Parapsychologist Sergei Finko: reviews, biography, activities and interesting facts

Parapsychologist Sergei Finko: reviews, biography, activities and interesting facts
Parapsychologist Sergei Finko: reviews, biography, activities and interesting facts

Sergey Finko is a well-known Russian psychic and parapsychologist who created his own philosophical concept called "The Way of Mind and Soul". Often refers to himself as an "angel" because of his unique esoteric powers. This article will tell about his activities.

Biography of Sergei Finko

It is known that the coach and parapsychologist Sergei Finko was born in the Far East.


In the late 2000s, he became one of the first to actively develop psychological training in his native region. He also promoted and professionally trained other specialists in conducting psychological trainings. Thanks to his activities, psychological trainings have become one of the priority areas in the Far East. Sergei and his team have trained dozens of professional trainers. At the moment, he is one of the most famous life coaches in the country. I created my own training project "The Way to the Dream" to find my calling.

Coach activities

Today he is successfully building a career as a coach, helping many people from different countriessolve their internal problems. He considers himself a practitioner. Often he calls himself an angel or messenger of heaven because of his esoteric abilities. According to the reviews of the parapsychologist-angel, Sergey Finko knows how to work with limiting beliefs, get rid of fears, internal blocks, change thinking, realize what was conceived with the help of thoughts and emotions, and realize goals. Knowing their unique characteristics, each person can live a happy and fulfilling life, says the psychic.

Why the parapsychologist decided to help others

Sergey Finko, according to him, from an early age realized that he had unique extrasensory abilities. He claims that he found the cause of his complexes, fears, oddities that accompanied him from early childhood, and coped with them with the help of his own abilities, and then began to work with people.

Coach, life coach

In his work, he also uses knowledge in the field of parapsychology, magic, extrasensory perception. He also states that he reads any person like an open book. This helps him discover a guide to the happy present and future of the client. A parapsychologist is 100% sure that every person can live the life they dream of. The main thing is to find out how! According to him, he gets real pleasure when he sees how the lives of other people change for the better after his consultations and seminars.

Principles of working with a client

According to the feedback about Sergey Finko from his clients, a person who has undergone his training begins to find inner harmony, believing in himself, sometimes even throughnot very pleasant processes, but always with gratitude. The psychologist considers his mission to be the use of his abilities to help others.

The main rule in work is honesty, says coach Sergei Finko. He advocates for the individual to learn to use their own resources to solve whatever life problems they face.

Parapsychologist Finko

For this reason, in consultations, he talks about the client's inner capabilities that can change life in the desired perspective in order to get the long-awaited effect. He himself calls himself just a conductor of higher powers, which can help to understand himself deeper and shape the future in the best possible way and get rid of the unfortunate past using magic rituals.

How a parapsychologist can help

Sergey Finko, according to customer reviews, teaches how to build harmonious relationships with loved ones and business partners. With the help of the unique abilities of a parapsychologist, a person can change his life. With the help of these esoteric and psychological techniques, a person will become more open and sociable, and many will want to be around a confident person. Working with a coach will help create the most harmonious relationships with loved ones.

Feedback about the coach

At a training or a personal consultation, Sergey will help you find your calling and your favorite work, which will give strength, and not take them away, as an unloved job does. Finko helps to get rid of fears that limitbeliefs, psychological blocks, depression, and also explains how to unlock the inner potential of opportunities. Sometimes it is necessary to remove esoteric negative programs: damage, curses, evil eye, love spells. A person will be able to rebuild his unconscious for success and prosperity and change his destiny. Finko advises on how to start your own business if you decide to become a merchant. A parapsychologist will teach you how to achieve your goals and live with ease.

Reviews about Sergey Finko

According to the comments of clients, many who turned to him solved their life problems and began to live a more harmonious life. Basically, people come to a consultation with two questions: either an undeveloped personal life, or a lack of money. Many clients of Sergey Finko, according to reviews, have received real results, and their lives have really changed for the better. Also, a parapsychologist works great with depression, limiting attitudes and various fears. The coach from Moscow Sergey Finko, according to the reviews of people who worked with him, successfully solves many issues of a psychological nature.

Benefits of working with a specialist

Firstly, saving you time, which is inherently precious. And, secondly, it is a qualitative solution to various problems in life. The task of parapsychologist No. 1 is to diagnose, explain to you the essence and causes of the events. The second task is to correct fate and find the best way out of the current situation.

Path of Mind and Soul

Often, as a psychologist, Finko has toencounter a stupor in a client when a person has a long-term depression, when a client makes a large amount of effort, and the expected result does not occur. Could this be a negative influence from outside? Perhaps this is a corruption? Or has he driven himself into a corner? This must be understood, and for this there is a professional diagnostics. Often people do not pay attention to some aspects on which the result directly depends. In these cases, the help of Sergei Finko, according to him, will be relevant.

Working with a client

All that is required from the client is his presence. Sergei should not talk about what worries a person, what he would like to get rid of or get something. He will tell about it himself. Sergey will name the causes of life problems and name the limiting beliefs and negative programs that the client has in his mind. Anyone who asks for help will receive individual advice on how to cope with the current situation. The main thing is to realize your own capabilities. During his consultation, a person realizes a lot himself.

Psychic Finko

Reviews about the "angel" Sergei Finko are mostly positive, confirming the effectiveness of his methods of work. A person does not always hear his individuality, his personal inner essence. The task of a psychic and a parapsychologist is to open it in every person and direct him to the path that he must follow of his own free will, according to his spiritual plan.

Finko is a new generation psychic

Finko believes he is the bearer of the keysfrom the new magic, and so far only he and a few other people on the planet have them. This creates very strange conflicting feelings in him, incomparable with anything. While the rest of the masters are having fun with esotericism and self-development of the first level, he has long been at the fifth, says the parapsychologist. Of course, many criticize him for his statements about his own uniqueness and exclusivity, but Finko does not react to criticism in any way. How to determine the level of consciousness of the master? Take money, clients, connections, social attributes from him and look at his reaction. He will obviously start to get nervous, left without social realization. Experiences, struggle are the enemies of magic, and even more so the magic of the new time.

Moscow coach

Real masters will not worry and will soon return their former attributes of success, says the psychic. They simply with their energy, affecting all layers of consciousness, create changes without anxiety, as is usually the case with people. Why do they all show up? Because they are not attached to anything, and the power of their attention is so high that people, like a magnet, are attracted without realizing it. Pseudo-psychics will begin to worry and think about how to survive if everything collapses around, and look for new ways to realize it.

If someone has a tool of magic in their hands, this does not mean at all that you are a real master. For true masters, magic is inseparable from themselves, it is part of their form, like the world that they skillfully manage. This is one of the philosophical postulates of Sergey Finko's Ways of Mind and Soul.

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