Andrey Dellos: biography, personal life, family

Andrey Dellos: biography, personal life, family
Andrey Dellos: biography, personal life, family

Andrey Konstantinovich Dellos is one of the most famous restaurateurs in Moscow. He opened such establishments as Cafe Pushkin, Turandot, Fahrenheit, Mu-mu, Orange-3 and others. In addition, he also has restaurants abroad, in particular in Paris and New York.

He is a multifaceted personality. It is true that a talented person is talented in everything: Dellos owns many speci alties and, being a creative person, shows creativity in everything, especially since the profession of a restaurateur requires just such an approach. In this article we will tell you more about Andrey Dellos, his life, rich experience in the restaurant business.

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Andrey Dellos: biography

He was born on December 29, 1955 in Moscow. He studied at school number 12 along with the children of actors and the nomenklatura. Being a creative person, Dellos received his first education at the 1905 Memorial Art School. However, he did not stop there, but went to study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at MADI (Moscow Automobile and Road Institute). He was there not by choice, but byat the insistence of his father - a professor, head of the department and architect.

After Andrei graduated from the aforementioned institute, he did not regret the time spent there at all. In the future, the acquired profession served the young man in good stead, since in some way she helped him in his work, when Andrei was already engaged in restaurant business. Dellos has a large architectural firm that handles incredibly complex projects. Accordingly, this closely echoed his profession, which means that the knowledge he received at the institute turned out to be very useful. Thanks to this, work moved more actively, and, for example, the Cafe Pushkin restaurant was built in record time (five months).

In addition to the university, he completed the UN translator courses at the Institute of Foreign Languages. The receipt of this education in some way had an impact on his later life and on himself. After the course, he gets a job at Soveksportkniga and, being the head of one of the editorial offices, is engaged in the production of dictionaries at the Russian Language publishing house. After retiring from there, he began to communicate with the organizers of galleries and paint. In addition, in the early 80s he worked as a guide-translator. By 1987, he already had a large number of professions - restorer, simultaneous interpreter, builder and artist.

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Creative Environment

Andrey Dellos grew up in a creative environment, because his mother was a singer. From an early age, he personally knew many Soviet stars, of course, this somehow influenced his dreams,which from now on were mainly associated with theater and cinema. He wanted to enter a theater school, he also had a dream of becoming a director, but he chose a different path.

As he himself admits, he showed early organizational skills, and Dellos believed that he would have made a good director. The mother was categorically against the fact that her beloved son Andrei Dellos followed in her footsteps. The family and the opinion of the parents at that time were of paramount importance for the future restaurateur, and he did not dispute them. One way or another, the current profession of a restaurateur, which has become the main one in his life, implies precisely a creative approach to business, which he successfully demonstrates by implementing his successful ideas.

Famous Relatives

Andrey Dellos has a very interesting pedigree. His great-grandfather was a French couturier who opened several salons in Moscow and St. Petersburg at the beginning of the last century. At that time, many famous fashionistas, for example Kuprin, bought clothes from Dellos.

Monsieur Dellos became a supplier to the court of the emperor, as he was known as a great master, demonstrating from time to time in his creations the elegance of covers and skillful work with various exotic fabrics. Also, according to the grandmother of the restaurateur, the famous Vitus Bering was in their family. Andrei's father during the war years led a battalion of the French Resistance movement. He has received numerous medals and is a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor.

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Andrey Dellos: personal life

AndreyaDelosa in the past connects the novel with the Russian actress Alena Khmelnitskaya. For her then it was the first serious novel. Dellos was the best friend of Dmitry Zolotukhin, famous at that time, while Alena, at the time of their acquaintance, was only going to become an actress. They almost immediately began to live together in an apartment near Khmelnitskaya. The age difference with him was 16 years, however, this did not bother her, and she really wanted to marry him.

However, Dellos decided to leave Russia in 1989 when the iron curtain opened. He decided to try his luck in distant France, in the homeland of his ancestors. Career abroad began to take shape very successfully. His first wife was a we althy Frenchwoman Veronique, who was from a count's family.

"A charming creature, similar to Brigitte Bardot", - that's how Dellos Andrey Konstantinovich spoke about her. His wife owned an estate-reserve, which is in the suburbs of Paris in Senlis. It consisted of buildings from the Middle Ages and was previously rented out to representatives of the aristocracy. In this castle he lived with his wife for two years. From time to time, he spoke to local barons, dukes and marquises, introducing them to the peculiarities of Russian culture and cuisine. They had a daughter, Ekaterina, who is now 20 years old. In the mid-90s, he breaks up with his wife Veronica.

Evgenia Metropolskaya became his second wife. She is an antique dealer, runs two shops and a gallery, and is well versed in the decorative arts. Andrei Dellos has been married to his wife for 19 years. They met in 1990 - they first met in the restaurant of the House of Cinema. ThenEugenia left for the Sorbonne, and six years later the lovers were destined to meet again so as not to part again. She gave birth to his son Maxim, who is now 17 years old. The son is studying at a business school, and the daughter is an artist-designer.

Despite the fact that the couple has been married for so many years, quivering feelings still remain between them, and during the day the spouses manage to miss each other. Evgenia and Andrei Dellos are among the strongest couples among Moscow celebrities.

To France and back

So, back to the professional activities of the famous restaurateur, namely the move to France, which happened in 1989. By the will of fate, he will have to return back to Russia in 1993. Until that time, he could not even imagine that he would someday be a restaurateur, because at first his attitude towards this profession was very skeptical. In 1993, together with Anton Tabakov, Dellos opened the Pilot club, which became the first step in his dizzying career.

Until that time, Andrei lived in France and was a successful artist, for whose canvases there was considerable demand. Once he came for a few days from abroad to Moscow. But by chance, he could not fly back, and all because these days he was robbed and he was left without money and documents. Upon his return to France, he was supposed to present a solo exhibition, but this could be forgotten, because without documents he could not fly back. Andrei Dellos was very upset about this and was depressed.

For his own happiness, in this difficult time, hemet with his old friend Anton, who suggested that he try to open a club. Dellos liked the idea, and they began to develop a plan of action. Responsibilities were then divided as follows: Anton is looking for a room for the club, and Andrey will look for finance. A Japanese friend of Dellos helped them in acquiring the initial capital, in addition, they raised funds by mortgaging their apartments. The found sponsor had previously purchased paintings from Andrey, being a big fan of his work, and, accordingly, did not refuse to help the artist.

First steps

As a result of joint work, Pilot first appeared, and then the Soho club. The concept of the first establishment was very simple, and this also applied to the second: they were connected to each other by a corridor, thus as if they were one. The project turned out to be successful, because at that time there was nothing like it in the capital, more precisely, it was the only club in Moscow. Even Hollywood stars came here, in particular Richard Gere, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Pierre Richard, as well as domestic artists such as Lyudmila Gurchenko, Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov.

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A difficult perestroika period reigned in the country at that time, and, accordingly, considerable difficulties arose in establishing a business, but partners in a common cause tried to adequately get out of all situations. After projects like "Pilot" and "Soho", he realized that he wanted to focus more on the kitchen and not on the entertainment part.

New projects

After some time of existence of these twoestablishments, Dellos was able to delve into the profession of a restaurateur and understand one thing: he wants to reach a new level. He was set up only for long-term projects, seeing no point in opening a restaurant for a year, as other entrepreneurs often did.

In 1996, a branch of the French "Embassy of Beauty" was opened, which was located in the Palace of Culture. Lenin. Celebrities such as Konstantin Ernst, Lyubov Polishchuk, Arina Sharapova and others often visited here. The restaurateur's next project is Bochka, which he considers a very successful institution that has caused unprecedented excitement in Moscow. In this institution, he actively worked on the entertainment part. The restaurants of Andrey Dellos are also Shinok, and even later Le Duc appeared, the menu of which included dishes of French cuisine (it has now closed). Andrey began to create a chain of economy class restaurants "Mu-mu", which gained great popularity in Moscow.

Another exclusive project - the Italian restaurant-palace "Casta Diva" - has opened on Tverskoy Boulevard. It was decorated with fountains, flower garlands, marble sculptures. The menu offers Italian gastronomic classics and homemade dishes.

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All his establishments are united in the "Andrey Dellos House". Feedback from employees working in his chain of restaurants and cafes, by the way, indicates that it is not so easy to get into these establishments and the company is subject to strict selection. Only those who meet certain criteria work there. Further, already in place, beginners pass a high-classtraining, and work requirements are very difficult, which is due to the high status of institutions. Customers do not have to worry about the level of service, because employees go through a real school before becoming waiters.

You can also feel the professionalism of the staff in the most successful and famous of all his creations, which is the Cafe Pushkin restaurant - a real pearl of the company. The Moscow institution entered the top 25 restaurants in Europe. It was built from scratch, on the site where the estate of I. N. Rimsky-Korsakov once was, and it turned out to be very similar to a 19th-century mansion. By the way, in "Pushkin" for the first time in Moscow they began to practice theatrical service: in the capital, this practice was then used for the first time. The restaurant opened in 1999.

Also over the years, he opened the Jewelery Gallery, Dellos Catering catering service, Pushkin Cafe in Paris, the Acting Club, Dellos Delivery, an antique and flower gallery, and more.

Highly qualified specialists

Andrey Dellos has a special approach to staff training. In addition to the masters of the restaurant business, this is also done by the director, stylist and psychologist, because the employees must not only fulfill their direct duties, but also represent the institution with honor. In this area, service plays a big role and significantly affects the popularity of the institution, so guests should receive only positive impressions from the work of the staff. This approach to training gives good results, and the waiters are highly valued here. highly qualified specialiststhey often want to lure other institutions to their place, because the education system is considered one of the best in the capital. “A course at a training school lasts at least six months, of which four months are devoted to basic subjects, and the rest of the time is the program of a particular institution,” says Dellos Andrei.

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Contacts for those who want to work at Maison Dellos:

  • (495) 641-19-27.
  • Personnel service: +7(495) 641-19-27.
  • PR/Marketing: +7(495) 287-49-33.
  • For owners and tenants of non-residential premises: Tverskoy Boulevard, 26.
  • Cafe Pushkin: (495) 739-00-33.
  • Confectionery Cafe Pushkin: (495) 604-42-80.
  • Fahrenheit: (495) 651-81-70.
  • "Barrel": st. 1905, d. 2, +7 (495) 651-81-10.
  • Orange-3: (495) 665-15-15.
  • Turandot: (495) 739-00-11.
  • "Shinok": st. 1905, d. 2, (495) 651-81-01.
  • The network of cafes "Mu-mu" st. Baumanskaya, 35/1, building 1, +7 (499) 261-36-76.

Represented establishments are part of the Andrey Dellos Restaurant House.


Many who have not yet visited these establishments are wondering if it is worth visiting them? According to observations, the feedback from visitors is mostly positive. They note the excellent service, excellent interiors and, of course, the opportunity to taste truly delicious dishes. All restaurants and cafes have their own characteristics both in stylistic design and in cuisine, but at the same time there is a lot in common between them. Consider the opinions left by visitors whohad a chance to visit different establishments of Maison Dellos.

In the restaurant "Bochka" guests celebrate a variety of dishes, it is good to sit in the institution both at a business lunch and at banquets. There are some opinions that indicate that the restaurant is a bit below the premium level, but everything looks quite decent. The cuisine presented here, according to visitors, is tasty and of good quality. Here you can taste truly appetizing Russian food. The restaurant mainly specializes in meat dishes. They also note the magnificent billiard zone, where you can comfortably play parties. In 2010, the design of the restaurant has undergone changes: now it is made in the style of modern eclecticism. At the same time, they note a somewhat overpriced price tag of the institution. “The modest charm of pathos,” is how some visitors characterize it.

Oranzh-3 is a Scandinavian restaurant. It is located in the very center of the capital, on Tverskoy Boulevard. The number 3 symbolizes the components of an ideal gastronomic project: high-class cuisine, fine wines and a unique atmosphere. The guests of the establishment noted the original food and serving of dishes, as well as an unusual combination of tastes. Most visitors get the impression of an elegant establishment, devoid of pathos. Note that the chef here is a true professional in his field and was awarded a Michelin star. The assortment is not very large, but the delicious and interesting compliments that are often given here are pleasing, while the price tag is somewhat high.

In the restaurant "Shinok" East Slavic cuisine is presented,traditional Ukrainian and Russian, as well as dishes from Europe. The interior design is unusual: it is decorated in the style of an eco-friendly loft. Visitors, judging by the reviews, really like the mini-zoo, equipped behind glass. The national flavor is very clearly traced here. The food is delicious, the service is good, the atmosphere is serene, but it's not cheap.

About the restaurant "Cafe Pushkin" reviews are mostly positive. The people who visited this place liked the atmosphere of tsarist times, which is present here - this is facilitated by the corresponding interiors. That distant time is also conveyed in the manner of speech of the waiters; when referring to guests, they use words such as “sir” and “madame”. Service at a good level, polite staff, prices are very high (the average check can reach 5000). However, you can find something cheaper here. Some dishes on the menu are specific, but in general the food is tasty and varied. Here you can relax from the hustle and bustle in a quiet and peaceful environment, listening to classical music.

In "Manon" guests of the institution note a positive moment that attracts many: a restaurant, a democratic bar and a nightclub are very harmoniously combined here. Therefore, the atmosphere here is unpretentious, free and rave. In this place you can taste fine French cuisine with equal success, dance in a club and just relax while smoking a hookah. Reviews say that this institution still has more for a club holiday than for a relaxing dinner. Stars often perform in the restaurantbandstands.

Visiting Fahrenheit, people celebrate delicious author's cocktails, unusual dishes made from ordinary products. The atmosphere is set by high-class bartenders and courteous waiters. It is located close to Turandot restaurant, which sets the same high standard. Guests talk about Fahrenheit as an atmospheric place, memorable for strange combinations of products and original serving of dishes. It should be noted that in the same row of buildings located along Tverskoy Boulevard towards the Moscow Art Theater, there are Cafe Pushkin, Orange-3 and Casta Diva.

In the institution "Caste Diva" the atmosphere resembles a royal palace, but at the same time it is devoid of excessive pathos. The restaurant is decorated very beautifully and expensively, the interior is eclectic, and the dishes on the menu are distinguished by their sophistication. Here you can celebrate holidays, romantic dates and business meetings with equal success, and it is also an ideal place for private celebrations. As many visitors note, the restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere, the waiters are beautifully dressed, the staff is tactful and attentive. It should be added that the food here is typically Italian, it is served in an original way, in beautiful dishes, which leaves only a pleasant impression of the visit.

Moo-mu cafe chain differs from other establishments of Andrey Dellos in its budget prices, and it was created on the basis of the concept of more affordable food. The menu offers a wide range of dishes, and the food is almost homemade, so everything is quite tasty and satisfying, and also economical. The dissatisfaction of many guests of the establishment causesthe accumulation of a large number of visitors.

Turandot Restaurant

Dellos takes care of all his restaurants, but still there is a favorite - this is Turandot, in which the restaurateur has invested six years of work and a lot of creative energy. This is a popular place for holding various kinds of celebrations, besides, the atmosphere and atmosphere prevailing here are absolutely conducive to this. According to visitors, "Turandot" gives the impression of an incredibly stylish restaurant with a breathtaking architectural ensemble. The interior is made in the Baroque style, and everything around looks truly luxurious. It should be noted that the cost of drinks and meals is also at a "luxury" price, but it's worth it. A varied menu that includes, among other dishes, Japanese and Chinese cuisine, a relaxed atmosphere and top-level service - all this is noted by satisfied visitors. According to the guests, when you are in this restaurant, you get the feeling that you are in a 19th-century palace.

Business Abroad

The restaurateur did not limit himself to Russia, and his activities went far beyond the borders of the country. He opened his Betony restaurant in New York and later Café Pouchkine in Paris. Andrei Dellos has been well received abroad and his establishments are in high demand. Chef Bryce Schuman, for example, was named the best in 2015, for which he received a Michelin star. In The New York Times, the institution was awarded three stars. The successful restaurateur plans to open a large establishment called Pushkin in London, on Berkeley Street. He also plans to develop a network in the Middle East.About 4,500 people are on the staff of the company founded by Andrey Dellos. His photo shows us a successful restaurateur who is still faithful to his beloved business.

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Andrey Dellos is a very versatile and talented person, a real connoisseur of cuisine and a professional in his field. His perseverance, courage and creativity can not help admiring. The incident that happened to him upon arrival from France changed his fate, forcing it to develop exactly as we are seeing now: the artist became a restaurateur. Andrey Dellos' restaurants are creations in which excellent cuisine is harmoniously combined with the beauty of the interiors. He became the first Russian businessman to be awarded the Michelin Award.

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