Russian Red Cross Society: history of creation, goals and functions

Russian Red Cross Society: history of creation, goals and functions
Russian Red Cross Society: history of creation, goals and functions

The Russian Red Cross Society is part of the international movement of the same name, known for its humanitarian focus. The protection of human life and he alth, the alleviation of human suffering, the formation of respect for each individual are the key tasks of the largest humanitarian association on the planet. As of 2018, the movement exists in 190 states, and the number of volunteers taking part in the humanization of the planet is estimated at millions of people.

How did the ICCO come about?

The Russian Red Cross Society appeared somewhat later than the world one, this is often forgotten by historians and lovers of antiquity. The idea of ​​creating an international community appeared in 1859 with the Swiss businessman Henri Dunant, who witnessed the battle of Solferino, in which more than 40,000 people were injured. The medical services did not have time to help the wounded, and the entrepreneur appealed for help to the residents of nearby villages. He used the motto "All men are brothers" to recruit volunteers, regardless of their country or nationality. Many liked the idea of ​​universal equality.

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Later, Dunant wrote a book about the battle, in which he expressed the idea of ​​​​creating an international organization capable of providing all possible support to the victims of hostilities. As a result, the predecessor of today's Red Cross appeared in 1863 and was then called the International Committee for the Relief of the Wounded. In addition to Dunant, it included four more residents of Geneva: philanthropists and doctors. Under their patronage, in 1864, the famous convention was adopted, regulating the fate of the wounded and sick soldiers, and also implying the creation of a committee that would deal with providing assistance to such citizens in each country.

What does the Red Cross organization do?

Today this humanitarian organization has a lot of powers and functions. In addition to helping the victims of military clashes, volunteers help to restore separated families, protect the civilian population, and also interact with services involved in the search for missing people. The activities of the Russian Red Cross Society correspond to global goals and guidelines, this is a prerequisite for the existence of a division of the organization in our country.

Among other things, the committee is engaged in the supply of humanitarian aid to residents of combat areas, and also organizes camps for refugees, where they get the opportunity to protect themselves and their families from natural disasters, wars and other conflicts. The key difference of this organization lies in the unity of people who differ from each other in their socialstatus, nationality and religion.

How is it in Russia?

The year of foundation of the Russian Red Cross Society is considered to be 1854, its founder was Elena Pavlovna, Grand Duchess of the Romanov family. Then it was about the community, where they trained sisters of mercy, who were supposed to replenish the staff of hospitals in Sevastopol, which was then under siege. Over the course of a year, about 200 girls learned the basics of medical science under the guidance of the famous surgeon N.I. Pirogov.

Some historians, answering the question of when the Russian Red Cross Society was created, recommend starting from 1867. It was then that Emperor Alexander II approved the charter of the organization, which was supposed to take care of the sick and wounded military personnel. In 1879, it received its modern name, its honorary members were secular persons close to the court. The Empress personally patronized the society, it was thanks to her that it managed to gain significant weight in the then society.

The organization received its first "baptism of fire" in 1870, the personnel trained by it provided medical assistance on the fields of the Franco-Prussian war. The experience gained made it clear to its leaders that it is important to bring medicines, dressings, the necessary equipment in a timely manner, and medical personnel should be constantly trained, since the number of casu alties as a result of hostilities increases with each battle.

After analyzing the work of the organization, the government came to an important conclusion in 1882 - the creation of the Russian SocietyThe Red Cross had a positive impact on the situation in the country. At the same time, volunteers began to provide assistance to sick and wounded soldiers in peacetime. The soldiers were treated for free, and they were also given the opportunity to learn a craft. Disabled homes, orphanages, orphanages, and a widow's home were opened. Soldiers who were injured were provided with vouchers to various medical institutions in Russia and foreign countries.

During the First and Second World Wars, the efforts of the Red Cross in Russia trained more than a million nurses and combatants who knew how to provide first aid to the wounded. For family reunification in 1945, even the Central Information Bureau had to be involved, which then accepted almost 3 million applications for lost relatives and family members.

How did the aftermath of the war affect ROCK?

In 1945, a large number of people lost sight of each other, broken families for many years trying to find their loved ones. Many of them used the services of the Information Tracing Center of the Russian Red Cross Society, which was opened specifically to help the population find missing people. The regulation of the institution was approved in 1949 in Geneva, it was planned that it would only search for those who went missing during the Second World War.

activities Russian Red Cross Society

Today the Russian Red Cross Society is one of the first places where, along with the police, residents of our country go when their loved ones go missingpeople and relatives. The social search is carried out in joint cooperation with a large number of similar institutions in different countries of the world. Often lost people are found after inquiries sent to the international tracing service, located in the German city of Bad Arolsen.

Each request is considered individually with the help of volunteers, and approximately 80% of searches are successful. The center is located in Moscow at st. Kuznetsky most, d. 18/7, if you do not have the opportunity to come there in person, you can send your request in writing using the index - 107031. Also, all your questions about the search for missing people can be asked by phone, which are available on the official website Society.

What is the functionality of the Russian branch?

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the organization continued to exist, in 1992 it was decided to liquidate the Soviet branch and form the Russian Red Cross Society on its basis. A year later, the leaders of the organization began to conduct active program activities: new shelters were opened, the population was massively trained to provide first aid, and support was provided to vulnerable sections of the country's population.

the history of the creation of the Russian Red Cross Society

In the late 1990s, the efforts of the local branch of the institution in Russia began an active fight against AIDS and tuberculosis. In parallel, various support was provided to migrants forced to leave their homes due to military conflicts. floods andhurricanes in southern Russia in the early 2000s did not go unnoticed by Red Cross volunteers, the victims received qualified assistance as soon as possible.

2012 was a real test for Russian volunteers - a real test - floods in Derbent and Krymsk claimed a large number of human lives, about 10 thousand people sought medical help. Since then, training events for doctors of various specializations have been constantly held in the North Caucasus.

What are the goals and objectives of the Red Cross?

Every day the functionality of this organization is expanding and requires the involvement of an increasing number of volunteers. The tasks of the Russian Red Cross Society have always been of a humanitarian nature, its volunteers must protect human dignity and the lives of those people who unwittingly became victims of armed clashes and other conflicts. The main goal of the organization is to prevent the possible suffering of all mankind.

The Russian branch of the world humanitarian organization is obliged to carry out activities on the territory of our country aimed at protecting he alth and helping victims of conflicts. It should actively contact the medical services and the Ministry of Emergency Situations in each region, since the latter most often take part in the evacuation and involuntary resettlement of citizens for one reason or another.

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The activities of humanitarian organizations are usually studied in detail in sociology courses. Students who come across a question on an exam“Name the tasks of the Russian Red Cross Society”, in addition to all of the above, they note the creation of a service that searches for missing people. They also include the organization of voluntary blood donation from citizens, he alth education of residents of the state, the reception and distribution of humanitarian aid from other countries and enterprises. The institution also publishes an annual report detailing income and expenses, which can be viewed by anyone.

What divisions exist within society?

A key component of a humanitarian organization is a number of local and regional branches, created back in the 20th century and today functioning according to a single existing charter. Also, the structure of the Russian Red Cross Society includes a charitable foundation, established in 2003 to attract resources that can solve a number of problems in the social sphere. Today, the team of this fund, in addition to its main activity, is actively working to improve the psychological and moral state of Russians, conducts educational activities, and also helps those Russians who cannot defend their interests to go through social rehabilitation.

structure of the Russian Red Cross Society

Among other things, the domestic division includes a resource center that deals not only with education, but also with the prevention of socially significant diseases: tuberculosis, HIV, etc. When creating the Russian Red Cross Society, it wasa large number of social services have been formed, the first of which began its work under the tsarist railway and exists to this day. In 1947, a hospital was opened in Addis Ababa by the forces of the Soviet division of the world humanitarian organization, which, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, is also under the jurisdiction of Russian specialists.

Who helps ROCK?

Despite the fact that Russia has been at peace for a long time, there is enough work for humanitarian workers. Our volunteers provide assistance to residents of various countries where hostilities are currently taking place. At the same time, partners of the organization - private and state structures of various directions and spheres - provide great support here. In some cases, direct financing is provided by the Government of the Russian Federation, allocating the necessary amount from the budget.

Russian Red Cross Society

The history of the creation of the Russian Red Cross Society and its further functioning includes a large number of cases when various humanitarian events were carried out with the money of patrons. Initially, financing was carried out only by state bodies, but today anyone can provide all possible support and transfer any amount to the organization's accounts. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to help with money, you can donate clothes, warm clothes, toys to the branch of a humanitarian institution, perhaps with their help someone will get hope for a better life and believe in human kindness again.

Tocould cooperation with the RRCS be useful?

The Russian Red Cross Society aims to train as many people as possible in first aid. Anyone can enroll in these courses just because in every family there are elderly people who may need it at any time. In addition, we never know where and when we will have to face an emergency. In training centers, you can learn how to save the life of someone in trouble before the arrival of doctors, learn all about the simplest first aid techniques and how you can help others and yourself.

name the tasks of the Russian Red Cross Society

At the end of the 19th century, when the organization was just being created, it was planned that it would work for free and not require any financial investment from all those who applied there for help. The creation of the Russian Red Cross Society was carried out according to a similar principle, which is why all the courses and trainings that are held under its patronage were initially free. Unfortunately, now the situation has changed, but all proceeds go to good causes.

Over the past few years, cases of fraud have become more frequent, when some organizations provide paid first aid training under the guise of a world-famous humanitarian organization. In order not to get into trouble, it is best to contact its volunteers and representatives directly.

How can youth help?

The contribution of the younger generation has always been highly valuedvolunteers and trustees. In the 1920s, there were so many volunteers that a he alth service for the pioneers of the Russian Red Cross Society had to be opened. Each pioneer detachment had its own first-aid kit, children's sanatoriums were opened, and active educational work was carried out aimed at improving the quality of life for children. In 1925, not far from Gurzuf, the children's he alth camp "Artek" appeared, created with the help of the ROCK.

Today the activity of the Russian Red Cross Society is literally based on initiative youth. The organization is ready to accept people from 14 to 30 years old who are ready to actively work as a member of its local branch. Its leadership sets itself a large number of goals: attracting young people to voluntary work, integrating the younger generation into society, forming and spreading in society the idea of ​​equality and tolerance towards people who find themselves in a difficult situation.

He althy lifestyle, gratuitous donation, humanism and mercy - all this is actively promoted by the members of the humanitarian organization. In parallel with this, they carry out the prevention of social diseases and negative phenomena among the population, and also attract citizens of their city to participate in various social programs. In emergencies, it is volunteers who are most often the first on the scene and try to help the victims.

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