China's skyscrapers: the tallest towers, construction time, chronology, history and projects

China's skyscrapers: the tallest towers, construction time, chronology, history and projects
China's skyscrapers: the tallest towers, construction time, chronology, history and projects

How do you imagine the city of the future? Probably, it will look like a shot from the movie "The Fifth Element", where taxi cars fly between huge glass houses. Humanity is striving for this, otherwise how else can one explain the rapid growth of giant high-rise buildings?

Higher, faster, stronger

Earlier it was the slogan of athletes, but now it is the motto of China's skyscrapers. Every year they get taller, built faster and stronger to withstand atmospheric vibrations and earthquakes.

If you move from the suburbs of Hong Kong to the center, the business zone of the metropolis will seem like a mirage. It is lost in the fog and clouds due to the huge height of the skyscrapers. The construction of skyscrapers in China has been actively developed over the past 40 years. During this time, Hong Kong alone has evolved from a quiet fishing village into a huge billionaire city.

China's oldest skyscrapers

To date, there are two oldest leaders: the Shanghai World Financial Center (height - 492 m) and Taipei 101 in Taiwan(height - 509.2 m).

The first high-rise building in Shanghai looks like a giant rectangular prism that is intersected by two large arcs. Its construction began in 1997 and ended in 2008. At the same time, in 1998, work was frozen at the first stages, which happened due to the financial crisis in China.

shanghai world financial center

Taipei 101 was inaugurated on New Year's Eve 2004. Construction lasted 8 years. In 2002, the unfinished tower passed its first earthquake test. The strength of the shocks was estimated at 6.8 points. As a result of the tragedy, two cranes were destroyed, five people died. However, there was no damage to the building itself.

Taipei 101

Shanghai Tower

China's tallest skyscraper is the Shanghai Tower at 632m. It ranks third in the world behind the Sky Tree in Tokyo (634m) and Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828m). According to some Chinese billionaires, the Pingan International Financial Center, which is still under construction in the city of Shenzhen, was to become the new leader of high-rise buildings. But in 2016, the plans changed, and several floors were taken away from the last skyscraper, thus reducing the height to 600 m.

Tallest building in China

Ping'an International Financial Center

This is a whole complex of buildings, which consists of a main skyscraper (599 m) and a tower 307 meters high. The financial center is not only one of the tallest skyscrapers in China, but also a world leader. Hisfourth position in the ranking.

Construction started in August 2009 and completed in November 2017. Initially, the plans were to build a building with a height of 660 meters. But in 2015, it was decided that the giant antenna (60 m) that was supposed to be installed on the roof would interfere with aviation flights, and it was removed.

Jin Mao

Jin Mao's translation means Golden Prosperity Tower. This is one of the brightest and tallest skyscrapers in China. Located in Shanghai. The top floors house the 5-star Grand Hyatt hotel, which offers breathtaking views.

The basis in the proportion of this building is the number 8. The Chinese associate it with well-being and prosperity. The building has 88 floors, which are divided into 16 segments. Each of the segments is 1/8 part lower than the previous one. The base is a concrete octagonal frame surrounded by the same number of columns. The building has a height of 421 m. Construction took place from 1994 to 1999.

Skyscraper in 15 days

China is famous for its extraordinary approach to everything. Including the construction of skyscrapers. In 2015, a world record was set when builders built a 57-story house in just 19 days!

A skyscraper called Mini Sky City was erected in the central part of the country. It is made of steel and glass, and despite the frantic speed of construction, it meets all safety measures. The house is able to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake, it has an air conditioning system, it retains heat and hasnoise isolation.

Mini-Sky City" "

But the main feature of Mini Sky City is that it is built from solid modular blocks. In fact, the skyscraper was assembled like "Lego" - piece by piece. This technology has already been used in China before. With its help, the Chinese managed to build 10 one-story houses in a day. So, now there are no questions about how skyscrapers are built in China. There is only one answer: quickly. And to make sure of this, you can watch a short video.

Giant skyscraper with a horizontal tower

The Celestial Empire is used to surprising the world. This time the ambitious project is being implemented by CapitaL in Chongqing province. In her plans - to build a huge skyscraper with a horizontal tower at a height of 250 m called "Conservatory". The building itself will look like a capital letter "t", where a huge round horizontal tower will be mounted on four pillars. There are eight towers in total. Two more will be higher - 350 m each and two - placed on the sides. The structures will be connected by overpasses.

The building is supposed to have a mixed purpose. There will be office rooms, residential apartments, a hotel, and trading floors. The "Conservatory" will be equipped with a beautiful observation deck, an infinity pool and many gardens.

Skyscraper "Conservatory"

Guangzhou Skyscrapers

Those who have been to this metropolis are sure that they have landed on another planet. Looks so weirdeverything is around here, the skyscrapers of China are especially striking (see the photo in the article).

If you count, today in one of the largest cities in the country there are about 105 buildings with a height of more than 30 floors. Most famous:

  • Canton Tower (over 600m).
  • Guangzhou International Financial Center - 103 floors and 439m high.
  • Guanghzou Circle, or "Golden Donut". It resembles a classic Chinese coin with a hole inside. Its height is 138 m. Inside there are residential and office premises, a winter garden.
golden donut
  • Pearl River Tower. This building has 71 floors. This is the first skyscraper in the Middle Kingdom, which received the title of energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It uses solar energy for its needs, and the aerodynamic shape is designed to take into account the movements of the wind.
  • Citique Plaza - 381 m, 80 floors.
  • The Pinnacle ("Top") - the skyscraper really looks like a peak of a mountain, stretching into the sky at a height of 350 m.

Hong Kong Skyscrapers

The leader of the Republic of China in terms of the number of skyscrapers is Hong Kong. There are 308 buildings with a height of more than 150 m, and there are more than 600 high-rise buildings in total. The most recognizable representative of high-rise buildings is the Bank of China Tower, built back in 1989. Height - 315 m, and with an antenna - 369.

The tallest church in the world is located on the 46th floor of the Central Plaza skyscraper, which has a total of 78 floors.

Unusual skyscraper "Lippo-center" is also called "Koala Trees". It has two towers that look like chain links.

The Center Tower is one of the five tallest skyscrapers in Hong Kong. It has 73 floors, and a total height of 346 m. ​​The last few floors stand out against the general background due to bright neon lighting.

Summing up, we can say that China's skyscrapers will still amaze the world. This country with unlimited possibilities and amazing people who are capable of anything, even build a skyscraper in 15 days!

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