Dema River: geographical features

Dema River: geographical features
Dema River: geographical features

Dema is a river flowing through the territory of Bashkortostan and the Orenburg region. It is one of the tributaries of the Belaya River and belongs to the Kama basin. The sources of the Dema are located on the northern spurs of the Common Syrt upland. The length of the river bed is 535 km, and the catchment area is 12,800 square kilometers. The volume of flow, on average, is 35 cubic meters per second.

Geographical features of the river

The Dema River flows through the territory of Bashkiria and flows into the Belaya River near Ufa. The river flows from southwest to northeast. The climate of the region is temperate continental, with warm summers and cold winters. The landscape is predominantly flat, the current is rather calm. The level of the Dema River depends on the amount of precipitation and is generally fairly stable.

Dema River

The river valley is wide, winding. In the lower part of the channel there are channels and oxbows. The largest settlement on the banks of the Dema is the city of Davlekanovo. The modern mouth of the Dema River does not correspond to the natural one, as it was changed at the end of the 19th century. The bed wasstraightened, and in place of the former a string of reservoirs formed.

The Dema River in the history of Russia

The river has long attracted travelers. On its banks from ancient times there were koumiss clinics. They treated people with tuberculosis. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the quality of service left much to be desired. But in Soviet times, modern equipment appeared here, and the hospitals themselves were reconstructed. After that, patients' feedback on the quality of treatment was only positive.

Kumiss production is organized in the immediate vicinity of these establishments. Horses are bred and koumiss is made in special subsidiary farms. It is considered an effective remedy in the treatment of tuberculosis.

Dema river level

In addition to the production of koumiss, agriculture is developed in the region. The only exception is the Oktyabrsky district, where industry is developing due to oil production.

Beautiful places on the Dema River in Bashkiria

The river flows through the plains, so it has a calm disposition. In this it differs from most other rivers of Bashkiria. The sources of the river are located in the Orenburg region. As is usually the case with large rivers, one of its banks is low-lying, flat, and the other (eastern) is elevated, and in some places even steep. The maximum height of the hills on the high bank of the river is 284 meters (mountain Yashyktau). It is located near the river.

Dema River Ufa

The only large settlement near the riverbed is the city of Davlekanovo, which is the center of the flour-grinding industry. in front of the citya platinum was built across the river. Near this settlement, the channel becomes very winding, with a large number of oxbow lakes and bays. There are deciduous forests along the coast.

Downstream, for 50 - 60 km, lowland deciduous forests and thickets grow along the river, which the locals call urema. The river in this area is wide and overflowing. Here is a picturesque village, near which a road bridge is laid across the river. These areas are also known for the fact that in 1919 there were intense battles between the Red Army units (commanded by Mikhail Frunze) and the White Guards.

Dema River in Bashkiria

Even further downstream, the river narrows, but becomes even more picturesque. The banks here are higher, fringing the channel. After 35 kilometers down the river there is a very beautiful park, which houses a sanatorium for the treatment of nervous and cardiovascular diseases.

Below the sanatorium, the channel expands again, and the river spills over a large area. Along it are tree thickets (urema). Among the trees, birch, elm and aspen predominate, less often - oaks, which are much larger in size and height.

Downstream Dema

In the lower part of the stream is the village of Zhukovo. The old riverbed has turned into many oxbow reservoirs. Together with the surrounding vegetation, they formed a good recreation area. Here is the mouth of the Dema River. Ufa is already very close, so the inhabitants of this city love to relax here.

Thus, the Dema River is one of the most picturesque rivers of Bashkiria and the Ural region inin general. It is distinguished by a slow current, tortuosity of the channel, low anthropogenic load. It is ideal for those who want to relax and take a walk. But lovers of extreme entertainment, it will not be interesting. There are many other rivers for them, flowing nearby, but already from the Ural Mountains.

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