Creative Katya Dobryakova and her bright collections

Creative Katya Dobryakova and her bright collections
Creative Katya Dobryakova and her bright collections

The creative designer of the popular brand is the favorite of all Moscow fashionistas. Her main passion is creating unusual T-shirts with a variety of prints, and every day more and more people want to wear her clothes.

Career start

Controlling the ongoing changes in public life and immediately imprinting them on her things, Katya Dobryakova graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Design. She starts her career by designing the covers of new albums of cult rock bands such as Spleen, SerGa, Night Snipers, she is invited by eminent restaurants to create unusual interiors.

Katya Dobryakova

Katya becomes popular after creating her first denim collection. She paints each jacket by hand, transferring cartoon characters into paintings recognized as world masterpieces of painting. However, the creative girl does not stop there and releases a new collection with portraits of world fashion and music stars.

In 2015, Dobryakova, who loves cartoons about Mickey Mouse, creates a limited collection, which sold out almost instantly, with her favorite characters. Charming mice in the role of artists extraordinarilythe audience liked it, and the paintings themselves on denim jackets made a splash, as they were made in various artistic directions.

Sharp reaction to events in the country

Katya Dobryakova, whose biography is an example for many aspiring designers, thinks a lot about professional growth in her career. “You always want a new collection to overshadow the previous one,” the girl explains. She admits that she feels like a creative unit that has to run a business, and does it very skillfully. The ironic designer does not release new outfits, tying them to a certain season, but works solely on the basis of his inspiration.

However, she reacts sharply to all ongoing events in politics and public life, which cannot be ignored. The indifferent Katya produced T-shirts with a portrait of K. Sobchak during the period when she was the host of the banned State Department program, and with her she launched a new charity project in which show business stars sold designer items at minimal prices.

New facets of talent

Katya Dobryakova does not stop there, but expands the scope of her activities. A year ago, she presented her collection of covers for the modern Ultrabook device to the general public. Bright clutches are made in various designs and resemble a magazine cover, a book and even a chessboard.

“Our gadget is our world. We do not part with him even on vacation, so I wanted to do something at the intersection of fashion and new technologies. Of 5 submitted coversit’s easy to choose the right one for your mood,” says Katya Dobryakova.

T-shirts with ironic prints

When asked by journalists about what inspires her to work, Katya openly says that it can be an unusual post on the network, music she liked, a movie she watched or a trip from which she returned. Knitted T-shirts by Katya Dobryakova with ironic inscriptions are very popular, her clothes are worn by the most famous people of our country. She takes on individual orders, working separately with the client, however, the designer refuses a joint project if her intuition tells her so.

Katya Dobryakova T-shirts

Each order is interesting and bright for her, she tries to express the innermost thought of the client with prints as accurately as possible. She does not go with the flow, but creates a new fashion trend - an idea that catches everyone.

Dreams of Europe

Of course, sometimes apathy and fatigue attack her, but the talented Katya Dobryakova is always ready to work if a good order looms. According to her, she does not wait for the muse, but begins to create, and if a project needs to be completed by morning, it will be ready in several versions. The designer with an inexhaustible imagination dreams of selling his products not only in Russia, but launching collections in Europe, but admits that there is still confusion at customs, and it is very difficult to take things abroad.

Tissue delivery problems

Today's political situation is such that trucks with fabrics for business projects have stood on the border with Turkey. Katya is unhappyFor reasons beyond her control, some orders are disrupted, and she is really worried that soon there will be nothing to sew from, since the main suppliers of fabrics work only with Turkish manufacturers. “There is simply no domestic alternative,” the master laments.

Katya Dobryakova biography

But she works with new collections of comfortable homewear and continues to hand-paint denim jackets. Moreover, not a single pattern is repeated, and fashionistas can be sure that their outfits are released in a single copy.

Own boutique

At some point, the designer, keenly responsive to the modern environment, realizes that she simply needs her own store. Despite the fact that critics consider her work to be absolutely far from fashion, the girl opens a boutique in Moscow, offering recognizable things to everyone. Katya Dobryakova's store allows you not only to buy a T-shirt or bathrobe for home, but also to make your favorite embroidery on clothes.

Katya Dobryakova's shop

The girl often speaks frankly about creativity and lack of money, stating that she does not understand the starving masters of their craft. It is too pragmatic and modern to work for free. Everything that happens to her pleases Katya, she creates, and her bright collections bring not only moral satisfaction.

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