Nihilism is the ultimate skepticism

Nihilism is the ultimate skepticism
Nihilism is the ultimate skepticism

Negation can take different forms depending on the person, some tend to despair - to deny their own capabilities, some to cynicism - as a denial of the value of things and people, which makes life and losses easier. But nihilism is not related to despair and cynicism, nihilism is an extremely individualistic view of the world. At the same time, in the picture of the world, the evaluator believes only in his own results.

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nihilism is

Why is the society talking about nihilism? Many people learn the meaning of the word from the book "Fathers and Sons", but the term appeared much earlier. The meaning of this word is often confused with the meaning of despair and cynicism. But these are different concepts, although nihilism itself is also emotions. Emotions of a skeptic. Nihilism is the extreme degree of criticality to reality.

Life and its meaning

One of the ideas that many nihilists support is the accident of the formation of the world. In their opinion, the beginning of life is simply an event very unlikely, but it took place. Life has no purpose, no goals. And sooner orlate all life will stop without any meaning.

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Sad? And many of the nihilists believe this if they remain intellectually honest with themselves. They cannot verify the facts in the past and the future, they can only deny. No easy task.

Moral is secondary

The second problem that nihilists face intellectually is the problem of morality. At the same time, nihilists are far from a complete denial of morality and morality. But it is they who believe that all kinds of morality are relative. This does not mean that nihilism is the disregard for moral rules. Not at all. Just a nihilist can support them if they are personally beneficial to him. And if these are the traditions of this or that people, the nihilist understands that you can’t break the butt with a whip, and therefore they usually obey moral rules. But at the same time, it will definitely say that morality is just obsolete conventions.

What is bad?

change of world view

From the previous paragraph it is clear that nihilism is a kind of ethical system in which such concepts as duty and responsibility also become relative. After all, if “good” and “bad” do not have an absolute expression, then why try? So nihilists acquire the image of asocial personalities. Although they are not. The classical nihilist is not interested in reassessment of values. Because revaluation involves assigning a new price. And he is already doing well, he wants to get away from the formation of newvaluables.

If the nihilist is completely honest with himself, he admits that the value, although undeclared, still exists for him - these are his own interests. In this respect, he is absolutely mentally he althy, and many neuroses bypass him. The staunch nihilist is not addicted to self-destruction, as are many of his contemporaries. And from his point of view, people in the clutches of debt are at least strange, if not stupid.

Usually people who choose nihilism have bright personalities, even outrageously bright ones. It is interesting to talk with them on difficult topics. But living with them is hard. Therefore, it is easy for them to build working relationships and not easy - personal. Is it worth it to become a nihilist? It's up to the reader, but the life of a nihilist isn't easy.

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