Film director and actress Asanova Dinara Kuldashevna - biography, films and interesting facts

Film director and actress Asanova Dinara Kuldashevna - biography, films and interesting facts
Film director and actress Asanova Dinara Kuldashevna - biography, films and interesting facts

Director Dinara Asanova was only forty-two when she passed away. She didn't get what she wanted. She did not have time to raise her only child. But, despite this, her films are very difficult, and now excite the minds. Until now, they cause fierce controversy. By and large, her films were a kind of cross-section of the feelings of that generation. She had a truly unique inner independence in those days. Perhaps that is why she left her life too early. The list of Dinara Asanova's films is not as huge as she once wanted, but each picture is definitely worthy of attention. We will look at her most significant works, and also talk about how Dinara Asanova's life turned out.

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Military childhood

Dinara Asanova was born in mid-autumn 1942 in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. In the same year, a funeral for her father came to the Asanovs' house. The mother of the future director workeda weaver, and therefore the grandmother began to raise the girl. It was from her that little Dinara was able to learn how to communicate with various people.

Despite the fact that she was considered quiet, she managed to find a common language with her peers from the yard and school company. She was a very passionate girl. She played football on an equal footing with everyone else, painted posters for the local cinema, and even managed to organize a library in the yard. Moreover, a new book could be read only after retelling the plot of the previous work.

In addition, she arranged the so-called. "Lessons of Joy" She became the organizer of the "game in the school." Dinara was a little "teacher" and thus instilled in children a craving for knowledge.

Within VGIK

When Dinara Asanova, whose biography was not very simple, received her matriculation certificate, her mother hoped that her daughter, like herself, would start working at a textile enterprise. But she tried to find any job at the Kyrgyzfilm studio. She worked with props and even took part in the filming process of the film "Heat". The film was directed by Larisa Shepitko. She also starred in a film called "Girl from the Tien Shan".

The leadership of the Kyrgyz film studio recommended her to enter VGIK. Thus, Dinara went to the capital. Unfortunately, this year and next, the future director could not get into the university. And only for the third time she still became a student. She studied at the directing department. And her mentors were the great M. Romm and G. Stolper. On the course she studied with Stanislav Govorukhinand Sergei Solovyov.

The band was very strong and tough. There was a constant struggle for leadership. But Dinara deliberately kept aloof from this, as well as from the noisy student fun. At the same time, B. Okudzhava, a favorite of the 60s, and the poetess B. Akhmadulina, were in her entourage.

Then the first and very disturbing bell sounded for her - there was a cardiac arrest. Luckily, the dorm mates were able to call an ambulance in time.

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Directorial debut

Having received her diploma, Asanova went to live in the northern capital. As a director, she made her debut in 1970. In fact, it was a thesis. She chose the work of the famous Russian prose writer Valentin Rasputin. It's called Rudolph. This book was about the complex relationship between a teenage girl and an adult man. Unfortunately, Yu. Vizbor's excellent play and extraordinary disclosure of the main theme did not save the film from disgrace. The management of Lenfilm accused the director of imitating Nabokov's Lolita. In addition, she was banned from making films for five whole years.

Despite this, director Dinara Asanova believed that the forced pause was a very fruitful and important period in her life. After all, it was during these times that she got married. Her chosen one was Nikolai Yudin. He worked as a graphic artist. In 1971, the couple had their first child, a son. They named him Anwar. Subsequently, for an only child, she began to compose fairy tales and arranged them in homemade books. By the way, in the future, Anwar repeatedly starred in filmsmoms.

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After the silence

Asanova's unemployment ended earlier than expected. The studio changed management, and the director was still allowed to work.

As a result, in 1974, Dinara Asanova's filmography was replenished with the long-awaited film "The woodpecker does not have a headache." In the plot outline of the film - the growing up of an ordinary boy. He is passionate about jazz, which Dinara herself loved. The tape is absolutely devoid of educational rhetoric, but quite unexpectedly reveals the theme of loneliness in adolescence. The protagonist experiences the torment of first love and tries to find himself. By and large, these ideas were developed in the next work of Asanova. This cult painting was called "Key without the right to transfer." The film sparked a lively discussion. A little later, he received a prestigious award.

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Hard times

In 1977, another picture of the director was released. In fact, it was a state order that supported the anti-alcohol campaign of the Soviet Union. In this gloomy and pessimistic film called "Trouble" Asanova told the story of the moral degradation of a certain Vyacheslav Kulagin. He was influenced by alcoholic friends. As a result, this work was received more than cool.

Two years later, her friend Viktor Aristov turned to Dinara for help. He was a screenwriter. He asked her to show the leadership of "Lenfilm" his script "The wife is gone." Initially, she planned to work on the paintingwill be Aristov himself. But it so happened that she still had to shoot this film. Initially, Vladimir Vysotsky was involved in the film. However, Asanova's classmate Stanislav Govorukhin was able to lure the bard and the actor into his film. It was called "The meeting place cannot be changed." Then Dinara was forced to approve the role of Valery Priemykhov, with whom she was connected for many years of joint creativity and friendship.

Dinara was going through a really hard time. Her latest paintings, namely "Useless" and "What would you choose?", were very unsuccessful. A real miracle could save her from an obvious creative crisis. And this miracle actually happened. She resumed her creative relationship with Yuri Klepikov. He was a screenwriter and worked at one time on Asanova's film. It was they who began to shoot a new tape. And it was called "Boys".

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The film was released in 1983. The picture told about life in a camp for difficult teenagers. Moreover, the children themselves from this institution were involved in the work on the set. Note that the work on the tape has changed the actors themselves. They have found their own inner freedom. By the way, until the last Asanova tried to follow their fate.

Be that as it may, after 2 years this work received another award. True, Dinara herself did not know about this.

In 1984, she made another film called "Darling, Dear, Beloved, Only". By the way, the picture turned out to be very chamber. Almost all the action of the tape took placein the cab of the car. Of course, jazz music sounded in the tape.

In the same year, her next work was released - the television play "Children of Discord". He continued the theme of relationships between generations. Her work once again raised the issue of divorce in families with children.

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Last work

In 1985, Asanova was preparing to start filming a new film. Its working title was "The Stranger". They say she had a premonition of her death. In any case, she was unexpectedly able to pay off all the debts. In addition, in the future she was going to film the book by Andrei Platonov "Jan". Also, Dinara Asanova, whose films quickly found their audience, wanted to continue working in helping difficult children and orphans. And in some more specific form.

But in the same year she died. Just like in the student dorm, her heart stopped. She was found in a hotel in her chair.

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When Asanova died, her son was only thirteen. Now he began a new life, without his beloved mother. First, the son of Dinara Asanova went to relatives, and when he grew up, he returned to his father in the northern capital. He did not find himself in the profession and began to live on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. He lived an inconspicuous and quiet life…

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