time was engaged in the formation of a new government cabinet. Under his patronage, Shoigu remains in Moscow, but his soul does not lie in paperwork. He decides to go back to Krasnoyarsk.

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Ministerial work

It was 1991. In his native land, Sergei Kuzhugetovich is offered to lead the Rescue Corps. Tired of office work and missing real cases, he develops an active and wide-ranging activity. Modernized and renamed several times, the Committee finally received its permanent name - the Ministry. This happened in 1994. It was then that the biography of Sergei Shoigu began with a new sheet called "Minister".

It is worth notingthat this position did not affect the character and behavior of the man. He, as before, flies to the scene of disasters along with his subordinates. Shoigu sees how the Ministry works from the inside. This gives him the opportunity to realistically assess the situations that arise in his department and manage them promptly. This is the secret of his long leadership. Many European states are taking over the management of the Ministry for their rescue organizations.

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The biography of Sergei Shoigu is admirable. This amazing man saves lives every day. In 1994, Shoigu was awarded the Order "For Personal Courage". In 1995, he became the "Person of the Year" according to the Russian Geographical Institute. At the same time, the journalistic community awarded Sergei Kuzhugetovich the title of "Best Minister". And at the end of the second millennium, the President of Russia awarded the title of Hero of Russia to the best rescuer of the country. In 2012, Shoigu was elected governor of the Moscow region.

In the autumn of the same year, Russia acquires a new Minister of Defense. Anatoly Serdyukov is replaced by Sergei Shoigu. The biography (Minister of Defense, General, Hero, Rescuer) of this courageous man is a role model. His biography is impeccable. It already includes a huge number of pages, but many of them are still being written.

Private life

The Minister of Defense is married. His wife, Irina, is the president of Expo-EM. This company operates in the field of business tourism. The couple have two daughters. The first name is Julia, andsecond - Xenia.

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