The most closed countries in the world for tourists

The most closed countries in the world for tourists
The most closed countries in the world for tourists

There are no barriers for those who like to travel today. In a short time, you can fly across the oceans, cross the continents and feel welcome in almost any country in the world.

Is it really so? Citizens of any country can get into some states, for example, the Maldives or the Comoros, without hassle. To enter the territory of most others, you need to obtain a visa or collect additional documents.

But there are several states on the planet that can be called the most closed countries in the world. Tourists are not welcome on their territory, and if they are, it is only because you can profit and appropriate valuable items that belonged to them.

Passport Index

At the end of 2017, a comparative accessibility ranking of all 198 countries was published. Thanks to this study, not only the easiest states to visit were revealed. We also managed to find out which territories are so inhospitable that it is not only almost impossible to visit there, but often dangerous.

There are seven names in the list of the most closed countries in the world. For first placecompete North Korea and Turkmenistan. Consider the entire list.

  1. Turkmenistan.
  2. North Korea.
  3. Saudi Arabia.
  4. Afghanistan.
  5. Somalia.
  6. Bhutan.
  7. Angola.

Why is the government of these countries so uninterested in the profits from the tourist flow that it is impossible to see life there? Each state has its own reasons. Let's try to deal with each of them.

Land of golden monuments

Monument in the capital of Turkmenistan

If you set a goal, you can get permission to enter Turkmenistan. You just have to prepare for the difficulties in advance and think about whether you really want to see Ashgabat, Samarkand and Bukhara.

Obtaining an entry permit is approved directly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is a lottery: collect and provide all the necessary documents and get a refusal without explanation. There are no visa exemptions for anyone, even an invitation from a relative or an official organization does not guarantee a visa.

Strict rules apply for guests visiting one of the most closed countries in the world, Turkmenistan. For example, you need to provide confirmation in which hotel the tourist will spend the night. After 23:00, there is a curfew for foreigners and it is forbidden to be on the streets.

To the numerous monuments of the country, maximum respect must be shown. Funny photos in front of the golden monument of the leader are not welcome.

Unfamiliar city Pyongyang

Monuments in Pyongyang

Still quiterecently it was pointless to even dream about a trip to North Korea, the most closed country in the world. Although it is interesting not only for professional journalists to see the real life of people behind an impenetrable curtain.

Things are starting to change for the better as tourism slowly returns to North Korea. The cost of the tour will be at least $2,000 (133,000 rubles). You will also need to obtain many special permits.

But even when you arrive in Pyongyang, you won't be able to talk to the locals and walk around the city. Guests must be accompanied by a local guide (part-time supervisor). He will lead a tour of the main attractions, show shops intended for foreigners, and show you to the hotel. It is impossible to be on the street without an escort - they can be arrested.

By the way, taking pictures without permission is also prohibited. There are only a few places in the capital against which you can take pictures for memory. When leaving, the customs officer has the right to check the camera's memory card and delete any photos.

But there is good news - tourists are allowed to use mobile phones. Previously, they were taken away at the entrance to the country. Not surprisingly, until recently, North Korea was considered the most closed country in the world.

Tourist ban

Muslim pilgrim

Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world. At the same time, the level of religious conservatism is very high here. Only Muslim pilgrims have a chance to visit this country. Those who perform the holy Hajj are allowed by the authorities to visitMecca and Medina are cities that every devout Muslim must visit at least once. Of course, only a man can get permission.

But even pilgrims from other countries are accepted in organized groups and accompanied by a local guide. You won't be able to travel freely here either.

Recently things have changed for the better. In one of the most closed countries in the world, Saudi Arabia, tourists were allowed to enter. But with restrictions: travel only along the same route for all foreigners and accompanied by a local guide. In addition, there are areas in the country where visiting by representatives of other religions is prohibited. If you violate the ban, then the most lenient punishment will be arrest.

Country of eternal wars and drugs

Checkpoint in Afghanistan

Before deciding to visit Afghanistan, it is better to think carefully. After a series of brutal wars, the attitude of local residents towards tourists is not very friendly.

To travel, you must receive an invitation from a local resident, be sure to indicate the purpose of the visit. You can not take pictures, especially people, shoot videos, wear revealing clothes and violate local customs. For women, the rules are much stricter, it is dangerous even to be on the street without a man. Even a photo for a visa is better to do in a headscarf. Given the huge number of people openly carrying weapons, it is best not to violate the prohibitions.

Another fact that makes Afghanistan one of the most closed countries in the world: only $200 (13,300 rubles) can be taken back. And it doesn’t matter at all how much the tourist had whenentrance.

Pirates and skirmishes

Rebel in Somalia

But with obtaining a visa to Somalia, there will be no problems at all. It can be easily obtained upon arrival immediately at the airport. But there is no queue of those who want to.

Somalia has long been an unspoken symbol of extreme levels of crime and poverty. It is not surprising that she was included in the list of the most closed countries.

For more than 20 years, the civil war has not stopped here. Even in the capital, Mogadishu, gunfire is often heard. The locals see any tourist as a potential hostage.

Don't travel around Somalia without a local guide familiar with customs and armed guards. Although this does not guarantee safety.

Protection of nature and architecture

Mountain monastery in Bhutan

The government of Bhutan, a small kingdom in the Himalayas, is deliberately restricting access to curious tourists. Here they take great care of the preservation of untouched natural beauty and the comfort of the inhabitants of the country. This helped her maintain her cultural identity, but made Bhutan one of the most closed countries in the world.

The amazing beauty of the Himalayas will be seen by few. The process of obtaining a visa is lengthy and not always successful. A visa is issued only for 15 days, and for each of them you will have to pay a rather large tourist tax for the purpose of travel. And yes, no independent travel. All movements only through local agencies and with the permission of the authorities. Therefore, you can see the ancient Buddhist monasteries, stupas and monuments only inaccompanied by a guide and observing all local rituals.

Beautiful and dangerous Angola

One of the streets of Luanda, the capital of Angola

A country with a stable temperate climate, spread out on the shores of the ocean, is a real paradise for tourists. But no, on the streets of Angola, even the locals do not risk walking alone.

Unemployment and poverty are pushing once-friendly people to extreme measures. Therefore, you cannot openly hold a camera or wear jewelry here. The country's capital, Luanda, is relatively calm, but in more remote areas you need to be very careful.

Besides, even in the institutions of the capital they do not observe elementary sanitary standards, and there are almost no roads in the usual sense. But there is an endless ocean with beautiful sandy beaches, fresh tropical fruits and amazing nature reserves.

Determining which country is the most closed in the world is difficult. Too many factors to consider. But whether it is worth going there to rest, each traveler decides only for himself.

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