Ilya Yashin: biography, nationality, family, parents

Ilya Yashin: biography, nationality, family, parents
Ilya Yashin: biography, nationality, family, parents

Yashin Ilya Valeryevich is a young Russian opposition politician. As you know, politics is not an occupation for the weak, and even more so, activity in the opposition. A politician must be prudent and wise, but at the same time resolute. Ilya Yashin is such a person. The biography, nationality, career and personal life of this person will be the subjects of our discussion.

Ilya Yashin biography

Parents and nationality

Ilya Yashin's parents were Valery Nikolayevich Yashin and Irina Yashin. The father of the future politician was born in Leningrad in 1941. For a long time he served as deputy head of the telephone service of his native city. After the collapse of the USSR, until 1999 he was the general director of OJSC Petersburg Telephone Network, and then until 2006 he held the position of head of OJSC Svyazinvest. Ilya Yashin's mother was a co-founder of the Piter-Service company.

The nationality of Ilya Yashin remains a mystery, since he himself never directly stated it. Some consider him Russian, others - a Jew.

Birth and childhood

In June 1983, Ilya Yashin swarmed. The biography of this person takes its countdown from this date.

Ilya Yashin studied at one of the Moscow schools with in-depth study of his native language and literature. In parallel, he studied at an art school. He received a complete secondary education in 2000 and at the same time entered the MNEPU, the Faculty of Political Science.

Beginning of political activity

Then Ilya Yashin began his political activities. The biography of this person from that moment was connected with politics. In the same year, when Ilya entered the university, he became a member of the democratic-liberal political party Yabloko. The leader of this political force at that time was Grigory Yavlinsky.

Ilya Yashin biography parents

Active and self-confident Ilya Yashin, despite his very young age, immediately gained authority in the party. In 2001, he became the head of the Moscow branch of Youth Yabloko. He took an active part in organizing party activities, participated in actions, prepared programs.

Protest movement

"Down with police autocracy!" - This is the first truly major action in which Ilya Yashin took part in 2004. The biography of this person in the future will be full of such actions. The same period of his life included participation in a protest against the statement of the Minister of Defense on the need to abolish student deferrals from the army. As part of this protest, Yashin even shaved his head.

Ilya Yashin biography nationality

At this time, he begins to move up the party ladder. ATIn 2003, he became a member of the council of the Moscow branch of the Yabloko party. In the first half of 2005, Yashin was elected chairman of the Youth Yabloko. Then he founded the youth movement "Defense", which was supposed to unite active youth protesting against the actions of power structures. But a year later he was forced to leave the "Defence" after the split of the movement.

Ilya Yashin conducted his activities not only in Russia. His biography speaks of participation in protest movements abroad, in particular in Belarus. All the same in 2005, while participating in a rally in Minsk, the purpose of which was to demand the democratization of the Belarusian society, he was detained by law enforcement officers for several days.

In 2006, Ilya Yashin was waiting for a new promotion - he became a member of the party's federal bureau.

Participation in elections

In 2005, Ilya Yashin participated in the elections to the Moscow Duma, but took only third place, gaining just over 14% of the vote.

In 2007, his candidacy could become one of the key candidates in the parliamentary elections from the Yabloko party. But Ilya Yashin categorically refused to take part in the elections, arguing that the party was obliged to boycott them.

Withdrawal from the Apple party

Significant complications in relations between Yashin and the leadership of Yabloko began back in 2007, when he refused to participate in the elections and stated that all members of the party should follow his example. The situation was even more heated by the fact that in the same year Yashin made a statement that he was ready to join the struggle for leadership inparty, sharply criticizing the current leaders of Yabloko, but then withdrew his candidacy.

In the end, this confrontation with the leadership of the party led to the fact that Ilya Yashin was expelled from the ranks of Yabloko at the end of 2008. The main wording is damage to the image of the party.

Creation of the Solidarity organization

But the oppositionist Ilya Yashin was not the kind of person to just lay down his hands and leave politics. His biography in the following years was associated with the Solidarity social movement, which he led along with such personalities as Garry Kasparov and Boris Nemtsov. Solidarity has become one of the main forces of the non-systemic opposition.

oppositionist Ilya Yashin biography

The Yabloko leadership reacted sharply negatively to the creation of a new movement, criticizing Ilya Yashin for splitting the opposition. At the same time, Yashin himself, on the contrary, stated that Solidarity and Yabloko are natural allies in the political struggle.

As part of the Solidarity movement, as before, Ilya Valeryevich Yashin took part in many protest actions. His biography tells about his participation in the protests in Kaliningrad in 2010, the leadership of the “Putin must go” action dating back to the same time, as well as his activities during the protests on Triumfalnaya Square. He also took part in actions of a smaller scale. As a result of conducting protest activities that were not authorized by the authorities, Ilya Yashin and his associates were often arrested and detained by law enforcement agencies.

Participation inactivities of other political organizations

Without stopping his activities within the framework of the Solidarity movement, Ilya Yashin took part in the work of some other socio-political opposition organizations and was a member of them.

In 2010, Ilya Yashin joined the ranks of the newly formed organization "Party of People's Freedom", whose leaders were Nemtsov, Ryzhkov and Kasyanov. The abbreviated name of this organization, of which Ilya Yashin became a member, is PARNAS. The biography of this opposition leader to this day is associated with activities in this party.

True, during the period of its development, the association has undergone significant reorganization more than once. In 2012, it merged with the Republican Party of Russia, taking the name RPR-PARNAS. In 2015, the movement officially registered, according to Russian law, as a political party, reclaiming the name PARNAS. Mikhail Kasyanov became the leader of this association.

Ilya Yashin Parnas biography

In the fall of 2016, Ilya Yashin was supposed to take part in the elections to the State Duma on the list of the PARNAS party. But in April 2016, the world saw a video of obscene content, the participants of which were the leader of PARNAS Kasyanov and his assistant Pelevina N.V. The latter spoke very impartially about Ilya Yashin. After that, Yashin said that after such a compromising video, Kasyanov should leave the post of head of the party, and until then Ilya Valeryevich himself was not going to take part in the party's election campaign.

Also, Ilya Yashin in 2012was elected to the Coordinating Council of the Opposition, the purpose of which is to unite various political forces in the struggle against power. In addition to Yashin, members of the council are such well-known opposition figures as Alexei Navalny, Andrei Illarionov, Garry Kasparov, Ksenia Sobchak, Lyubov Sobol, Boris Nemtsov (killed), Dmitry Bykov. In the election of the head of the Coordinating Council in the same year, Yashin took fifth place, losing to Navalny.


Ilya Yashin is also widely known for his publications on political topics. Since 2005, his articles have been published in many Russian and foreign newspapers.

Yashin participated in writing the famous report “Putin. War" B. Nemtsov. After the assassination of this politician, it was Yashin who led the process of completing the writing of this work.

Ilya Valerievich Yashin biography

Already in 2016, he presented a report on the activities of Ramzan Kadyrov, in which he spoke sharply negatively about the leader of Chechnya. However, this report was met with a sharp reception by critics, who claimed that it was based on articles from the Internet, the reliability of the information in which is in great doubt.

Private life

Now let's find out about the other side of the life of a man like Ilya Yashin. Biography, the family of a politician are of interest to many, but marriage is not yet among his priorities, although he has already crossed the thirty-year milestone.

In 2012, the press published information about the intimate relationship between Yashin and Ksenia Sobchak. Both of them later confirmed this information. There were factswhich even indicated that they lived together for some time. But by the end of 2012, the relationship between Yashin and Sobchak came to a standstill. And the following year, Ksenia married the son of Emmanuel Vitorgan - Maxim.

Ilya Yashin biography family

Thus, Ilya Yashin currently continues to be a bachelor.

General characteristics

We learned in detail about such a well-known politician as Ilya Yashin. Biography, parents, career, nationality, party activities, personal life of this person you already know.

As you can see, despite his youth, Ilya Yashin is currently one of the leaders of the non-systemic Russian opposition. Having started his political activity in the early 2000s, he has now become one of the leaders of the protest movement. Ilya Yashin managed to achieve this thanks to perseverance and perseverance, communication skills and the ability to convince people. Yes, this is not surprising, because he devotes most of his time to party and social activities, but his personal life has so far been relegated to the background.

How the fate of Ilya Yashin as a politician will develop in the future, only time will tell. Perhaps this person will ascend the Olympus of big politics, or perhaps he will sink into obscurity, like many before him.

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