Rupert Grint and Emma Watson (photo)

Rupert Grint and Emma Watson (photo)
Rupert Grint and Emma Watson (photo)

The Harry Potter franchise was probably followed by everyone, or at least once heard about it. Many fans of the book and film must have been expecting a fantastic ending and were looking forward to the release of the latest series. The scene where Rupert Grint and Emma Watson kiss gave fans of the film a reason to fantasize. She brought with her a bunch of gossip and speculation. Is this really true? Emma Watson and Rupert Grint Married? And what about the relationship of the characters after the end of the franchise?


It took 11 years to shoot the entire 8-part movie! Everyone's favorite heroes, whom the whole planet probably knows by sight, met for the first time, while still being small children. At that time they were 9 years old.

rupert grint and emma watson

Casting for the roles of actors was conducted personally by the author of the book about Harry Potter, JK Rowling. Her unconditional rule was the presence of actors exclusively Britishappearance. The filmmakers unquestioningly followed this requirement. Already in 2000, in May, the casting for the main roles in Harry Potter was officially opened. Little actors from all over England came to try out for the role of the characters so beloved by the book. At that time, 4 parts of this series had already been published, and almost everyone read them from beginning to end. There were an incredible number of applicants for the role.

Formation of the “magic” trio

The place of the protagonist of the book, Harry Potter himself, went to the talented actor Daniel Radcliffe. At the age of 9, the guy has already starred in several not particularly remarkable films. All friends and classmates certainly considered the guy a star. Everyone tried to persuade him to attend the tests, but young Daniel did not see himself in this role and did not attach importance to the words of his classmates. Perhaps fate itself decided that everything would be different. One of the film's executive directors knew the boy's parents and, during a chance meeting, offered to take him to an audition. Daniel beat all competitors and became Harry Potter for 11 long years. For the heroine of the film, Hermione Granger, the casting went a little differently. The girl herself came to him. With her charisma and charm, little Granger literally captivated everyone who watched the casting.

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No sooner had the girl walked out the door, and the entire film crew already knew exactly who would become Hermione. JK Rowling herself approved the girl for the role. But Rupert Grint, who played the cheerful and clumsy Ron, got into his rolefor good reason. The nine-year-old boy watched children's news on the BBC and it was there that he heard about the beginning of the casting. At that moment, Rupert Grint had already read all the published books and was sure that Ron Weasley was himself, and that he would be the best to play this hero. The boy wrote a funny rap song in which he told how much he wants to play Ron. He made a funny costume out of a teacher's uniform and conquered everyone by arranging a whole show at the casting. It was this mischievous red-haired kid who was the “real” Ron Weasley. The main characters were chosen in less than a month, and the trio (Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint) looked very harmonious together. Everyone was looking forward to the start of filming and expectations justified themselves. The roles are perfect, the acting is top notch. And the little “wizards” literally got used to their characters, and the whole world fell in love with the Harry Potter films.

Friendship on the playground

Children worked side by side on the set for 11 long years. It has been said more than once that there was no special friendship between Radcliffe and Grint. But both guys treated Emma more than well. They often competed and tried to give the girl as much attention as possible.

rupert grint and emma watson kiss

Years of working together brought the team together and soon they became like brothers and sisters. The guys supported each other in difficult times and helped to cope with problems. The trio maintains a relationship to this day, trying to see each other at any opportunity. But, unfortunately, due to busy schedules and a busy life,guys it rarely works out.

Emma and Rupert… couple?

The Harry Potter movie was filmed when the main characters were 9 years old. If in the first parts everything was childishly naive, then the latter were already distinguished by interesting love lines. One of them, between Ron and Hermione, gave rise to a lot of gossip and fan desires that their relationship be real. This question was even more fueled by the last part. In it, Ron and Hermione, not hiding their feelings, kissed passionately. The actors themselves admit that the partners on the set have never had any relationship or even a hint of them.

rupert grint and emma watson dating

Over the years of work, they literally became family to each other and saw themselves more as sisters and brothers than as lovers. The fact that Rupert Grint and Emma Watson are dating is, of course, fiction. Rumors even appeared about the struggle between Rupert and Daniel for Emma's heart, but in fact there was a good, harmonious relationship between them. The guys were and remain good friends.

Last kiss

In the last Harry Potter movie there was a romantic kiss scene between Ron and Hermione. He revealed the characters and gave the prospect of a more serious relationship in the future. The key word here is “characters”. Many fans of the film, having seen such a completion of the picture, began to actively attribute the real relationship of this couple. The public referred to the fact that only real lovers could have such a passionate kiss. The actors themselves do not understand why the public takes these conclusions, andcompletely deny any connection between them.

emma watson and rupert grint got married

Rupert once mentioned in an interview that the tension before shooting this picture was incredibly high. He was worried and could not even imagine how he would kiss Emma, ​​and what would come of it. “I imagined her face, how it would get closer and closer, and only the phrase “Oh God, oh God!” was spinning in my head! - says the actor himself. After the release of the picture on the screens, the masses even received information about the wedding between the actors, which a good part of the people believed in, not even assuming that this was another duck.


Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, who have delighted us from the screens for many years, will surely please the audience in more than one picture. Now they have grown. Each of them has a long life, both personal and professional. Rupert Grint and Emma Watson are very good friends, but the love line was and remains only on TV screens.

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