Where does the squirrel live and what does it eat? How squirrels live in the forest

Where does the squirrel live and what does it eat? How squirrels live in the forest
Where does the squirrel live and what does it eat? How squirrels live in the forest

Proteins are distributed almost all over the world (with the exception of Australia). The mobile mammal belongs to the rodent family. There are many different species of these animals, differing in size, coat color, habits and habitat. They can be woody and earthy, fluffy and not so, there are even prickly specimens. Where a squirrel lives depends largely on what species it belongs to. But all of them are rather good-natured and cute animals, causing everyone's delight with their behavior.

where does the squirrel live

Types of proteins

In total, there are about 200 of them in the world. The most unusual and funny live mainly in North America. These include chipmunk and ground striped squirrels that live in burrows, as well as black, Carolina gray and aberta that prefer trees. In the Russian Federation, a red-haired representative of this family is more common. It is also called the common squirrel. Also in some foreststhere are flying squirrels, and in the southern steppes - chipmunks.

Where the squirrel lives and what it eats depends on its species. For example, earth squirrels do not have such fluffy tails as tree squirrels. After all, the latter use them for "steering" when jumping and balancing on branches. And the chipmunk does not need such we alth at all: he earns his livelihood on the ground. The flying squirrels, which jump for impressive distances, have webbed paws that can open in the air like a parachute.

The habits of common squirrels

This typical inhabitant of Russian forests, from the taiga to the southern latitudes, is a real beauty. Twice a year (in spring and autumn) she changes her fur coat so that in summer she can flaunt in bright red, and in winter to be less noticeable in a gray, insulated outfit. An ordinary squirrel lives in a hollow, less often - just in a nest twisted in dense branches. Many animals have several such houses. In one she lives and breeds, and uses the rest as pantries.

how does a squirrel live in the forest

It does not hibernate in winter, and with acorns and nuts - the main food of this rodent - during the cold weather is rather tight. So the household little animal stores them for himself for a rainy day, hiding them in nests. How a squirrel lives in the forest is easy to see if you visit the nearest grove or a large park. These animals are quite sociable and often treat people with confidence, with pleasure treating themselves to the brought delicacy in the form of nuts or seeds. But we must remember that the squirrel is a wild creature. She has sharp teeth and long claws, soit is better not to feed, especially to small children.

Tree Squirrel Diet

Where does the squirrel live and what does it eat?

The main food of the taiga beauty is pine nuts and acorns. Depending on where the squirrel lives, its menu can be diluted with seeds of other cones, mushrooms, berries, and even bird eggs. Yes, this cute and, at first glance, harmless creature often destroys nests. In summer, there are no problems with food. But with the onset of cold weather, fallen acorns are covered with snow, mushrooms do not grow, and cones are not so easy to find. But the thrifty animal fills its pantries with supplies in advance. Therefore, in the hollows of trees in the forests where the squirrel lives, you can easily find deposits of nuts and dried mushrooms, acorns and seeds.

If the year turned out to be lean, she will not disdain young tree branches, buds and even bark. And the squirrel is able to move impressive distances in search of food. Moreover, animals do this en masse and can run for several days almost without a break. In coniferous forests where squirrels live, cones with characteristic marks of their teeth are often found. These animals play an important role in the propagation of spruce, pine and other plants by spreading their seeds.


squirrel lives in a hollow

Squirrels mate, as a rule, 2 times a year (spring and autumn). But it happens that the female manages to bring out 3 litters of offspring. She finds a groom for herself for season 1. It is difficult to call him the father of the family, because after his participation in the process of conception, he simply runs away. All worries about raising offspring,the construction of the nest and the safety of the baby squirrels is taken over by their mother. Although there are exceptions when parents take turns feeding and protecting them.

In spring, there are usually fewer cubs (from 2 to 4). In autumn, after the female has fattened and gained weight, she can bring up to a dozen baby squirrels. They are born blind and helpless, but thanks to the care of their mother, they grow up quite quickly. After just a couple of months, the squirrel can leave their completely independent children and begin to improve their personal lives. It is not uncommon for them to crowd for a long time in one nest. Sometimes the mother also returns to them, but with her younger brothers and sisters. By next spring, the kids themselves will be able to reproduce offspring. Given how many years squirrels live in their natural environment, this is quite normal. The average duration for tree species does not exceed 4 years, but sometimes reaches up to 9.

Zoologists have noticed that the squirrel often adopts orphaned neighbors. She drags them into her own nest and takes care of them like her own.

Flying Squirrels

This is the most remarkable animal from the whole family. The common flying squirrel is found in Russian forests, and there are about a dozen varieties of them on the planet. Despite a number of significant differences, both external and behavioral, they are united by the way they move. They can climb trees just like their ordinary relatives. Outwardly, the animal is not very remarkable - gray in color with a darker back. Spotting a flying squirrel can be difficult. On the trees, it is perfectly disguised, and practically does not descend down. But ifthere is a need to overcome a distance of several tens of meters at a time, she spreads her legs in a jump and opens the membranes covered with fur, planning, as if on a parachute. With the help of a rather long flexible tail, the animal is able to correct the trajectory. Before “landing”, the flying squirrel moves to a vertical position and clings to the trunk with all its paws. So she can fly from one tree to another, overcoming up to 50 meters at a time.

how do squirrels live

Ground squirrels

They live mainly in North America, but are occasionally found in Central Asia. Outwardly, they are more reminiscent of their closest relatives - chipmunks, which can be distinguished by their characteristic striped back. These squirrels live in burrows, where they also build nests and breed. They are not as attractive as ordinary ones, and are deprived of their main decoration - a large fluffy tail. They have it, but the most common one. The animals feed mainly on nuts, grains and other seeds, sometimes prey on small insects.

Influence of man on the number of animals

Being one of the commercial fur animals, the common squirrel has been mercilessly exterminated for decades for the sake of its own fur. But, due to its fertility, it does not belong either to endangered species, or even to rare ones. It was not the fur, but the woodworking industry that played a cruel joke with her. Many squirrels were forced to leave their usual habitat due to massive deforestation, thus disrupting the food chain and the balance of the ecosystem. First of all, this concerns the taiga regions.But in recent years, thanks to the protection of forest lands and the organization of reserves, the animals feel much more comfortable.

how long do squirrels live

How squirrels live in captivity

Surprisingly longer than in nature. Being in a zoo cage or even in an ordinary apartment, the squirrel feels pretty good. Especially if she creates conditions close to natural. To do this, you will need a few branches and pieces of bark so that she builds a nest for herself. And also a special wheel in which the squirrel will run, compensating for the limited space. With proper care, the animal can live up to 12 years. And captivity is perfectly tolerated by ordinary red-haired beauties, and black ones, and chipmunks.

Squirrel is a very cute animal belonging to the rodent family. In nature, they do not live very long, but they are perfectly mastered in captivity. Squirrels are very different: large and very tiny, with a chic fur coat and nondescript, and can live on trees and in burrows, depending on the variety.

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