What spheres of public life do experts single out?

What spheres of public life do experts single out?
What spheres of public life do experts single out?

Researchers have not yet agreed on which areas of public life should be singled out. Some of them believe that it is necessary to divide society into just two main criteria: material and spiritual incarnation. Of course, there are certain limitations here too. Thus, the material sphere of social life is the economic and production components. As for the second category, it includes science and culture.

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However, this is not the most popular separation system. So, at present, the one where the social, spiritual, economic and political spheres of public life are distinguished is widespread. Some authors are trying to create another category in this classification - the family and household sphere, but such an action raises many objections. The researchers note that it covers a more specific system of social life, unlike all other sections, which reflect its fundamental structure.

It should be noted that all examples of spheres of public life include a certain range of social relations, social institutions that are subject to the functions that society performs. So, within the framework of supervisionThe economic sphere contains relations that are directly related to production, as well as to the use and exchange of existing material goods. The main function to which the economic criterion is subject is the relationship of society as a system with the outside world, which implies adaptation to it and active interaction.

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As for the social sphere of public life, it includes the relationships that arise between certain social communities and groups. Within its framework there are questions about the integration and separation of society, which is carried out under the direct influence of the interests of all types of groups.

If we consider the political sphere, we must take into account that it includes the relationship between civil society, political parties and directly the state machine. It is designed to control and regulate these processes.

To characterize the framework of the spiritual sphere of public life, it should be noted that with its participation a very important function is carried out: maintaining a system of moral values ​​and norms of human interaction. It includes relationships that have been formed under the influence of the creation, distribution, and preservation of certain forms of spiritual values.

All data of the system in the course of its existence are inextricably interacting with each other. Moreover, the question of which of them prevails is still relevant. Many single out economic due to the fact that all changes in itcan lead to radical changes in thinking and existence in other areas of public life.

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However, today scientists still come to the conclusion that when considering the system of interaction, a number of influencing factors should be taken into account, which are far from always included in the economic sphere. In the same way as the latter is directly influenced by one or another factor of political, social or spiritual components.

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