The grave of Zhanna Friske: a description of how to find

The grave of Zhanna Friske: a description of how to find
The grave of Zhanna Friske: a description of how to find

“How much happiness you gave, love gave to relatives and friends. We remember you and love you very much, and nothing can change that.” It is with these words that Anna Semenovich addresses one of the most beautiful and cheerful singers of the national stage, Zhanna Friske, who left us more than a year ago.

Another year of horror in the Friske family

A lot of people gathered at the cemetery on the anniversary of death - relatives, friends, colleagues, fans, everyone came to honor the memory of the singer, actress, just a good person and a beautiful woman.

friske's grave

Dmitry Shepelev with Platon, the son of Friske, whose appearance everyone was waiting for, did not appear at the cemetery. However, a three-year-old boy gave a flower for his mother in a bag to his grandparents.

The past year for the Friske family was not easy, however, they have been living in a nightmare since 2013, when they were diagnosed. The civil husband of the star and her parents cannot find a common language in any way on the issue of custody of Plato. In addition, Rusfond announced the loss of several million rubles from Zhanna's accounts.

Where is Zhanna Friske's grave?

Even after such a terrible diagnosis - brain cancer, no one wanted to put up with the disease. The whole world collected money to help Jeanne, compassionate,there were so many generous and sympathetic people that there was enough money to help children suffering from oncology. Zhanna was treated in the best clinics in the world, but fate persistently and quickly decided everything differently.

Zhanna Friske's grave

The artist died on June 15, 2015, she did not live less than a month before her 41st birthday. It was mourning for the whole country. Zhanna Friske died in the arms of her best friend, a former member of the Brilliant group Olga Orlova, in her parents' house near Moscow. Three days later, on June 18, 2015, they said goodbye to Zhanna at the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery, which is located next to the house of the singer's parents.

Frisk's grave is located near the place where Myalek Khairullovich Mukhametshin, a master of sports in judo, who died in 2012, was buried. A little further, in the other direction, is the grave of Evgeny Pepelyaev, a fighter pilot who passed away at the age of 94. According to flower vendors, the nearby shop has never been so crowded as it was after the artist's funeral.

The grave of Friske itself is located not far, 30 meters from the entrance, in the eastern part of the cemetery. Plot number - 118 C, 15th row, 7th grave. So far, there are few burials. As the father of the deceased star, Vladimir Borisovich, admits, they plan to arrange a family burial at this place.

How to get to the cemetery?

Frisk's grave is always strewn with white irises and roses - Jeanne's favorite flowers. The Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery is located in the urban district of Balashikha in the Moscow region on the Nosovikhinsky highway. get thereIt will not be difficult to get here, you can do it with the help of public transport or by your own car. By metro you need to get to the station "Novokosino", from there by bus number 760 k, 760, 706. Anyone can come, see what the grave of Zhanna Friske looks like, honor the memory of the artist and lay flowers.

what does a friske's grave look like

Cemetery address: Moscow region, Balashikha district, Nosovikhinskoe highway. It can be reached by metro and bus. Route No. 760 departs from the Schelkovskoye station, bus 706 departs from Vykhino. By car, subject to average traffic congestion, it will take 20 minutes to get to the place from the center of Moscow. You need to drive along the Nosovikhinsky highway and cross the streets:

  • Red Star;
  • Silver;
  • Central.

Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery is one of the largest in the capital. Heroes of Russia and sailors from the Kursk submarine, famous artists and artistic figures are buried here. Friske's grave after the funeral was sprinkled with sand, ennobled and lined with granite stone around the perimeter. The funeral service was held at the Yelokhov Cathedral.

A hopeless fight

Recall that the ex-soloist of the group "Brilliant" Zhanna Friske for a year and a half courageously tried to defeat a terrible disease, brain cancer, and died on June 15, 2015, a few weeks before her birthday (July 8). The initially doomed struggle with the disease became so long thanks to millions of fans who could not remain indifferent and helped the familystars to pay for expensive treatment. There was enough money in full, a total of 70 million rubles was collected, but this did not help.

Monument on Friske's grave

Janna's parents have been looking for suitable sculptors for a long time who will make a monument in honor of their daughter. The sketches of the sculpture have already been evaluated by my mother and sister, by the way, they did not like everything. Enough remarks have been made: a very tight dress, bulging eyes, rough hands, sharp knees. Ivan Volkov and Levon Manukyan presented the preliminary results of the work.

Work on the monument has been going on for a month, according to the sculptors, the most difficult thing is to depict a face from the photos provided by the singer's sister Natalia. The sculpture is made of clay in Zhanna Friske's full height, 165 cm, and 5 are reserved for the height of the heels. Close stars want to erect a monument without unnecessary pathos in a narrow circle of family and friends. The order was handed over to the sculptors in the spring, but all the proposed sketches did not suit the singer's relatives.

What does Zhanna Friske's grave look like?

Within six months from the date of the artist's death, the relatives were not up to the monument, they shared the inheritance, so Zhanna Friske's grave was ennobled only with a modest wooden cross, flowers and toys. Initially, the father, Vladimir Borisovich, wanted to erect a monument in the form of an angel with wings, which Zurab Tsereteli was supposed to do.

Suggestions from fans

There were many offers, the artist's relatives turned to fans for help. One of the most successful options was a project from St. Petersburg. Jeanne in full growthwhite dress and, as always, with a beaming smile. Sister Natalya herself offered several ideas, fans were bombarded with many different proposals. Someone suggested portraying Jeanne with wings, sitting on a ladder, "going" to heaven.

monument on the grave of friske

There were unusual ideas like this one. Her beloved dog with irises in its teeth runs towards the singer. The animal died after the death of the mistress, falling under the wheels of a car.

One fan suggested a creepy version that was immediately smashed to smithereens by fans and relatives. She advised to create a sculpture of Jeanne with her son in her arms. “What does Friske’s grave look like with a monument, where does she keep her son, who is alive? There is no place for the living in the cemetery,”the fans expressed their indignation. Zhanna loved life and accepted all trials with dignity, including the last one.

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