Comparison of AK-47, M16 and Mosin rifles: description and main characteristics

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Comparison of AK-47, M16 and Mosin rifles: description and main characteristics
Comparison of AK-47, M16 and Mosin rifles: description and main characteristics

Today, the arms market is represented by a variety of rifle models. Of the rather large assortment, the Soviet Kalashnikov assault rifle, the American M16 rifle and the Mosin rifle, developed back in the years of the Russian Empire, deserve special attention. Each of these units was used in several wars and proved to be the best. All three models of weapons are unique and differ from each other in technical characteristics. Comparison of AK-47, M16 and Mosin rifles is contained in this article.

Years of operation

To compare the AK-47, M16 and the Mosin rifle, you should first of all pay attention to the years in which these rifle units were put into service. The most "ancient" weapon is considered to be developed by the Russian designer and Major General S.I. Mosin.

mosin rifle specifications

His product has been in use since 1892. A little later, namely in 1947, Kalashnikov developed an assault rifle, which is listed in the technical documentation asAK-47.

cartridge ak 47

The design of small arms firearms was also carried out in the United States. In 1962, the Rifle automatic rifle of 5.65 mm caliber, known as the M16, entered service with the US Army. Serial production of Mosin rifles lasted until 1965. In total, more than 37 million rifle units were manufactured. Subsequent modifications of the AK-47 are produced today. More than 100 million of them were made in total. How much does an AK-47 assault rifle cost? According to experts, it can be purchased on the black market for 350 US dollars. The M16 rifle is also in production today.

m16 automatic rifle

The price of this shooting unit is much less and ranges from 100 to 125 US dollars. To compare the AK-47, M16 and Mosin rifle, you can use parameters such as caliber, ammunition used, weight, size, effective range, etc.

About calibers and ammunition

From a 1947 Kalashnikov assault rifle, the target is hit by a 7.62 mm cartridge. The caliber of the Mosin rifle is also 7.62 mm. However, the machine gun fires an intermediate cartridge 7.62x39 mm, which has a non-protruding rim. The AK-47 cartridge was developed in 1943, and the next year mass production began. For Mosin's product, rifle ammunition 7, 62x54 mm is provided. R. It differs from the AK-47 cartridge in that its cartridge case has a protruding rim. Projectile diameter 7.92 mm. The indicator of its muzzle energy is 3500 J. The total length of the ammunition is 77, 16 mm. The cartridge in the Kalashnikov assault rifle is shorter -only 55.5 mm. Caliber M16 5, 56 mm. This rifle fires a 5.56x45 mm low-impulse NATO-style intermediate cartridge. In the first version of the M16, the fired bullet flew towards the target at a speed of 990 m / s. In the M16A2, this figure was reduced to 930 m, and in the M16A4 - to 848 m. In the AK-47, the projectile has an initial velocity of 715 m/s. In a Mosin rifle, a bullet travels from 865 to 870 m in a second.


The Mosin rifle weighs 4.5 kg. In this parameter, the M16 automatic rifle is much different, since without an ammunition clip and a belt, its weight is no more than 2.88 kg.

how much does an ak 47 1 submachine gun cost

The magazine itself weighs 11 g without cartridges, equipped - 45 g. AK-47 with an empty magazine weighs 4.3 kg, with a full one - 4.8 kg.

Operation principle

The characteristics of the Mosin rifle differ from the rest of the samples in that this rifle unit belongs to the type of rifles. M16 is also called a rifle, but this model functions as an assault rifle. AK-47 works by removing powder gases. The same principle is used in the American M16, which is also equipped with a butterfly valve. Unlocking and locking the barrel channel is carried out by turning the shutter left and right. This element is equipped with special lugs, with which it engages with the corresponding lugs in the receiver. The Mosin rifle has a sliding bolt. In order to open or close the barrel channel, the arrow needs to make a translational movement along the barrel axis with the shutter.

USM Kalashnikov assault rifle

WhenWhen comparing the AK-47, M16 and Mosin rifles, one should take into account the design of their trigger mechanisms. The Kalashnikov assault rifle is equipped with a trigger trigger. This unit has a trigger rotating on the axis and a U-shaped mainspring, for the manufacture of which a triple twisted wire is used. The trigger mechanism allows for continuous and single firing. By means of the only rotary part in this assembly, the firing mode is switched. It is used as a translator and a safety lever, as it blocks the bolt carrier, partially blocking the groove between the cover and the receiver. As a result, with the trigger and sear locked, the bolt carrier cannot move back.

To check the chamber, the infantryman can move the moving parts back. According to experts, this move will not be enough to send new ammunition into the chamber. All elements of the trigger and automation, the designers compactly mounted in the receiver, which is thus also used as a housing for the trigger. For this node, three axes are provided, on which the trigger, self-timer and trigger are located. In civilian versions of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, there are only two axes - there is no self-timer, since this weapon does not provide burst firing.

Mosin rifle device

The trigger has a trigger and a trigger spring, which is also used as a sear, pin and screw. Rifle with a rather tight and long trigger without "warning". The fact is that it is not characterized by two stages,which would differ from each other by different force. The ammunition is sent into the chamber by means of a bolt, with the help of which the barrel channel is locked during the shot, the spent or misfired cartridge case is extracted. Structurally, the bolt group includes a stem with a comb and a handle, a combat larva, a trigger, a drummer, a mainspring and a connecting bar.

In the sniper version of the Mosin rifle, for more convenient reloading and the ability to install optics on the weapon, the bolt handle was lengthened and slightly bent down.

mosin rifle sighting range

The shutter is equipped with a drummer and a twisted cylindrical mainspring. To shrink it, you need to unlock the shutter by turning the handle. During locking, the drummer rested against the sear. If the shutter is closed, and you want to cock the drummer manually, then you need to pull the trigger back. It then rotates counterclockwise. In this case, the rifle will be on the fuse.

Trigger mechanism in M16

This rifle unit has an air-cooled barrel. Automation uses the energy that powder gases form. They are removed from the barrel channel through a thin tube. Further, the gases interact not with the piston, but with the bolt carrier, moving it back. That, in turn, affects the shutter. As a result, having turned, he leaves the barrel engagement. As a result of the movement of the bolt and bolt frame, the return spring is compressed and the spent cartridge is extracted. Straightening, the spring pushes the bolt and frame back. At this stage, there isextracting new ammunition from the clip and sending it into the chamber. After that, the cycle is considered completed. After firing a shot, it starts again.

To make it easier for infantrymen to reload, the developer equipped the rifle with a slide stop in the rear position. Thus, when all the ammunition in the clip is used up, the soldier will not need to pull the handle, which is located in the rear end of the rifle. Now a new store is simply put in and a button is pressed on the left side that activates the shutter delay.


The length of the M16 rifle, depending on the modification, varies from 99 to 100 cm. This rifle unit has a 55.3-cm barrel (if a muzzle compensator is installed). Without this component, the length is 50.8 cm. The total length of the Kalashnikov assault rifle is 87 cm. If it is equipped with a bayonet, this figure will increase to 107 cm. A weapon with a 415 mm barrel, of which 36.9 cm is rifling. The infantry version of the Mosin rifle without a bayonet has a length of 103.6 cm, with a mounted bayonet - 173.8 cm. The Dragoon model has 123.2 and 150 cm, respectively.

Rate of Fire

According to experts, the first modification of the American M16, namely the A1 rifle, had a rather low rate of fire. Within one minute, an infantryman could fire from 650 to 750 shells. In M16A2, this indicator is increased to 900. From M16A4, up to 950 shots can be fired per minute. From a Kalashnikov assault rifle to a fightersingle-shot mode produces up to 40 shots. Queue can produce up to 100.

caliber m16

The technical rate of fire is 600 rounds per minute. A very low rate of fire is inherent in the Mosin rifle. This weapon fires only 10 projectiles per minute.

Sighting range

The M16A1 rifle poses a danger to an enemy infantryman at a distance of up to 450 m. Effective shooting at an area target is possible from a distance of no more than 600 m. In subsequent modifications, this indicator was increased to 600 and 800 m, respectively. For the Mosin rifle, the effective range is 2,000 m.

mosin rifle caliber

From a Kalashnikov assault rifle, the target is hit from 800 m. The fired bullet retains its lethal properties at a distance of 1500 m.

About ammunition supply

The Mosin rifle comes with an integral magazine for five rounds of ammunition. The weapon is equipped with clips. The AK-47 has a box-type magazine that holds up to 30 rounds. In the M16, ammunition in quantities of 20 and 30 pieces is also contained in box magazines.

About sights

Mosin rifles use open sights or optical sights. The 1974 Kalashnikov assault rifle is equipped with a sector-type sight. The diopter is provided for the American M16 automatic rifle.

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