American presidents: list in order with photo

American presidents: list in order with photo
American presidents: list in order with photo

The President of the United States of America is the head of the federation. Only a US citizen older than thirty-five years of age is eligible for this post. He must be born in the territory of the country and live in it for at least fourteen years. You can only become president twice. This nuance is spelled out in the constitution.

The term of office is four years. The entry into office is accompanied by a magnificent ceremony. During the inauguration, the elected head of state takes a solemn oath. The presidential residence is located in Washington. Throughout the history of the United States, 45 politicians have held the post of head of state. In this article, we will briefly review the biographies of the most notorious figures in the US political arena.

John Quincy Adams

List of American presidents in order:

  • George Washington (Federalist Party);
  • John Adams (Federalist Party);
  • Thomas Jefferson (D-REP);
  • James Madison (D-R);
  • James Monroe (D-REP);
  • John Quincy Adams (D-R);
  • Andrew Jackson(Democratic Party);
  • Martin Van Buren (Democratic Party);
  • William Henry Harrison (Whig Party);
  • John Tyler (Whig Party);
  • James Knox Polk (D-P);
  • Zachary Taylor (Whig Party);
  • Millard Film (Whig Party);
  • Franklin Pierce (Democratic);
  • James Buchanan (D-);
  • Abraham Lincoln (GOP);
  • Andrew Johnson (Democratic Party);
  • Ulysses Simpson Grant (GOP);
  • Rutherford Burchard Hayes (GOP);
  • James Abram Garfield (GOP);
  • Chester Alana Arthur (GOP);
  • Stephen Grover Cleveland (D-);
  • Benjamin Harrison (GOP);
  • Stephen Grover Cleveland (D-);
  • William McKinley (Republican Party);
  • Theodore Roosevelt (GOP);
  • William Howard Taft (GOP);
  • Thomas Woodrow Wilson (D-P);
  • Warren Harding (GOP);
  • Calvin Coolidge (GOP);
  • Herbert Clark Hoover (GOP);
  • Franklin Roosevelt (Democratic Party);
  • Harry Truman (Democratic);
  • Dwight David Eisenhower (GOP);
  • John F. Kennedy (Democratic Party);
  • Lyndon Johnson (D-);
  • Richard Milhouse Nixon (GOP);
  • Gerald Rudolph Ford (GOP);
  • Jimmy Earl Carter (Democratic);
  • Ronald Wilson Reagan (GOP);
  • George Walker Bush (GOP);
  • William Clinton (Democratic);
  • George Bush (GOP);
  • Barack Hussein Obama (D-P);
  • Donald Trump (GOP).

George Washington

George Washington

George Washington is the first American president. According to historians, this is the only head of state who received 100% voter approval during the voting. Later, his portrait adorned postage stamps. It is believed that he was the most we althy politician in the United States. His we alth is estimated at almost one billion dollars.

John Adams

John Adams

John Adams is second in the list of American presidents. He was elected in 1797. Left his post in 1801. During the reign of the politician, the White House was erected. Adams managed to become the first owner of the Oval Office.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

His image flaunts on the two dollar bill. He is the author of the Declaration of Independence. The politician made an important milestone in the history of the development of American statehood. He devoted his whole life to diplomacy, the study of philosophy. The years of his presidency are associated with the acquisition of the state of Louisiana, which until then belonged to France.

James Madison

This former American president was remembered by the electorate for his short stature, which was only 163 cm. The politician became the instigator of an economic war with Great Britain, which caused huge financial damage to the United States. He also owns an order restricting trade relations with France.

James Monroe

James Monroe is an outstanding politician who has distinguished himself in building international relations. He is one of the creators of the so-called Monroe Doctrine. Spent eight years as president without a break.

John Adams

The name of American President John Adams was remembered for the sudden death of a politician. He passed away right during a meeting of Congress. The years of his reign were distinguished by stability in relations with representatives of European powers. He did not allow harsh statements towards England, France and Germany, which allowed him to establish strong trade ties with the entrepreneurs of the Old World.

Andrew Jackson

The image of this president is on the twenty dollar bill. Spiteful critics believe that his policies led to an economic crisis. And the abolition of the state functions of the Central Bank was imprudent. In the period from 1829 to 1837, the issue of banknotes was transferred to private hands. The main critic of his economic performance was the economist Murray Rothbard.

Martin Van Buren

Having taken up his duties, the President came to grips with the search for ways out of the current crisis situation.He initiated the total alienation of the institution of finance from government activities.

He suggested that credit institutions independently create their own treasury and open its branches in the provincial cities of the United States. It was assumed that the main office of the bank vault would be in Washington. His ideas were not approved by the majority. Martin Van Buren's reputation has suffered.

William Harrison

Which American president had the shortest term in office? It was William Harrison, who served as head of the United States for only one month. At the time of his inauguration, he suffered from an abundance of chronic diseases. The politician could not bear the burden of responsibility entrusted to him and passed away on April 4, 1841.

John Tyler

This president has become a symbol of the American large family. Fifteen heirs were under his care. His first wife bore him eight children. The second wife gave birth to seven children. The last child was born when the politician was already well over 70.

James Knox Polk

James Polk

Wondering which American president has made the greatest contribution to the development of the country? Politicians claim that it was James Knox Polk. He opened the way for the United States to the second ocean. During his reign, the country included Oregon, California and New Mexico.

Zachary Taylor

He took over as head of state in 1849. But he lived in the White House for only one year. It is noteworthy that, in response to the question,which American president had no leadership experience but was inaugurated, historians unanimously name Zachary Taylor.

Millard Fillmore

This politician is on the list of America's worst rulers. He was accompanied by associates who were members of the Whig Party.

Franklin Pierce

The President who became an alcoholic and finally drank himself while in office. He died of fatal liver disease. Like his predecessor, Franklin Pierce disappointed the people of the United States. He managed to get the required number of votes during the elections due to external attractiveness, oratorical skills and strong support of the Whig Party.

James Buchanan

This politician is also included in the rating of the worst American presidents. He never married and his only fiancee ran away from the church.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln's image adorns the five dollar bill. His administration of the state coincided with a period of bloody war, in which the inhabitants of the north and south clashed. The President managed to rally the American people and prevent the fragmentation and further disintegration of the United States. With his direct participation in the United States, slavery was abolished. He was closely involved in the economic development of the southern territories of the country, which at that time were impoverished and backward agricultural regions. Under his leadership, the main railroad was laid, linking the central states with the Pacific coast.

He took an active part indevelopment of an updated banking and financial system of the state. Abraham Lincoln managed to bring the country out of a protracted crisis. He became one of the few American presidents whose name is associated with the power and greatness of the United States. The politician was recognized as the most intelligent and far-sighted ruler. By the way, his height exceeded 190 centimeters.

Andrew Johnson

This official has become the most illiterate head of state. He never attended school. His wife taught him to read and write. Took office in 1865, left the White House in 1869.

Ulysses Grant

His portrait is on the fifty dollar bill. He began his political career as a general in the United States Army. But the activities of Ulysses Grant as president raise a lot of questions.

Rutherford Hayes

The politician managed to return the metal currency. He directed all his energy to the fight against corruption. Actively engaged in reconciliation of the population of the southern and northern states.

James Garfield

This is another politician from the list of the smartest American presidents. He could write freely with both hands, right and left. He spoke many European languages. He spoke excellent Latin and ancient Greek.

Chester Arthur

He took over as head of state in 1881. He owns the creation of the institution of civil service. During the reign of the country, he was not popular. But at the end of his presidential term, he earned the recognition of the majority of citizens.

Steven Cleveland

Remembered by historians for being the only one of all Americanpresidents who got married in the hall of the White House. His portrait can be seen on the one dollar bill.

Benjamin Harrison

The politician was actively engaged in the abolition of districts and the creation of new states. Wyoming and South Dakota, Montana and Idaho, North Dakota and Washington appeared under him. He became the last statesman who did not shave off his beard. Actively interested in scientific achievements. Under him, electric lights were lit in the White House.

William McKinley

This president was so beloved by Americans that a mountain peak in Alaska was named after him. There have also been recorded initiatives to rename the Philippine Islands. His image adorns the $500 bill.

Theodore Roosevelt

Among all American presidents in the United States was the youngest. He took up his post without a popular vote. He took up his duties at the age of forty-two.

William Taft

Distinguished by a large body weight. He is considered the heaviest politician ever to hold the post of head of state. His weight exceeded one hundred and thirty-five kilograms.

Thomas Wilson

He is remembered by Americans for being the first US president to pay an official visit to European powers. Wilson traveled to Paris, where he took part in an international conference.

Franklin Roosevelt

Against the background of the politicians who led the country in the first half of the 20th century, his name stands apart. At all historical expositions and exhibitions dedicated to American presidents, a photo of Franklinalways located in the center. He is the longest-serving ruler of the United States. I remember the mass of effective reforms. He managed to bring the country's economy to a qualitatively new level.

He was elected four times. He is characterized as an intelligent, flexible and diplomatic politician. Died 1945.


Donald Trump

The current head of state is Donald Trump. This is an odious and controversial figure on the political stage of the country. He was born in 1946. The new president of the American nation took office on January 20, 2017. Before the inauguration, he was a reputable businessman, TV presenter and head of beauty contests.

His triumphant election victory took place in November 2016. He is considered the oldest ruler of the federation. At the time of his election, he was already seventy years old. US President Trump is recognized as the richest head of state. He has waived his salary and receives only one dollar a month. His fortune exceeds four billion dollars. He owns shares of successful companies, expensive real estate.

In his declaration, he indicated that he receives income from five hundred sources. In many of them, he is listed as a member, chairman or member of the board. According to analysts of the influential Forbes magazine, he was recognized as one of the most influential people in the world. Opponents of the president accuse him of being loyal to racism and prone to sexism.

About Donald's high TV ratingsTrump is evidenced by a personal star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This award was brought to him by shooting in the popular TV series "The Candidate". His name is inextricably linked with scandals and secular news releases.

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