Anomalous phenomenon in nature

Anomalous phenomenon in nature
Anomalous phenomenon in nature

Anomalous natural phenomena, as the omniscient Wikipedia states, are phenomena whose existence has no scientific explanation, that is, they are outside the scientific modern picture of the world. They also include paranormal phenomena.

anomalous phenomenon

That's where the dog is buried

There is an opinion that modern science has reached its limits, that today everything that is possible has already been discovered and studied. For a long time, scientists have not made the so-called breakthroughs that turn everything upside down. However, this is not the case. Yes, science has reached a dead end, or rather, pundits themselves have driven it there. Each direction has reached its limit. Nevertheless, those who are not afraid to retreat from the established boundaries find new promising channels. This usually happens at the junction of various branches of science, for example, physics and chemistry. There are many examples, but that's not the point. And this phenomenon can be explained by the fact that the world around us is one, it cannot be divided into various narrow directions. As a result, humanity has received what today science is not able to explain many phenomena occurring on Earth and beyond. ATas an example, one can cite the superphysical abilities of a person in a stressful state or abnormal phenomena in the world and in nature. You don't even have to go into deep space to do this. There are a huge number of various anomalies on our planet, and scientists only shrug. Well, enough about the sad, let's move on to the mysterious and inexplicable.

anomalous phenomena in the world

Anomalous Zones

There are many places on our planet where strange and inexplicable events take place. They are usually called anomalous zones. In these places, industrial disasters, natural disasters and various rampant elements are frequent. There are quite a lot of similar sites on Earth, it is not easy to describe them all within the framework of one article. Therefore, we will focus on the most famous.

Medvedskaya ridge

This is an area in the Volgograd region, locals call it an anomalous zone. Ufologists consider it a UFO landing site, but let's not talk about what we don't know. Nevertheless, the fact that luminous balls are often observed above this object speaks in favor of the UFO. However, what it is - a flying saucer or some kind of anomalous phenomenon (for example, ball lightning) - is still unknown. There are forest areas on this mountain, which, judging by the tracks, have repeatedly suffered from hits of ball lightning. The trees there are badly burned, with burnt and twisted trunks, sometimes even with scorched rhizomes.

In 1993, scientists discovered here an incomprehensible footprint that has the shape of an isosceles triangle (80x80x50 cm). As the locals sayresidents, agricultural machinery constantly stalls near this mark, so farmers try to stay away from it. In addition, in the steppe, next to the mountain, scientists found strange vertical holes with melted edges up to 6 meters deep. But more recently, underground tunnels were discovered, which are straight passages of an oval or round shape, the diameter of which is 7-20 meters. Scientists were able to fix all the oddities of this zone, but they cannot give at least some reasonable explanation. They only note that the radiation background in this area complies with the standards and … shrug.

anomalous phenomena in the sky

Lake Svetloyar

A group of Russian scientists arrived at this beautiful lake. They spent a whole week on the shore of a water body to confirm or refute the stories of local residents who claim that their lake can make sounds. Indeed, after several days of waiting, they were able to detect this anomalous phenomenon using a hydrophone. According to the researchers, these sounds do not belong to a biological being and are of a man-made nature.

But the locals remember the legend of the sunken city of Kitezh in this lake. By the way, such legends exist not only in Russia. So, in England, in the Snowdon National Park, there is Lake Llyn Bala. Local legends say that there is a sunken city at its bottom, and when the water is calm, you can see houses, walls and even hear bells. However, the sound of bells is not the worst thing. ATNovgorod region there is a lake Small Plotovo. So, an incomprehensible howl and ringing is often heard from him. The locals try to stay away from him. They repeatedly wrote to scientists, asking them to study this anomalous phenomenon, but things are still there.

Death Valley in the USA

A very curious anomalous phenomenon was recorded in the USA on the territory of the dried-up lake Reistak Playa in Death Valley. It's about moving rocks. Each such boulder has a weight of more than 30 kg. From time to time they move, leaving long furrows behind them. Scientists believe that the movement of stones can be explained by a magnetic field. In addition, according to them, the soil under the boulders is slippery, which facilitates movement. As you can see, even here experts are not able to give an adequate explanation. The question is, why does the common people keep them? But everyone knows how pundits love to show off in the press and on television, they award each other with various titles. But they cannot explain what is happening around us. Okay, let's leave it on the conscience of professors and masters, and consider various anomalous phenomena in nature.

abnormal phenomena in nature

Brinicle, or finger of death

Each of us has repeatedly seen icicles hanging from the roofs. However, few people know that there are huge underwater icicles in the Arctic. This phenomenon was discovered about 30 years ago, but they were able to film the formation process only in 2011. The BBC channel distinguished itself. The finger of death is born in icy water from the surface of an iceberg and can reach the ocean floor. Such a structure is capabledestroy benthic living organisms in an area of ​​several square meters.

Coastal cappuccino

In the Southern Hemisphere, you can often watch the sea turn into foam. In a few minutes at home, sun loungers and the entire coast disappear in a sudden surging foam. There is a feeling that a bottle of shampoo was poured into the bathroom. This phenomenon is explained by the presence in the water of a large accumulation of algae, s alt and waste. So far, this phenomenon is considered rare, but due to increasing ocean pollution, this effect may become permanent.

Volcanic lightning

During volcanic activity, a huge amount of dust and gas is thrown into the sky. Due to this, a dense stream of charged particles is created, which attracts very powerful and frequent discharges. Two types of such lightning are observed: striking from the crater (they are associated with electrical processes in magma) and sparkling in the clouds (explained by the friction of volcanic ash).


Despite the high prevalence of these anomalous phenomena (photo below) always cause a feeling of surprise. A similar effect appears as a result of air overheating, its optical properties change, and as a result, the so-called light inhomogeneity is formed. Under certain conditions, this leads to the appearance of imaginary pictures near the horizon. However, all boring explanations instantly fly out of your head when you become a witness to such a miracle.

anomalous phenomena photo

Anomalous phenomena in the sky

Since childhood, each of us has become accustomed to suchnatural phenomena, like the red sun at sunset, crystal frost or dew shimmering in the sun … But sometimes nature surprises us with mysteries that can frighten, and some make us admire and admire. Consider a selection that includes the most beautiful and unusual anomalous phenomena in the world:

1. Tubular or fluffy clouds. They look either like a lot of suspended balls, or like sections of pipes. Their shade varies from white to blue-gray. It depends on the thickness of the clouds.

2. Foggy rainbow. This atmospheric phenomenon is a very wide white shiny arc. It can only be seen during fog.

3. Lightning Catatumbo. This phenomenon can be observed in the northwest of Venezuela, in the area where the river of the same name flows into Lake Maracaibo.

abnormal natural phenomena

4. Polar Lights. Considered one of the most beautiful optical phenomena in the world. It can show off in the sky from several hours to several days.

5. Blue Moon. This effect sometimes occurs when the atmosphere is dusty or humid.

6. biconvex clouds. A very rare meteorological phenomenon.

7. Fires of Saint Elmo. The most beautiful natural phenomenon is luminous balls that appear due to the high electrical tension of the air.

8. Gloria. This phenomenon appears on clouds located directly in front of the observer at a point opposite to the light source.

9. Fire rainbow. Created thanks to the ice crystals that make up cirrusclouds. The sun reflects off the crystals and creates a rainbow effect.

10. Belt of Venus. It can be seen shortly before sunrise, when the sky turns a delicate pink.

films about anomalous phenomena

In conclusion

Nature never ceases to amaze and fascinate people. And even if scientists can explain all these effects, people will not stop admiring them. And now cinema amazes us, making documentaries and feature films about the anomalous phenomena of our planet. And we listen and wonder: how can this happen?

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