Botan is not just a kid

Botan is not just a kid
Botan is not just a kid

There are no parents in the world who would not want to see their child smart and educated. But sometimes, making every effort for a qualitative result in education, many make a mistake, instilling in their children an excessive passion for various sciences. It would seem that it is bad if children devote all their time to learning, because they will grow up and be able to achieve certain heights, thanks to their knowledge. Yes, there is nothing wrong with that, if you skillfully alternate time for study, rest, hobbies, and so on. But if you go too far and study, study and study all the time, then soon your child may pass for a nerd among his peers. If this does not bring discomfort to parents, then the child will certainly feel uncomfortable from the constant ridicule and nagging of classmates and other people.

Have worked - rest

A person's life can only be full and joyful when there is balance in all spheres. This provision also applies to the educational process, because only the correctthe allocation of time for learning will be useful and enjoyable. Undoubtedly, studying is very important for every person, because hearing words about being ignorant in your address is even worse than being called a nerd. However, many smart kids react very hard to bullying, answering bullies with tears in their eyes that nerds are people too. But how to do the right thing and get out of the vicious circle of resentment and bullying?

Of course, there is a way out, and it can be found in any case, but how long this will take depends entirely on the age of the child. If the child is at the initial stage of education, then mothers and fathers should pay more attention to the child's rest. Parents need to insist that their son or daughter go out with friends more, perhaps go to some sections, and so on, because only in this way will children form the right attitude towards the world.

nerd it

It's much more difficult to "become one" in adolescence, when most stereotypes have already been formed, because then a nerd is not just a memorized child, but a person who does not follow the hobbies of young people. It can be very, very difficult to recognize such a unique person in the ranks of expressive teenagers.

Who are you really?

Many kids may call other well-educated peers nerds when they aren't. To understand this matter, you need to find out the true meaning of the word nerd. Analyzing the concept of this word (and there are many of them), you can see that nerds are called people who study a lot, while they are tooobsessed with this process, not noticing other interesting things around them.

meaning of the word nerd

As a rule, a nerd is a person with an inexpressive appearance and poor physical data. Most often, this appearance is isolated by the lack of necessary knowledge in the current fashion and poor physical fitness. As a result, it turns out that such a person is not interesting to his peers and the opposite sex. Therefore, he succumbs to the oppression of stronger people, although he is a very intelligent person.

Boys and girls

Botan is, most often, a boy or a young man, although it is also not easy for crammed girls. Girls can also be called names and offended, but this all happens much softer than with guys.

nerd who is this

Since it is the nerdy guys who are most amenable to such ridicule, very often verbal bullying turns into assault. The saddest thing is that in such situations, young men do not complain to anyone, so as not to become the object of even greater bullying, so everything is repeated over and over again. It is difficult to break such a circle of circumstances alone, so the help of specialists is needed.

Be yourself

One of the reasons nerds are insulted is not that they are too smart, but that they cannot stand up for themselves due to their poor physical condition. Otherwise, no one would have dared to say a word too much, because he could get it for it. Only not always good physical preparation helps to find friends and girlfriends. The main thing in any situation is to be yourself, notyou need to change internally in order to enter this or that company. After all, it is not the society that chooses the person, but the person chooses the society.

Good friends and peers will treat any person kindly, if they themselves are. If they are callous and rude, then it does not matter who is in front of them, whether it is a nerd or someone else, because they like to hurt the weak.

Unprecedented transformation

If you never stand before others to change your inner world, then external changes for the better will always be useful. To get rid of unnecessary ridicule in clothing and style, nerds are best to turn to stylists and hairdressers. After all, for sure, behind the inconspicuous hair and shapeless robes lies a very pretty appearance. With this approach, you can completely change the way others treat you. After all, a completely updated look of a smart handsome man will make many people change their negative opinion to the opposite.

nerds are people too

Stylish things, a fashionable haircut, the right accessories - and there was no trace of the nerd. You cannot recognize such a person, because who is a nerd? Inconspicuous crook. And this person is completely different - chic, fashionable and very smart. This is how you can completely change and become the standard of incompatible concepts - beauty and mind.

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