How do we define positive personality traits

How do we define positive personality traits
How do we define positive personality traits

When we evaluate someone, first of all we pay attention to his character. At the same time, we clearly define the positive and negative traits of a person’s character. In this article, we'll take a look at both. We will also try to answer the question: "What specific traits do we refer to as positive, and which ones as negative?"

What is good and what is bad?

positive character traits

First of all, it is worth understanding that the positive traits of a person are a subjective assessment. Each of us has different concepts of good and bad, and therefore, we evaluate this or that fact differently. Such judgments are laid in us from childhood. For most, they change over time, influenced by culture and society. Consequently, the conditions in which the individual was brought up lay in him certain ideas about what is happening. A person is inclined to evaluate himself, and according to this criterion, each of us knows his good and bad sides. But in this case, we consider ourselves from the point of view of ourideas about what traits should be in each.

The influence of society on a person

Society also tends to value the individual. It is this that primarily determines the positive traits of a person's character. But the opinion of the individual and the opinion of society may not coincide. That is why, as mentioned above, the positive qualities of a person are a subjective assessment. In addition, the positive character traits of a person, however, as well as negative ones, are laid down in a person in childhood and change over time, as values ​​and life priorities change.

Summarizing all of the above, we can note:

  1. The concept of "positive human traits" is subjective for the most part.
  2. Judgments about what is good and what is bad, a person receives from the external environment, culture and society.
positive and negative character traits

Let's draw conclusions:

  1. If we want people to do only good deeds and acquire positive character traits, we must raise the level of education, he alth care and, in general, the standard of living.
  2. A man is essentially innocent of what he does. This applies to both good deeds and bad deeds.
  3. How people will act depends on their level of education and moral development.
positive personality traits

Let's list the main positive features

Positive traits can be dozens, if not hundreds. But very rarely all the qualitiesunited in one person. The character traits of women and men are different. It is natural for a man to be strong-willed and strong, but for a woman, kindness and femininity are preferable.

Interestingly, when men and women were asked to name each other's positive traits, women pointed to masculinity, wisdom, reliability, responsibility, ability to keep one's word, determination, willingness to solve any problem. And men - for kindness, meekness, tenderness, frugality, patience, caring. A real woman is a virtuous wife, a keeper of the family hearth, a loving mother. Everyone can develop positive traits of a person's character in themselves. This is very important, because others are drawn to positive people, they are more successful in life and happy.

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