"Wasp" (injury): performance characteristics, types, photos

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"Wasp" (injury): performance characteristics, types, photos
"Wasp" (injury): performance characteristics, types, photos

For many years now, in our country, one can hear disputes about the prospects for the legalization of normal military weapons, with which citizens can exercise their right to self-defense in practice. There are no special concessions in this matter. But citizens who really need it can purchase the Osa traumatic pistol. This injury is widely known not only in our country. It is a fairly popular and reliable self-defense weapon.

Formidable beauty

wasp injury

Visually, the pistol has lengthened significantly. Why is it so, because the new Osa injury, the photo of which is in our article, has not changed at all in terms of dimensions? It's all about the horizontal grooves, due to which the gun began to look much longer. In addition, the same technological solution is designed to somewhat lighten the overall weight. The safety bracket has also taken on a new and interesting shape. Thanks to this, the “Wasp” injury has become much more impressive, and from now on it no longer looks like a simple rocket launcher.

Main features of the system

Development of thispistol was launched back in 1997. At that time, research in the field of creating non-lethal non-lethal civilian weapons was carried out in depth at the Research Institute of Applied Chemistry. Two years later, this gun is mass-produced. Today it is released in the city of Sergiev Posad.

So, "Wasp" is an injury, permission to wear which can be obtained by every capable citizen. This can be done at the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of residence. Be sure to provide medical certificates from a narcologist and a psychiatrist.

trauma wasp reviews

This weapon is intended for active self-defense, as well as for giving sound and light signals in order to attract attention. For these purposes, the designers created five types of special cartridges at once, including traumatic, light-sound, aerosol, lighting and signal varieties.

Today, "Wasp" (trauma) is not one pistol, but a whole platform of legal weapons. It is used by both citizens and some units of law enforcement agencies. Due to good ergonomics and a built-in laser pointer that effectively illuminates the target, even a poorly trained person can conduct effective shooting. Is only one version produced "Wasp" (injury)? The types of this type of weapon are much more diverse! Here are the main models:

  • PB-2 "Aegis";
  • PB-4 "OSA";
  • PB-4M;
  • PB-4V (GRAU index - 6P56);
  • PB-4-1;
  • PB-4-1ML;
  • PB-4-2.

Today the fourth generation of thesepistols. Perhaps, "Wasp" is a trauma that really has no analogues in world practice both in terms of the number of barrels produced and in terms of efficiency.

Distinguishing Features

The fourth generation differs from its predecessors not only in the increased caliber, but also in the significantly increased power of the ammunition used. Of course, the modification of cartridges is a very controversial point, since the owners of old varieties of these weapons cannot use new ammunition.

wasp injury resolution

By the way, if you don't know why the "Wasp" injury does not work, the reason may lie precisely in the fact that you inadvertently acquired the wrong type of ammunition. Of course, the old cartridges will "hang out" in the chambers of the new pistol, like peas, but people's imagination is sometimes really inexhaustible.

But the increased weight of gunpowder had a very positive effect on the ballistic characteristics of the bullet, which became much more stable in flight, which allows effective fire at long distances. Thus, "Wasp" is a trauma, the characteristics of which are closer to real military weapons. Perhaps this is the only adequate means of self-defense available to the citizens of Russia.

The pistol is equipped with a block of four barrels-chambers. This part is made of light and durable aluminum-based alloys. Since the length of the own barrel of the weapon is extremely small, the ammunition sleeve is responsible for its lengthening. Does this circumstance worsen the maximum distance at which the injury can be used?"Wasp"? Reviews indicate that this does not happen. On the contrary, the effective range of the new pistol model has been noticeably increased (more on that later).

What is the new ammunition capable of?

So, the new cartridge is marked 18, 5x55TD. The manufacturer reports a significantly increased "combat" qualities. In particular, in terms of stopping power, it is almost completely similar to the standard Makarov cartridge, but at the same time, the likelihood of serious injury to a person when using it is minimized.

Thus, "Wasp" (injury), the performance characteristics of which are constantly improving, even when used for its intended purpose, will protect a person from claims from the attacker's lawyers. When using something more powerful, such cases are not ruled out…


wasp injury species

Serious work has been done in the context of the electronic "stuffing" used in weapons. By simplifying and reducing the cost of its design, it was possible to significantly increase the overall reliability of the weapon.

But nevertheless, the traumatic cartridge has undergone major changes, which included a steel core. The stopping effect is caused by a very strong pain effect. It occurs when a heavy bullet encased in a dense rubber shell hits the target with force. In this case, a person will not receive any damage if there is a distance of at least one meter from the muzzle to it. The muzzle energy of the new pistol reaches 93 J, while the old "Wasp" (trauma) gave out only 85 J.

High "field" characteristics of new cartridges

The bullet shank is no longer rolled. It was this design technique that made it possible to finally solve the problem of ammunition tumbling in flight. From now on, bullets and gas generators are made separately. Finally, serious work was carried out in the field of changing the weight of the bullet, which also had a positive effect on the ballistics of the shot.

When shooting at 25 meters, the dispersion diameter is 20 cm, which is an excellent result for this type of weapon. If we compare these results with the Shaman traumatic pistol, it turns out that they are about 1.5 times better. At the same time, in the Osa cartridges, the bullet is held in the sleeve only due to the elastic tension of the rubber, which significantly increases the accuracy and accuracy of fire.

Tests, reviews of shooters

How did the Osa injury show itself in real conditions? The test in the "field" proved that the range of the gun did indeed increase significantly. On the contrary, the return has become much more attractive. Experienced shooters say that even a person of average physical condition can now hold a gun.

wasp injury characteristic

It is important to note that the sound of the gunshots from this weapon is very loud, which allows it to attract the attention of the police, and the recoil is relatively small. The latter circumstance is very important for women and ill-prepared men.

There are also special ammo for the stun attack. The sound and flash are so powerful that a person completely loses orientation in space for at least 30 seconds.Visual and auditory sensations recover much longer. For hunters, fishermen and tourists, it is more important that in specialized stores you can buy specialized signal cartridges containing pyrotechnic elements of several colors. The flight height of the signal element is from 100 to 120 meters. The projectile burns out in at least six seconds.

Weapon care

wasp injury performance characteristics

In order not to be unarmed at the right time, the pistol should be looked after. By the way, how and with what to clean the Osu injury? The manufacturer has good news for the "lazy"! Since this weapon has practically no barrel, after use it is enough to wipe off a small amount of soot using a soft flannel and a drop of gun grease. Most of the powder burning is taken up by elongated shells, which are simply thrown away after use.

Installing accessories

Large (compared to previous models) length and the presence of slots on the side of the weapon for installing additional sights are a characteristic feature of this pistol. In addition, it is distinguished by the regular installation of a much more powerful target designator. The size of the safety brace has been noticeably increased while improving its ergonomics.

Thanks to this, the weapon can be fired even when wearing thick gloves. For our climate, this is an important innovation. Otherwise, there are no significant differences from previous versions of this weapon.

What else characterizes the “Wasp” injury?Reviews indicate that this weapon can be successfully used in conjunction with the most advanced sighting devices, both imported and domestically produced. The shooters claim that due to their use, you can quite confidently hit a target located at a distance of 30 meters.

Loading process

The frame of the gun is made from a special grade of durable, mechanically resistant plastic. The barrel block is connected to the frame using a conventional hinge mechanism. The weapon should be loaded only (!) One cartridge at a time. To bring the pistol to the desired state, it is simply “broken”, as is the case with hunting double-barreled shotguns. In this case, the sleeves partially exit the chambers due to the action of a spring ejector. Their final extraction is carried out manually. Removing used cartridges is easy and requires minimal effort.

Trigger Features

The trigger mechanism is electric, working on the principle of a dynamo. The current is generated at the moment the trigger is pressed, and therefore additional power sources for the weapon are not required. But there is an exception: if you need a laser target indicator, you will have to take care of having a lithium battery. The pointer switch is located above the pistol grip, on the left side of the weapon.

trauma wasp does not work cause

All Wasp users should remember that this is a weapon. Reviews and repeated cases when the pistol was handled carelessly indicate thata shot from it can be lethal. Firstly, some people have a low threshold for pain perception, and therefore death can occur from pain shock. Secondly, if a bullet hits the eye or the bones of the skull, a severe injury is almost guaranteed, fraught with death.

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