Primarch of the Ultramarines Space Marine Legion Roboute Guilliman: biography and interesting facts

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Primarch of the Ultramarines Space Marine Legion Roboute Guilliman: biography and interesting facts
Primarch of the Ultramarines Space Marine Legion Roboute Guilliman: biography and interesting facts

Robout Guilliman is the Primarch of the Ultramarines Legion from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. He became famous for his decisive actions to save the Imperium, especially after the Horus Heresy. His story began on the planet Macragge, where he ended up as a child. Thanks to his activities, the planet entered an era of prosperity, but first things first.


When the Emperor realized that he could not unite humanity alone, he created 20 Primarchs. Their mission is to lead the Space Marine Legions and strengthen the Imperium. The Primarchs were created from the genetic material of the Emperor himself. They differed from ordinary people in their sharp mind, leadership qualities and military prowess. However, fate was not favorable to the sons of the Emperor, the forces of Chaos stole the capsules with the Primarchs, after which they were lost in space.

Roboute Guilliman

The future leaders of the Space Marines faced hardships and hardships. They hardened some, while others, on the contrary, broke under the weight of trials. Roboute Guilliman was one of those who only gets stronger through adversity.


The planet Macragge had a sufficient level of technological development to carry out interstellar flights and trade with other worlds. Therefore, the capsule with the child that fell from the sky did not surprise them at all. The baby was taken to one of the consuls who ruled the planet, who adopted him. The ruler was named Conor Guilliman, his fateful decision changed the future not only of Macragge, but of the entire Imperium.

Guilliman Roboute grew and developed at superhuman speed. At the age of 10, he boasted exceptional knowledge in many scientific disciplines. The young Primarch possessed the talent of a manager and commander. He chose the path of a warrior, becoming the head of the Macragge Expeditionary Force.


The Illyrium sector is the habitat of bloodthirsty savages who made devastating raids on the civilized inhabitants of Macragge. Many military campaigns were undertaken in these harsh lands, but they all turned out to be inconclusive. However, Roboute Guilliman managed to defeat the savages, took away part of their territories and forever discouraged the desire to fight. But, returning to his hometown, the Primarch found only chaos and destruction in it.

Guilliman Roboute

Consul Gallan, the second ruler of Macragge, was not pleased with the actions of Conor Guilliman, Roboute's adoptive father. Conor strengthened the position of ordinary people who were in slavery before his arrival. Naturally, the nobility was annoyed by his innovations and revolted under the leadership of the consul Gallan. Guilliman Roboute quickly restored order to the city, but his foster father died of his wounds.The conspirators were brutally executed, and the Primarch became the sole ruler of Macragge.

Meet the Emperor

Under Roboute's leadership, the planet literally blossomed. He distributed the property of the rich to simple hard workers and completely reorganized the management system, replacing the rotten nobility with worthy people. The military industry of Macragge also experienced an unprecedented rise, the planet acquired a trained and well-equipped army.

Roboute Guilliman is awake

While Roboute Guilliman was at war in the Illyrium Sector, the Emperor was advancing across the galaxy, freeing planets inhabited by humans and uniting them into a powerful empire. Once he came to the planet Espandor, where he heard about the son of a consul from a neighboring system, who has incredible power and talent as a commander. He knew at once that he had found one of the lost Primarchs, and went to Macragge. However, due to a subspace vortex, the Emperor did not arrive on the planet until the fifth year of Roboute's reign. Thanks to the efforts of the new consul, the planet prospered. The Emperor saw great potential in Roboute Guilliman and placed him in command of the Ultramarines Legion.


Under Roboute's command, the Ultramarines Legion has reached unprecedented heights. Many worlds have been liberated by the forces of Guilliman's Space Marines. Unlike the other Legions, they remained on the liberated planets until they built a strong line of defense on them. The new members of the Imperium were protected from both external enemies and internal ones. Roboute Guilliman established not only a militaryindustry, but also peaceful life. He left advisors to push the technological development of backward planets up to high Imperial standards.

Roboute Guilliman is risen

The rapid integration of new worlds provided a secure rear for the Ultramarines. They never had any problems with supplies and new recruits. Roboute Guilliman expanded the Imperium's borders and strengthened it from within. Unfortunately, later events destroyed what the Primarchs and the Space Marines had worked so hard to create.

The Horus Heresy

Horus is the most dedicated and talented Primarch of the Emperor. He was appointed leader of the Imperium's troops, but did not live up to the trust placed in him. Horus chose to serve Chaos, as did some of the Legions who remained loyal to the heretic. Wanting to remove the Ultramarines from the standoff, the rebel sent them to the Hult system, where the Word Bearers were waiting for them. There they were supposed to fight the Orcs of Ghaslakh, but the Word Bearers had already defected to Horus' side and were preparing a "warm welcome" for the Ultramarines.

Roboute Guilliman awakened

The result was a bloody battle that claimed the lives of many glorious Space Marines. The battle went on both in space and on the planet, until the minions of Chaos were completely destroyed. The Legion of Roboute Guilliman suffered heavy losses and marched to Terra to support the Emperor. Horus knew that he could not resist the combined forces of those who remained loyal to the Emperor. He decided to end the battle before Roboute and his Ultramarines arrived. This reckless act cost him his life, the heretic fell fromhands of the Emperor.

Reorganization of the Imperium

After the betrayal of Horus, it became clear that it was necessary to limit the power concentrated in the hands of one person. The Emperor was barely alive after the battle with the rebels, the Imperium was seriously weakened. At this critical moment, it was decided to divide the legions into orders of up to a thousand people. This reduced the risk of a second uprising and would have allowed the rebellion to be suppressed with minimal losses. Not everyone liked this idea, but in the end even the most ardent conservatives were able to accept it.

At this time, Roboute Guilliman created the Codex Astartes, the document governing the life of the Chapters. It contains the wisdom of many generations of Space Marines. The pages of the Codex contain the concentrated wisdom obtained by veterans in horrific battles with the enemy. They give instructions on how to recruit new recruits, organize the supply of troops, and even provide effective schemes for the siege of enemy planets.

Roboute Guilliman miniature

After the reorganization of Roboute, Guilliman took part in many wars, one of which was against the Alpha Legion. The Ultramarines were victorious in battle, and their leader slew Alpharius himself in a duel. However, this did not dampen the ardor of the Chaos, so the Ultramarines had to subject their planet to the Exterminatus procedure. Subsequently, the glorious Primarch fought many battles, in one of which he was mortally wounded by Fulgrim, the serpentine Prince of demons. The Apothecaries managed to imprison Roboute in a stasis field and took him to his home planet.

Robout Guilliman. Resurrection

In 2017, the third book of Gathering Storm, titled "Return of the Primarch", was released. In it, Roboute Guilliman awoke to save the Imperium. Readers are treated to the story of the return of the Ultramarine Primarch and the rules for using it for the board game. Naturally, not everyone is happy about the fact that Roboute Guilliman has been resurrected. Fulgrim is beside himself with rage, as are the other minions of Chaos. The Imperium, on the contrary, will find hope for prosperity. Word that Roboute Guilliman had woken swept through the warp like a hurricane. The Ultramarines' centuries-old prayers have finally come true, and their leader has returned.

Roboute Guilliman awakens

Fans of the world of Warhammer 40,000 were hardly surprised by the return of the Primarch. They had been expecting something like this for a long time, but they weren't sure if it would be Roboute Guilliman. The new model miniature was not to everyone's taste, but fans of the series will certainly get used to the new image of the Primarch. The main thing is that Roboute Guilliman is awake and ready to fight the forces of Chaos.

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