Nicki Minaj without makeup: what does a popular performer look like when makeup artists and hairdressers are out of reach?

Nicki Minaj without makeup: what does a popular performer look like when makeup artists and hairdressers are out of reach?
Nicki Minaj without makeup: what does a popular performer look like when makeup artists and hairdressers are out of reach?

Nicki Minaj for the world music community, in particular, Americans, is not just a figure of universal scale. Outstanding appearance and natural gift helped the young singer break into the elite of show business, reserving the right to be called "Lady Gaga in black". And, as is customary, the public has a special interest in pop superstars. Paparazzi and journalists, not embarrassed to use connections, tricks and deceit in their profession, are trying by hook or by crook to capture what Nicki Minaj looks like without makeup. Journalists are interested in how much the image of a sexy singer depends on the hands of makeup artists and make-up artists.

Nicki Minaj without make-up and wig: photo of sexy singer

"Catching a shot" in which the star was distracted, grimacing unsuccessfully, or forgot to pull up the hood and put on half-face sunglasses, for the paparazzi - how to win the lottery. After all, this means that the rating of the article (and the issue as a whole) will tend to infinity. Readers do not skip such material,because they are secretly happy that the stars are the same people as they are, and are not much different from themselves, if the eminent makeup artist has not had time to work on the image for an hour or two.

Nicki Minaj without make-up and wig is different from that sexy blonde who, with her forms and relaxed movements in clips, awakens hidden desires in men.

nicki minaj without makeup and wig photo

She looks more like a pretty college girl who decides to take a selfie in her bathroom to please a guy. But you can’t hide your nature: even without professional makeup and a wig, the singer manages to add spice to the image.

Nicki Minaj at gunpoint by the paparazzi

And if posting a selfie on Instagram or Facebook is a personal matter for everyone, including superstars, who often specifically resort to receiving free self-promotion on social networks, then none of them are safe from paparazzi raids. From 99% of such photos, world celebrities prefer to pay off, in extreme cases - to sue the offender. But sometimes there are not enough reasons for a showdown, and the reputation of a sex symbol can be damaged forever.

nicki minaj without makeup photo

But Nicki Minaj's curious face without make-up is not the worst. Much more unpleasant when your phone or account is compromised (hacked). The most famous case is Jennifer Lawrence, whose nude photos from a phone hacked by hackers now surf the Internet and are available to anyone.user.

Nicki Minaj without makeup: photo of the singer on stage

Performing in front of fans for artists is not only a way to earn money, but also an opportunity to present themselves to the whole world in all their glory. But sometimes the tour can be so dense that even the superstars of the world of show business may not have time to make themselves look proper, and Nicki Minaj appears before the audience without makeup - an ordinary person with a unique talent.

nicki minaj without makeup and wig

Maybe this is a special PR ploy created by cunning artists' managers to get them as close to the audience as possible? In any case, whether it’s feeling unwell, acclimatization, an astrologer’s recommendation, or a personal whim of the performer, a relaxed state without make-up gives the viewer the impression that the artist is not very eager to give 100% at the concert, since he didn’t bother to ask his make-up artists make him a man from the cover of a magazine, and not a cutie from a neighboring entrance.

Niki brunette or Minaj blonde? Which look is cooler?

Despite the fact that the perfect appearance, created by professional makeup artists, is indispensable for superstars lately, Nicki Minaj without makeup is not afraid to appear in front of the cameras of photographers. Moreover, the singer herself posts photos that show her natural beauty and natural hair color.

nicki minaj without makeup

After posting this photo, a dispute broke out between the fans of the singer: what hair color is best for herdark skin - a natural dark shade or a playful blondie?

The singer herself recently, in addition to experiments with flashy pink shades and other "Barbie tones", increasingly opts for the image of a sexy blonde. But, unlike the American doll, released with a thin figure, Minaj positions herself as a blonde with forms that are not ashamed to show to others.

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