Walks around Moscow: Luzhniki Park

Walks around Moscow: Luzhniki Park
Walks around Moscow: Luzhniki Park

In our country, great attention has always been given to physical education and sports. Not only elite sports, but also mass sports, as well as the improvement of the he alth of the inhabitants of the country and its capital, Moscow. Luzhniki Park is rightfully considered one of the most significant places in this area of ​​activity of the Moscow authorities. This is one of the favorite places for recreation of citizens. For ease of communication, it was built near the Luzhniki metro park.

Start up

1952 was the year for the Soviet Union when dreams come true and hopes are born. The victories of Soviet athletes at the Olympics were unexpected and inspiring. In their wake, the government decided to popularize sports in the country and actively mass train high-level athletes so as not to stop there. But the main problem turned out to be not the human factor, but the domestic one - there was no proper quality of stadiums where young athletes could fully train. In this regard, it was decided to build a new modern sports complex. And the special interest in football in the country made its own adjustments - it was decided that such a complexwill be a stadium equipped with advanced technologies of that time. For the object, a place was chosen near Moscow, where the small village of Luzhniki was located. Construction work began here in 1955.

History of the place

Behind the circumferential railway in the south-east of the capital, there are spacious meadows covering a fairly large area.

By the beginning of construction there still existed a village called Luzhniki and Trinity Church. The first mention of the area in the annals dates back to the 15th century, and in the 17th century. the Church of the Holy Trinity was erected here.

Where did the name of the area come from, you ask. Perhaps this toponym arose according to a natural principle. Luzhniki were eventually demolished. Trinity Church was not spared either.

A corner of dreams and hopes

A little more than a year later, the stadium was built. It opened with a friendly football match with the Chinese team. And then the Spartakiad of the peoples of the USSR was held on its territory. Records were set here and victories were won, which were the dream of Soviet athletes.

Summer Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR

Spartakiads began to be held here constantly and new names were discovered. Athletes who brightly showed themselves at these Olympics won European and world championships, justifying the hopes of friends and relatives, coaches and the government. In the same year, the Malaya Arena and the Sports Palace, a swimming pool and a training complex for athletes were built next to the stadium. A hotel and training rooms, restaurants and cafes were equipped under the stands. And also throughyear, during the Festival of Youth and Students, - Sports Museum.

Trees and bushes were planted around the complex, paths for pedestrians were laid. Therefore, this place is not just a group of sports facilities, but the Luzhniki sports park, where residents of the capital came not only for competitions and for sports, but also for he alth improvement and recreation.

The brightest event

Of course, we will talk about the memorable Olympics for all Muscovites of the 80s. The opening and closing of which took place at the Luzhniki stadium. According to ancient tradition, from Greece, from Mount Olympus, torchbearers - titled athletes - delivered the Olympic flame to Moscow. The last torch was carried by the Olympic champion-athlete V. Saneev, and the fire was lit by the Olympic champion S. Belov.

Olympics-80. Luzhniki

The host of the 1980 Olympics was a cute bear with five Olympic rings on his chest. To the amazingly touching and poignant piercing song of A. Pakhmutova and N. Dobronravov, performed by Lev Leshchenko and Tatyana Antsiferova, the Bear, fixed on a bouquet of balloons, soared into the bright blue sky above the Luzhniki. The instrumental ensemble "Flame" helped in recording the song. And I. Tumanov staged the entire ceremony.

Olympic bear

And then what

When the collapse of the Soviet Union began, a hard time came for Luzhniki. At first it was used as an open-air concert hall, where a huge number of listeners from abroad anddomestic rock stars and kings of jazz Bon Jovi, Ozzi Osbourne, Skid Row, Scorpions, Viktor Tsoi, Michael Jackson. After privatization by the private sector, a market was opened here. But concerts and football matches continued to be held at Luzhniki, no matter what.

Thanks to Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, the reconstruction of the stadium began in 1995: the seats were replaced, the roof was installed, digital scoreboards were installed, and the premises under the stands were modernized. Three years later, the World Youth Games were already held here, and a year later, the first Eurocup Football Final.

Luzhniki Stadium

Modernization of the stadium and sports park "Luzhniki" continued. Since 2002, an artificial turf has appeared, which is regularly improved in our time. And the stadium was returned to its true purpose, returning the status of the country's main sports complex. A huge number of green spaces were planted, pedestrian paths were improved, paths for cyclists were laid.

How to get to Luzhniki park? Yes, it's very simple - on the subway. Luzhniki are waiting for their guests and are always happy to see them!

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