Angelika Krylova, figure skater: personal life, photo, biography, family

Angelika Krylova, figure skater: personal life, photo, biography, family
Angelika Krylova, figure skater: personal life, photo, biography, family

Krylova Anzhelika Alekseevna, whose personal life has been discussed more than once by her fans, was born on July 4, 1973 in Moscow. Her father had Uzbek roots, and on her mother's side there is a relationship with the ballerina Bernara Karieva.

What made Angelica Krylova famous? How was the personal life of this woman? It is about her that the article will be discussed.

Angelica Krylova

First steps on ice

Future Olympic champion Anzhelika Krylova got on the ice at the age of three. True, the first experience was, to put it mildly, not positive: at the first independent steps, Angelica fell, hitting her head hard. But, fortunately, everything worked out and this fall did not cause any consequences. And the mother, who really wanted to see her daughter as a figure skater, did not stop striving for this.

Angelika Krylova is a figure skater who won her first awards at competitions in the yard. Then she got a prize as a gift - a soft toy. The first serious step was taken at the Young Pioneers Stadium. And although the place that the girl took was only thirteenth, she was noticed by Z. I. Podgornova and invited to her group. Then happeneda real miracle, because a gifted child was singled out from the whole crowd. Angelica studied with her mentor until the age of 13.

School years

Angelika Krylova, a figure skater whose biography is presented to your attention in the article, was a very active and creative girl. Not that the child had no free time at all, but there was very little of it. After school, Angelica visited not only the skating rink, but also went to music. The girl began to play the piano at the request of her mother. What if something didn’t work out with figure skating? And so there will be a second profession that could bring, albeit small, but money. Angelica graduated from a music school and her teachers advised her to enter Gnesinka, but sitting at the piano and playing tedious melodies was not at all for her.

Anzhelika Krylova figure skater

First successes

Her coach Elena Chaikovskaya played a big role in the fate of the future Olympic champion. When Tchaikovsky was asked to look at the girl, the first word was "no". But a day later, at training, she nevertheless noticed Angelica, and the next morning she agreed to take the girl under her care.

For the first six months, the coach skated alone, as there was no suitable partner. But then Vladimir Lelyukh appeared. Together with him, Angelica was included in the Soviet junior team.

However, due to the circumstances, Chaikovskaya announced the dissolution of the group, as she decided to connect her future activities with ballet, and they decided to show the guys to the young coach Natalya Linchuk,who accepted only Krylova, to which the girl replied that there would be no transition without her partner. Not much time passed when Angela said that she had decided to leave figure skating, because of another conflict with Lelyukh, who visited quite often.

Thus, Vladimir Fedorov under the leadership of Natalia Linchuk became a new partner. Thanks to the new tandem, Angelica won her first bronze medal in 1993, and in 1994 she received a gold medal at the Russian Championship. Also in 1994, the couple took part in the Albertville Olympics, where they took sixth place. After such a result, the coach decided to replace Angelica's partner, so a new well-known couple appeared, which will be discussed below.

Anzhelika Krylova figure skater family

Krylova's achievements

At the 1998 Olympics, the athlete received a bronze medal. Anzhelika Krylova is a figure skater who twice became the world champion. Four times she took the place of the champion of Russia. Once Angelica became the champion of Europe.

One of the most important achievements for Anzhelika was receiving the title of Honored Master of Sports of Russia, as well as the award of the Order of Friendship in 1998 for the achievements, courage and heroism that were shown during the Olympic Games of the same year.

Angelica Krylova and Oleg Ovsyannikov

Krylova and Ovsyannikov

The duet with this man brought the skater a stunning success, despite the fact that at first there were some difficulties. Angelica Krylova and Oleg Ovsyannikovnot the first time they were able to find a common language, as they were completely different and the first training sessions often ended in tears for the girl. In addition, Angelica had a desire to take and abandon the sport. But over time, the guys got used to each other, and they formed a wonderful dance duet. It took them very little time to enter the leading lineup, and for four seasons they stepped on the heels of the leading couple of that time - Evgeny Platov and Oksana Grischuk.

Together, the couple won the title of champion of Russia three times, twice received it at the world level in 1998 and 1999.

In addition, the couple managed to do what every athlete dreams of - getting silver in the 1998 Olympics. I must say that at that time in Japan there was a serious struggle for medals. And, despite all the efforts and round-the-clock training, the couple took only silver. They felt overwhelmed. But compensation came to them later, in the form of world champion titles.

Angelica Krylova personal life

In 1999, Krylova suffered a back injury, due to which the duo stopped performing. It took a whole year for Angelica to recover a little and recover. The couple returned to the ice again and continued their activities in the professional field. But it was not easy to perform, a back injury periodically made itself felt. But even despite the pain, Angelica continued her favorite activity, contrary to common sense.

Krylova and Ovsyannikov began to take part in ice shows, including in the well-known television project "Iceperiod" and signed a contract to participate in the show Stars On Ice. 2001 was a successful year for the couple, as they became world champions in professional figure skating. Unfortunately, this couple's career was over, but figure skating was not over, since Angelica's whole life, one way or another, was connected with him. Thanks to him, she was reincarnated.

Angelica even tried herself as a singer. And in 2009, together with Vyacheslav Razbegaev, she took part in the show "Dancing on Ice".

Anzhelika Krylova figure skater biography

Angelica Krylova: personal life

It must be said that Krylova was very popular with the male population. Yes, and how could one not notice the swan neck, graceful posture. In the early 90s, the well-known figure skater Alexei Tikhonov courted her. But despite the beautiful courtship, she never married him, apparently, it was still too early.

Then there was the European Championship in Paris and acquaintance with Giuseppe Arena, a charming Italian choreographer. The difference between them was 15 years, and Giuseppe had three children. But it didn't matter. Angela moved in with him in Newark, where a five-room house was purchased.

Is Angelica Krylova married? The personal life of the skater is of interest to many of her fans. Angelica planned to marry Giuseppe, but the plans did not come true, as he did not want to enter into a marriage for the third time. Therefore, the failed couple broke up, although they had been together for six years.

Angelica Krylovatrainer


Angelika Krylova is a figure skater whose family comes first today. The woman is married to Pasquale Camerlengo, a well-known figure skater in Italy at one time. Having married, the champion went headlong into family life. The couple currently lives in the United States of America and is raising their two children: Stella and Anthony. It must be said that children are also interested in figure skating.

Krylova Angelika Alekseevna personal life

Angelica Krylova: coach

Together with her husband, Krylova is engaged in coaching. Skaters come to them from all over the world. Among the most famous students are the French Fabian Bourza and Nathalie Pechalat, the Canadians Catelyn Weaver and Andrew Poje, as well as the Italians Federica Faella and Massimo Scali. All of them in the period from 2010 to 2012 became the champions of Europe and the world. Angelica and Pasquale are currently coaching American couples.

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