Why do breasts sag and how to fix this problem?

Why do breasts sag and how to fix this problem?
Why do breasts sag and how to fix this problem?

A woman at any age wants to look young, beautiful and desirable. However, sooner or later there comes a moment when the representatives of the weaker sex have to devote more time and effort to their appearance than usual. Unfortunately, many ladies face a problem when the bust loses firmness and elasticity. What to do if your breasts sag?

why do breasts sag

Often breasts begin to "lose shape" after childbirth or exhausting diets. Of course, age is also one of the main reasons why the breasts "sink". However, the above problem may also appear in young ladies. Most likely, their breasts sag as a result of a genetic predisposition - there is no elasticity of the pectoral muscles and elasticity of the skin, which give the breasts a seductive shape.

When the breast becomes flabby, descent of the nipple and breast tissue occurs. Many ladies can ask a completely natural question: “My chest sags. Is it possible to restore her elasticity and beautiful shape without surgical intervention? To a certain extent, this is possible.

Breastis a structure consisting of glandular tissue, which is connected to the muscle membrane through connective tissue. The glandular tissue is surrounded by fat, and its top layer ends with skin. The larger the breast size of a woman, the more fat is in the structure of the glandular tissue. Hormones play an important role in breast volume - that is why breasts increase in size during pregnancy and menstruation.

So what will help if the chest sags? First, a set of special physical exercises. They will bring the above part of the body back to normal in a few months.

breasts sag after breastfeeding

There is a special problem on the topic: "The breast sagged after feeding." This is primarily due to hormonal disruptions in the mother's body. Moreover, the skin is stretched due to an increase in breast volume during lactation, which also cannot but affect the general condition of such an important part of the body for any woman.

After a diet, almost all representatives of the weaker sex have a decrease in breast volume. They burn adipose tissue, the size of the breast becomes smaller, resulting in an excess of skin that hangs. As a rule, this is a temporary phenomenon. After a few weeks, the breasts return to their natural shape.

Of course, these are not all the reasons why the chest sags. But they are the most common.

Traditional medicine will help restore the shape of the breast. In particular, you can make cucumber lotion. The recipe is quite simple: cucumbercrushed on a grater, the juice is squeezed through a strainer, then mixed with vodka in a ratio of 1:2. Every day before going to bed, the chest area should be treated with this composition, while not affecting the halo and nipple. An oatmeal mask is also quite effective.

sagging chest

Two tablespoons of cereal must be poured with boiling water and allowed to cool. After that, the mask is applied to the chest, and after a quarter of an hour, washed off with slightly warm water. This procedure should also be done every day in the evening, after its completion it is recommended to massage the breast area with a hard towel in order to improve the blood supply to the tissues. Take contrast showers regularly.

Be sure to watch your own posture, as a stooped back enhances the effect of sagging breasts. Experts also recommend wearing a bra (even if you are alone at home) - for saggy breasts, it should have the correct shape and a rigid base.

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