Sights of Malaysia: description, interesting places and reviews

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Sights of Malaysia: description, interesting places and reviews
Sights of Malaysia: description, interesting places and reviews

More and more tourists every year visit the sights of Malaysia, as well as numerous developed resort areas. This country is rich in picturesque places where everyone can experience real delight. Numerous palaces, temples, gardens and reservoirs create an unforgettable experience after visiting Malaysia.

Attractions Malaysia travel guide

Petronas Towers

Not to mention this attraction in Malaysia. Petronas uses these 88-story skyscrapers as its headquarters. Until 2004, these were the tallest buildings in the entire world. The height of the towers reaches 451 meters.

The Skybridge is thrown between the towers on the 41st floor. You have to buy tickets to get there. Their number is limited, so you need to queue up in the morning. The excursion elevator transports tourists from the 41st floor to the 83rd. To get to the 87th floor, you have to pay extra. There is an observation deck from which you can admire the city.

Under the towers is a small park with fountains and pavilions.

What to see in Malaysia attractions

Independence Square

Many tourists need tips to get a glimpse of the best sights in Malaysia during their trip. A guidebook or map with appropriate marks serves just this purpose. They can be purchased right on Independence Square. This place in the center of Kuala Lumpur had the opposite meaning in colonial times. The undeveloped site symbolized the power of the British crown. It was the cricket ground for members of the closed club Selangor. A symbol of the country's freedom, the tall flagpole was erected on the square in 1957 after independence.

The architectural ensemble located around the square still reminds of colonial times. The Royal Selangor Club, for example, is still open today, only now its members are Malays who have studied at Cambridge or Oxford. Opposite the club is Sultan Abdul Samad, an elegant building with a 40-meter tower that once served as the seat of the Malaysian High Court.

Sights of Malaysia


The most interesting thing here is on the eve of the Chinese New Year. There are such sights of Malaysia in every city where ethnic Chinese make up more than a third of the population. In these areas, you can always see outdoor braziers, sizzling and exuding various smells around the clock, as well as respectable places for preparing exquisite masterpieces of Chinese cuisine. Shops with many varieties of tea or pharmacies with thousands of packages withincomprehensible content. Mountains of $5 Rolex watches and $2 Nike sneakers are scattered just outside the glass doors of expensive boutiques.

Here are two special attractions of Malaysia - the temples of Hindu and Buddhist culture. At the end of Jalan Sultan is the Chan See Shu Yuan temple for Buddhists. Ethnic Indians erected the Sri-Mahamariamman shrine on Jalan Tuh street.

Sights of Malaysia what to see

Menara Tower

It is necessary to pay due attention to such sights of Malaysia as the Menara TV tower, which reaches a height of 420 meters. You can go upstairs by stairs or elevator. The tower was dubbed the "Garden of Color" for its unusual illumination of the surrounding vegetation. At the foot, in fact, there is a real tropical forest. The Menara Tower was built on the territory of one of the oldest local reserves.

There is a revolving restaurant at the top of the skyscraper. Tickets can be purchased at the box office in front of the tower. Kuala Lumpur from such a height is best viewed in the evening. At this time of day, the restaurant creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

The Menara Tower is also equipped with many different entertainment devices. Every tourist can race in car simulators, visit an overground menagerie, ride a pony and even have a wedding at the top.

After visiting the Menara tower, everyone is convinced that it is not so easy to see the sights in Malaysia in the shortest possible time. First you have to go around literally the whole of Kuala Lumpur.

Sights of Malaysia in English

Royal Palace

Few people know that Malaysia is still ruled by a monarch. The Sultan lives in the Kuala Lumpur Palace, corresponding to his status. This luxurious residence was once built by a we althy Chinese expat.

The area is replete with ponds, gardens and other excesses, but members of the royal family do not let tourists get close and do not give them the opportunity to enjoy all this splendor. But you can watch the changing of the guard near the palace gates.

Sights of Malaysia with a description

Batu cave system

This place has been visited by millions of pilgrims. The complex consists of several halls. The famous staircase leads to the central Temple Cave. Every pilgrim must pass through it. Many do this ritual on their knees or even crawling.

Slightly below is the Dark Cave. It is a set of passages with stalagmites and stalactites. The length of some recesses is more than a kilometer. The third main cave is a makeshift gallery containing Hindu paintings.

At the foot of the hill is a 43-meter statue of Shiva's son Murugan. The sculpture is an object of worship for many Hindus.

Since 1892, the Thaipusam festival has been held in the Batu caves at the end of winter. Up to one and a half million pilgrims come from all over the world to attend this event. The rites are famous for their bloody sacrifices. The pilgrims begin to pierceskin with fishhooks on your face or anywhere else.

To get to the caves from Kuala Lumpur, you need to drive 13 kilometers to the north. The easiest way to do this is by taxi. From the station KL Sentral there is a train going there.

Attractions in Malaysia

Seven wells

Seven rapids of a powerful waterfall from a 90-meter height fall on the way into reservoirs with crystal clear water. In every lake you can and even need to swim. The ponds are surrounded by jungle, which is inhabited by very harmful thieving monkeys. You need to carefully look after your things while swimming, so as not to say goodbye to them forever.

Local legends say that in ancient times real fairies were not indifferent to this sight of Malaysia. They often bathed in the reservoirs of Telaga Tujuh. Tourists also do not disdain such an opportunity. They reach the mountain lakes by high stairs, the steps of which can be quite slippery in wet weather.

Malaysia sightseeing tours

Manukan Island

This is the second largest area of ​​the local marine park. Manukan Island is often visited for picnics on Sundays. Snorkelers can appreciate the magnificent beaches with coral reefs. Several paths are laid out in a wooded area for walking. There are restaurants on the beach, and if you want to spend the night in this fabulous place, you can book a cozy room at the hotel.

attractions in malaysia

Penang Hill

BThis is the place where the townspeople like to walk and have picnics. A botanical garden set at the foot of a hill, as well as a collection of flowers and other tropical plants adorn the sights of Penang. Malaysia is always ready to please tourists with its natural we alth. On foot or by car, you can get up the hill along a five-kilometer road. From above, you can see Georgetown and the huge bridge leading to the mainland.

Attractions Penang Malaysia

Lake of the Pregnant Maiden

Many different islands are located around Langkawi. In the center of Pulau Dayang Bunting, surrounded by rocks, there is a picturesque lake immersed in the greenery of the local jungle. The reservoir is suitable for swimming, but legends say that a huge white crocodile lives in the local waters.

Another story says that a couple who remained childless for 19 years, after drinking water from the lake, were able to conceive a child. Now many Malay newlyweds come here who want to have children. The easiest way to get to the island is as part of an excursion group. Many hotels and agencies offer paid tours to such places.

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Gaia Island

Guides to the Tunku Abdul-Rahman archipelago provide excursions to this Malaysian attraction with a description of interesting corners of the wilderness. The main distinguishing feature of the island of Gaia is the green cap of the rainforest, covering almost the entire territory. About 20 kilometers of trails are laid through this jungle.

During eachwalks of all tourists will definitely be accompanied by flocks of local monkeys. Guests are allowed to bring some treats for them. If luck smiles, other inhabitants of the tropics may appear. Several cafes and restaurants operate on a long sandy beach stretching for 20 kilometers. There is only one hotel here - this is Eco Resort. Each guest is given the opportunity to feel like a real Robinson, lost on one of the islands in the world's oceans.

attractions in malaysia

Taman Negara

Malay National Park is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Tourists can admire waterfalls, massive trees, blue skies, as well as virgin tropics. Walking along the paths, guests can explore the forest on their own. Tigers, Asian elephants, tapirs, clouded leopards, Malayan rhinos and even bears live here.

attractions in malaysia


You can buy guides from local residents that describe the sights of Malaysia. What to watch? Where and how to go? Many of the visitors' questions are always answered by very handy pocket guides, which can be purchased directly at the airport or at shopping kiosks from local residents.

What can such a wonderful country as Malaysia offer guests? Excursions, attractions, exotic plants, delicious traditional dishes and much more await every tourist who wants to visit this truly fabulous kingdom.Evening walks on the beaches, beautiful places and the inhabitants of the local jungle give the impression that nature created one of its greatest masterpieces with special inspiration.


Description of every attraction in Malaysia in English can be made available to all tourists. This information is provided to guests without any problems. Just ask the hotel about where you can find an English-speaking guide or translator who would agree to conduct a paid tour.

Since Malaysia is one of the urbanized kingdoms of Southeast Asia, in the appearance of the local large cities, and in particular Kuala Lumpur, the features of modern and national architecture are combined very harmoniously. The capital of the state is very beautiful. Here are the most visited attractions in Malaysia. This country is rich in spacious national parks, where unique wildlife monuments are closely guarded by local residents.

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