Shotgun "Deer" caliber 32: photo with description, specifications

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Shotgun "Deer" caliber 32: photo with description, specifications
Shotgun "Deer" caliber 32: photo with description, specifications

For the needs of Soviet hunters at the Zlatoust Machine-Building Plant (ZMZ) since 1948, several models of hunting weapons have been produced. Mostly these were single-barreled guns ZK and ZKB. In 1956, they launched the mass production of a new rifle unit for commercial hunting, namely the Deer gun. The release lasted only two years. Judging by the numerous reviews, the 32-caliber Olen gun, despite all expectations, did not receive recognition among hunters. You will learn about the device and performance characteristics of this hunting weapon from this article.

deer gun photo

Introduction to the "vertical"

The 32-gauge "Deer" shotgun (a photo of the shooting model is presented in the article) is a double-barreled combined hunting weapon. Due to the fact that the trunks in it are located vertically, hunters also call it "vertical". The basis for the creation of the gun "Deer" was the single-barreled trigger model ZKM-1, designed by designer V.A. Kazansky and manufactured at the same ZMZ plant. UnlikeZKM-1, block in the gun "Deer" with two barrels. In addition, this model has an enlarged block and a redesigned trigger mechanism. These rifle units belong to a rather interesting and independent type of hunting weapon. In 1950, the "Deer" of ordinary execution cost 560 rubles. On order, a rifle unit could be purchased for 625.

About purpose

If hunting ethics are followed, game should be taken with one well-aimed shot. Due to the fact that animals of various sizes can be found in the forest, they need to be hunted using appropriate ammunition. For example, for a hazel grouse and a capercaillie, a shot would be the best option, for an elk, a bullet shell. The appearance on the arms market of double-barreled vertical shotguns, namely the 32-gauge “Deer” guns, makes it possible for hunters to get different types of living creatures.

About production

This shooting model was developed in such a way that from a smooth trunk it was possible to hunt upland game, namely hazel grouse, as well as fur-bearing animals. From the barrel, in which there was a Paradox-type drill, it was possible to shoot at ungulates. However, this would be possible if, at a hundred-meter distance, the spread of bullet shells did not exceed 150 mm. To the general regret of the hunters, the developers of ZMZ failed to achieve this. Nevertheless, in a short period of time (from 1956 to 1958), the employees of the Zlatoust Machine-Building Plant produced only 200 weapons units with rifled barrels and 1 thousand guns with the Paradox drilling.

shotgun 32 caliber double-barreled vertical deer

How were the guns modified?

After the gun "Deer" entered the arms counters and was bought up by hunters, it turned out that it had unsatisfactory accuracy of the bullet shell. According to experts, it is for this reason that ZMZ stopped further production of these guns. Nevertheless, the owners began to modify the guns in private. Modernization work was carried out in two directions. Some owners in the middle between the barrels completed their guns with additional couplings. Part of the hunters was limited only to soldering the trunks along their entire length. Some owners, in addition to soldering the trunks, installed a new forearm. Thus, the operational resource increased to almost four years. The main objective of such design changes is to make the weapon system more rigid and reduce the spread of bullet shells. Judging by the reviews, as a result of the alteration, while firing from a distance of 100 m, the bullets fell into a circle with a diameter of 100 mm. However, the above improvements are only possible with special skills. There was also a second way to improve accuracy. It consisted in the use of a more rational bullet than the one proposed by the manufacturer. According to experts, as part of the experiment, it was allowed to thicken the trunks and shorten them to 56 and 60 cm.

shotgun deer 32 caliber reviews

Description of the 32-gauge shotgun

The “Vertical” shotgun “Deer” has a straight pistol or semi-pistol stock. For herbirch or beech wood was used for manufacturing. Shotgun "Deer" (photo of this rifle unit - below) with a detachable forearm Deeley-Edge, which is attached to the trunks by means of a lever-type latch. Judging by the reviews, the forearm is quite large and durable. A simple engraving is used as decoration. The upper trunk became the place for the brand name of the plant and the name of the model itself. On the underbarrel hook, namely on its outer end part, the year of manufacture of the gun, the length of the chambers and the caliber of the barrels are indicated. The shotgun is chambered for 70mm cartridges with brass cases. Spent ammunition is removed from the chambers using an extractor.

deer gun caliber 32 specifications

About sights

The function of sighting devices of an open type is performed by a front sight and an unregulated rear sight. The front sight is equipped with a muzzle coupling, the rear sight is mounted on a block. It is represented by a protrusion with a slot. Judging by the reviews of the owners, the gun turned out with a rather long aiming line that stretches along the entire upper barrel. The upper swivel was attached to the lower barrel. The lower one is screwed into the lower comb of the stock.

About trunks

Shotgun "Deer" caliber 32, with two detachable 675 mm barrels connected to each other in the breech and muzzle by means of couplings. In the manufacture of trunks, steel grade 50A was used. They were subjected to a hardening procedure until the indicator in this parameter reached 27 Kc. According to experts, the level of hardening of the trunks could alsoreach and 32 Ks. In addition, during the manufacture of the "Deer" guns, drilling was carried out for metal sleeves. Top smooth barrel with 0.5mm choke, which is listed as ¾ choke. The lower barrel in the gun "Deer" is presented in two versions. In one case, it can have 6 grooves, in the second it can be smooth and contain a Paradox-type drill. Its length is 12.5 cm.

gun deer 32 caliber


In the gun "Deer" the trigger mechanism was mounted in the receiver. The mainspring is compressed during the cocking of the trigger. This element in the design is external and is used by the upper and lower trunks. The trigger is also the only one. It is located in the center of the block. Outside, the manufacturer brought his outer spoke. The back of the trigger is in contact with the pusher, on which a combat spiral coil spring is installed. The trigger from one barrel to another is switched by a special mechanism. The arrow is enough to press a special button, the location for which was the tail of the box. There is also a safety button. Each time to fire a shot, the hunter has to cock the hammer. The place of the uncoupler is between the two strikers and the trigger. The disconnector is connected to the switch by means of a rocker arm. The location of this part was the upper shank of the block. If you need to shoot from the lower barrel, you need to move the switch forward, lower - back. The disconnector will be pulled by the rocker, and the trigger will be able to interact with the striker in the upper orlower trunk.

About the fuse

To shoot from the lower barrel, just move the button forward. In this case, the trigger will interact with the lower striker. A shot from the upper barrel is possible when the safety button is in the rear position. Due to the presence of a safety device, a shot will not be possible if the barrels are not locked.

Tactical and technical characteristics

The 32 gauge Deer shotgun has the following features:

  • Rifled barrel with six right-hand grooves has a diameter of 12.5 mm.
  • The pitch of the rifling is from 3.5 to 3.65 mm.
  • The weapon is equipped with 70 mm chambers.
  • The gun weighs from 2.5 to 2.75 kg.
  • "Deer" is equipped with strikers with a diameter of 2.5 mm.
  • Both barrels are 67.5 cm long.
bullet to guns deer

Owner opinions

Since a lead bullet projectile was fired from the barrel, in which there was a Paradox-type drilling, judging by the reviews, special “bullet guns” were attached to the Olen fishing gun, through which you could make lead bullets yourself. In addition, the rifle unit was equipped with a bar, using which the hunter could calibrate the lead shells of his own production by the outer diameter. The weight of the bullet to the guns "Deer" should not exceed 19 grams. This bullet gun had a detachable design. It had a base, a conical core and a body, in the center of which there was a special hole into which molten lead was poured. This isthe device was intended for the manufacture of cylinder-animal bullet shells, which were recommended in 1977 by the designer from Tula V. I. Babkin. Aluminum alloys, brass and steel were used as a material for the manufacture of a bullet gun. Before casting, the mold had to be heated. The mass of a 23.5 mm bullet varied from 18.5 to 19 g. The leading belts had a diameter of 12.5 mm. According to V. I. Babkin, their diameter should have been 0.05 mm less than the diameter of the choke. The bullet in the back had a conical recess. The raw material for the manufacture of handicraft bullet shells was molten shot.

What do experts advise?

For those who decide to equip the ammunition on their own, experts recommend using black powder. "Deuce" with a weight of 2.75 g is suitable for summer fishing. In winter, it is better to use a powder sample up to 3.2 g. The Sokol is also suitable for this purpose. For hunting in the summer, the owners of the Olen guns use shells with 0.95 g of this gunpowder, in winter - 1.1 g. After the sleeve is filled with gunpowder, you need to put a 2-mm cardboard gasket on it. Further, the cartridge is equipped first with s alted, and then not s alted wads. From the edge of the sleeve, it should be at a distance of 1 cm. Next, a bullet is placed on it.

shotgun deer 32 caliber photo

It is not recommended to cover a bullet shell with a wad from above. In order for the bullet to be securely held and not fall out of the sleeve, paws are cut through the ammunition, and then they are slightly bent inward. According to the designer V.I.Babkin, the lethal range of such a cartridge reaches 100 m. From a distance of 50 m, it was possible to reduce the dispersion of bullets from 300 to 163 mm. During firing, powder gases form a pressure of 612 kg / sq. cm. A bullet projectile moves towards the target at a speed of 310 m / s. Experts recommend taking 19-gram bullet shells for hunting. Unlike the 15-gram ones, their spread is much less. Judging by the reviews, with such a projectile you can hunt an elk from a distance of 200 meters. From this distance, this bullet can pierce the beast through.

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