Emma Salimova: biography of a talented designer

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Emma Salimova: biography of a talented designer
Emma Salimova: biography of a talented designer

Emma Salimova was born on May 19, 1971 in Kazan, Russia. She is forty-six years old, her zodiac sign is Taurus. Marital status: not married, has two daughters. Emma Salimova is a famous designer. Her clothing line called "Emma!!!" many know. In addition, the woman works as an assistant to a deputy of the State Duma and manages to appear on television.

General information

As a teenager, Emma was very energetic and always took part in school or university life. She was elected to the position of chairman of the school council and the Komsomol. As a child, the girl achieved good results in her studies. Her favorite subjects at school were history and mathematics. At that time, little Emma did not think about a creative profession, she dreamed of becoming a politician.

Salimova Emma

When the girl received her secondary education, she decided to move to Moscow. There, Emma applied to the Institute of Business and Management. The direction the young woman chose legal. Emma Salimova believed thatthis profession is the most promising. Therefore, the girl spent all her free time reading textbooks. The future designer did not become an avid partygoer. She devoted all her free time to studying. Thanks to this, Emma graduated with excellent grades.

Political activities

At the age of twenty-eight, Emma decided to change her career. She quit her job and went into politics. Her father, who had good connections in this direction, helped her to get such a position. Emma became an assistant to a deputy of the State Duma.

Some time later, the girl transferred to work in the Volgograd region in the team of the deputy Oleg Savchenko. Emma has been working for him for more than fifteen years. Her responsibilities include drafting upcoming bills. After small sketches, Oleg Savchenko checks the work of the assistant and demonstrates it in the State Duma. In many interviews, Salimova admits that she likes working in the political sphere. And also does not want to give up his business for the fashion industry.

The beginning of creative activity

Besides politics, the young woman had a passion for art. She loved to experiment with things: she decorated with beads and rhinestones, embroidered and altered. As a result, Emma got unique and beautiful clothes. When her friend had a birthday, she decided to give her a tunic, which she altered to her taste. Yulia Fomicheva really liked the presented thing. A little later, this tunic was recognized as the most beautiful outfit on the Côte d'Azur.

Emma Salimova

The second thing Emma did was Ugg boots. After the woman worked on the specimens, one could see shoes embroidered with rhinestones and semi-precious stones. The designer did not expect that she could make such a decoration, and decided to work on another pair of shoes. A little later, Emma Salimova organized an exhibition in Monaco. Her outfits sold out very quickly. Among the customers was the Queen of Jordan herself.

Emma Salimova as a professional designer

To date, the woman has created her own showroom "Emma!!!". Her outfits were not limited to shoes and tunics. She began to work on evening and casual dresses, furs, beach dresses and so on. Salimova does not spare expensive jewelry for her clients. She embroiders things with Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and beads.

personal life of Emma Salimova

Emma Salimova's outfits are very popular all over the world. In addition, such stars as Sati Casanova, Tatyana Navka and others are familiar with her copies. The designer is assisted in her work by her two daughters. Emma believes that they may well continue the family business. She also says that she created the company for the sake of girls, and they will lead it in the future.

Emma Salimova: personal life

A woman does not really like to advertise her details of family life. In many interviews, the designer tries to avoid the topic of family. It is only known that she was married twice. The first time a young woman got married in 1987. Nothing is known about the biography of Emma Salimova's husband. This marriagedid not last long. Soon the couple decided to divorce.

After a while, the woman got married again. It is worth noting that there is no information about the second husband of Emma Salimova. Soon her husband died tragically. To date, it is unknown if there is any man next to her. Her family and friends also keep Emma's personal life a secret.

A talented designer raises two daughters: Elsa and Elvira. The eldest daughter helped her mother name the company. After the girl graduated from a higher educational institution, she began to work fully in the family business. The younger girl also tries to take part in her mother's work, but so far her time is taken up with her studies.

Emma Salimova with her daughter

Emma and her daughters are Tatars by nationality. Not forgetting their native roots, they often prepare national dishes at home. Relatives from Kazan often come to visit them. They also invite the mullah to read prayers with him.

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