Gratitude is Words of gratitude to parents

Gratitude is Words of gratitude to parents
Gratitude is Words of gratitude to parents

Today even children know that thought is material, but there are still many sick and poor people in the world. This happens because we receive not according to our thoughts, but according to the emotions that they cause in us.

Gratitude as a feeling

Everything that surrounds a person, and he himself, are bundles of energy. The same applies to the emotions that people experience every second. Even when a person is focused on work or some of his actions and should not seem to experience emotions, they still affect him.

Gratitude is a kind of positive energy in response to someone's actions, words and deeds in relation to an object. It can also be called gratitude to someone for the good done. If we recall the experiments that scientists conducted on water, uttering various emotional words over it, then the energy of the words “love” and “thank you” had the strongest positive effect on her.

gratitude is

These changes are visible in the structure of water through a microscope. Indeed, it is these feelings that are the most energetically pure. Words of gratitude and love cure deadly diseases, give people strength to change their lives, helpfind your purpose and the right environment.

The Law of Gratitude

The laws of the universe always work, regardless of whether people believe in them or not. Gratitude is one of the universal laws that significantly affects the quality and length of human life. Its main action is aimed at feeling gratitude for what a person has. This feeling tends to attract into life what people are grateful for.

words of gratitude

An incurable patient, holding sessions of gratitude for being alive, for all his he althy organs and parts of the body, for he alth in general, attracts recovery into his life. Usually the process of getting what you want takes up to 3 months, sometimes longer if the desire is large-scale or internal complexes and installations interfere with the work.

Jesus' words confirm this: "Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you will receive it and it will be yours." Prayer and gratitude are sources of powerful creative energy that contributes to obtaining positive results in life.

Gratefulness to other people

Being grateful to someone means exchanging positive creative energy with each other. A person constantly encounters other people and receives various emotions from them, both negative and positive. The easiest way to get rid of other people's negative energy or the impact of their actions on mood or life in general is to say thank you to them for the experience they gave.

gratitude to the teacher

In response to the positive actions of other people, it is easier for a person to respond with gratitude, so this happens naturally and naturally. Responding with gratitude to ill-wishers is more difficult, but it produces such powerful changes in life that it is desirable to do so even through force.

Ways to Reciprocate Appreciation

Exchange of thanks can be done in several ways:

  • Gratitude in words. It can be done orally or in writing. To express recognition to another person in words, it is enough to say them to him personally at a meeting. It is better to use the word "thank you", as it carries pure and powerful energy in its very sound and writing. At the same time, an energy contact occurs, in which these people feel good at heart. For example, gratitude to the teacher for his work and knowledge will make both the student and his object of positive feelings happy. You can also send a thank you letter or SMS message, issue a letter to a person. At the same time, there is also an exchange of energies, but it is less noticeable than in a personal meeting.
  • Gratitude by deed. There are various ways here, for example, you can express gratitude with a return service. Also, a type of gratitude is a material form, for example, payment for human labor by an employer, a bonus, an award, and other types of gratitude.

Whatever form of gratitude is chosen, it will definitely fulfill its positive effect.

Opportunities for Gratitude

Except that a person who gives to othersgratitude to people, the Universe or his life, becomes a magnet for positive events, he still receives additional opportunities:

  • Gratitude is the ability to use or provide assistance when needed.
  • A grateful person is noble, respected and honest in the eyes of other people. For example, gratitude to the teacher distinguishes the student in his eyes from other students. The same applies to the manifestation of this feeling in relation to parents, colleagues, boss, ill-wisher. A person who is grateful to other people, is always loved and desired in any society.
  • The ability to express gratitude even under negative circumstances is to receive positive creative energy and a new life experience.
  • A grateful person is always happy here and now. Giving his gratitude to others, he always receives in return even more positive events, emotions and experience.
  • A person who feels gratitude easily reveals his talents. For example, he can write thanks in verse, even if he has never written them before. Feeling grateful helps you find the right words and rhyme.
thanks for the congratulations

This feeling has a lot of possibilities. Everyone can easily test their impact on their lives by simply starting their day with the gratitude of their lives.

How to give thanks properly?

For any good deed or words that a person has received, he must respond with the word "thank you." It consists of two roots and means "to givegood" to other people. The response to someone sharing their good is always only positive.

With this word, even strangers to each other people become kinder, closer and happier. A simple “thank you” to a person who serves other people or helps them in something, at the same second causes a positive response in the soul. At the emotional level, this is manifested by an improvement in mood, and physically, by warming in the chest, a smile on the lips and in the eyes.

To express gratitude

Pronouncing the word "thank you", people seem to give their blessing in return for receiving someone else's. Such an exchange will make any person happy at the same moment. Creating the energy of happiness and positivity with just one word makes the giver feel like a creator. Gratitude for congratulations makes both the giver and the object of congratulations happy.

Gratitude for what one has

Too often people focus on what they don't have. The absence of something in life makes a person unhappy for a simple reason: he concentrates on it, generates negative energy of deprivation and cannot get what he wants.

To easily achieve and get what you want, you should first give thanks for what you have. Entering the emotional background of happiness and a sense of possession, you can be grateful for what is not there yet. You need to do this as if the person has already received what they want, with the same feeling of happiness and possession. Performing this ritual daily will allow the desired to enter life and manifest on the physical level.

children's gratitude

A good example is the gratitude of a child who knows no doubt and has pure faith. In order to feel like children, one should turn off the consciousness, which is accustomed to not taking anything for granted and putting everything to the test. This is easy to do with mind clearing meditations.

Getting the Right Circumstances

When a person wants the desired events, people or material goods to appear in his life, it is easier to do this in a prayer of thanksgiving. It can be an appeal to the Creator, the Universe, a guardian angel, or simply to one's own life.

Even when people express, for example, simple gratitude for congratulations, they already attract new events and positive circumstances. This is manifested in the fact that in gratitude for appreciation, people will always want to do something good for this person. This is because the pleasant feelings that words of gratitude evoke make people happy. To feel this feeling more often, people do good deeds and get appreciation for them again and again.

Great sayings about gratitude

Since ancient times, people have noted that the feeling of gratitude ennobles the soul of a person, cleanses his mind of negativity and makes him he althier and happier. For example, the famous fabulist of antiquity Aesop said this: “Gratitude is a sign of the nobility of the soul.”

gratitude in verse

Another prominent figure of antiquity - the ancient Roman writer, philosopher, orator and politician Cicero -noted that “I would not like to possess any quality to such an extent as the ability to be grateful. For the feeling of gratitude is not only the greatest virtue, but the mother of all other virtues.”

Based on the experience of great people and using the feeling of gratitude daily, any person can change not only his life, but also the lives of people around him.

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